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A signup form let the user input the required data and the website to collect and save it. It is a means to subscribe the user to your email list. Sign up form is the most important part of a website. It is because of the fact that those who sign up for the website, are more likely to be interested in the website and it's services or products or both.

It is important to put a sign-up form which is relevant and easy to access for the viewers, not some random sign up forms. Here are some of the best practices which can help you to boost the design of your Sign up Form:-

  1. Above The Fold Sign Up Form
    By placing the sign up form above the fold, which means in the top section of the website, people will be reminded to sign up to the website before scrolling down. You can also create a form which will be in the sight of visitor every time, i.e., by pinning it, it will work as a constant reminder to fill it up.
  2. Call-To-Action
    Write a persuasive call-to-action phrase. However, do not overdo it. Also, make it simple and natural. People will obviously ignore words like “sign up to download”, etc. The line should contain more of personal words like “my” rather than “you”, “your”, etc. The call-to-action line is the main thing which persuades a person’s mind to sign up for your website. So, do a deep research on call-to-action phrases before finalizing the line.
  3. Value of Signing Up
    In the sign-up field, tell people about the benefits which your brand is providing  them if they sign up for the website. When people see the benefits of signing up, they are more likely to do it. But, don'exaggerate about the services of the website and don't create false statements. False promises will only affect the brand value of your company.
  4. Guide Your Users
    Guide the user in the form field, explaining them how they have to fill the form. You can also inform them that which is the important field and which is optional. Guiding them will save their time and energy. This will make the fill-up form a hassle free procedure.
  5. Ask Only For Important Information
    Asking for information which is not relevant to the website is fully wastage of time for both the parties. The fill -up form should contain columns for necessary details only. User’s full name and email address will be enough to get them subscribe. People hate to fill too many fields. Moreover, keep it as short as possible.
  6. Labels’ Position
    It might look like stupid thing, but studies show that top aligned labels take much less time to fill than right or left aligned labels. It is because of the fact that a person have to look right first and then to the left while filling a right-aligned label. Whereas, he/she only have to look down when filling top aligned labels. So, always put the labels on the top of the form field.
  7. Privacy Statement
    Privacy policies tick is very important to be included in the sign-up form. You can write a line below the privacy tick which explains your visitors that the web doesn't breach the privacy of any user. However, keep it as simple as possible. Furthermore, you can take inspiration from other websites to improve this field.
  8. Confirmation technique
    After the form has been filled up by the users, the next step that the user accepts is the confirmation of the form, they filled up. There can be various ways to confirm the form. Such ways include confirmation code on the given mobile number, which the user has to fill in the blank space given on the page, then a confirmation letter to both email and the contact number or by providing confirmation link to the email. There are many ways to it and the website can also get creative with it's way to give the confirmation to the users. However, do not forget to give confirmation of the signup form, otherwise the users will be in a dilemma of whether their form has been accepted or not.
  9. Creativity on the form
    Get creative in terms of the form's look. It is a good way to attract the users and urge them to fill it. Some people fill the form solely based on it's design, not facilities. Either way the benefit is of the website. Hence, getting creative with the form can be a generating way to get the viewers ,sign up for the website. If you are not a very creative person yourself, you ca hire a freelancer from websites like Fiverr, Truelancer, etc.
  10. Clearly  showing the errors in the first place
    While filling out the form, people tend to make mistakes and that causes them not to able to confirm the  form at the end. This makes them to fill the form again and that takes a long time. So users quit and don't bother to fill it again. Hence, design the form in a way that it shows the real time mistakes of the user and warn them about the same.This will allow them to correct their mistakes at the point and save from the pain of filling it again. Also, you can give little instructions beneath the column of what exactly the form field is looking for. This way the time of the users will be saved and they won't get impatient while filling the sign up form.
  11. Don't get too compulsory about the format usage
    There are certain signup forms which gets too compulsory about the format. For example, use of only upper case letters for name or use of a specific format for date. This forces the users to put extra efforts. Users are very impatient while filling out the form and creating such obligations make them more impatient. Giving away options regarding the format of the form will allow them to be less impatient during the form fill-up and they will fill it without any hassle or stress.

Sign up form is one of the most crucial parts for every business website or even blogs. Once you convinced someone to sign up to the website, it can sell the  product to that user and generate leads. Signing up shows that the user believes the website and also interested in the website. So, if you don’t have a good sign up form on your website, then create it now. If you already have one, then you can just go and edit it, keeping these practices in your mind. People don't like to waste much of their time in filling up such forms unless it is easy and free from any kind of twisted work. Hence, making formats easy will be handy for them to fill up the form .

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