SIMPLY BLOOD - First Virtual Blood Donation Platform creation

SIMPLY BLOOD - First Virtual Blood Donation Platform creation

I lost my mom due to cancer at the age of 7. Her death was nothing to do with blood but that left me all alone. I realized the meaning of losing your own at an early age.This was the initial step towards SIMPLY BLOOD – First Virtual Blood Donation Platform. I took an oath that I will do something for the mankind. Just after I turned 18, I immediately started blood donation as a volunteer.
Second life changing event took place in August 2016 when one of our community members (we had a WhatsApp community) needed platelets for his mother who was fighting from dengue. He assumed he will manage it as he was around 2-3 hours away from the hospital where his mother was admitted. By the time he could reach the hospital, everything was gone. That was the day, I realized the value of time in the critical medical case.
The BIGGEST day was 28 Dec 2016, when I got a random call mentioning somebody needs blood at a hospital in Delhi. After donating blood, I thought to meet the person whom I donated blood. I couldn’t manage to meet the patient but luckily I met his wife. I was SHOCKED to know that the lady sold herself to get the treatment done for her husband. She took him from Raipur to Delhi and the WORST PART was, my blood was sold to her for Rs. 1500 which I donated for free. I called the person who called me but he didn’t respond to my calls. I realized the person was a tout who is doing black marketing in Delhi and also runs a blood donation society through their app and blood donation camps.
The same day I quit my job to give my 100% to this cause. I found few developers who committed to provide technical support to Simply Blood for next few years at a nominal cost. We started our work on the app and on 3rd Jan 2017 and launched the app on 29th Jan 2017


SIMPLY BLOOD is World's First Virtual Blood Donation Platform. The app is available on Google Play Store and non-android people can access the features from

A user needs to download and register as blood donor by choosing any date to donate blood. Our app will track user’s location on the selected date and will share all the requests within 10kms from user’s location. So, even if the user is traveling to other location, Simply Blood will notify only the nearest possible needy on selected date by the user.

Anybody can find blood donors using Simply Blood though a smartphone for anyone, whoever is in need of blood. Within 3 clicks a person will raise the request and the notification goes to all the potential donors available on that date and location.

The problem for Donors; Mostly blood donation is done at blood donation camps organized by NGOs, Societies and Hospitals. But after donation the donor is unaware about who is getting his/her blood. Many times the blood donated by a donor for a noble cause is being sold at a price from Rs. 1500 to 50K (depending upon the rarity of the blood) by private blood banks and NGOs. SHOCKINGLY a huge amount of blood is being waited every year due to many factors holding it to reach out to needy. You may refer a report on the wastage of blood.

If somebody needs blood, in that case they need to either buy the blood or get the blood donor arranged. To search donor there are many large networks where you can find the number of blood donors. But on any such network we get to see the database of blood donors. We need to call every potential donor for their availability which takes hours and even if a donor is ready to donate the travel time is quite long. At times we fail to save lives due to such long process.
Simply Blood is a single solution to these issues. With a database of 60+K blood donors across India and more than 6000 registered donors on our Platform. We find a donor within the location of the request and connect them to the needy person. With Simply Blood, donor donates blood without any middle-man straight to the needy.
Without calling hundreds of donors all will get to see your request in App, SMS and Email in just few seconds. If the search doesn’t find any donor then the request is being handled manually using 60+K donor database and few associated agencies.In 2016 we saved around 13 potential lives from (August to December) through blood donation using our whatsapp group. Since Jan 2017 we have saved 600+ potential lives in 8 countries.

  1. The App has reached organically to 170+ nations in less 16 weeks
  2. Has been used by more than 7000+ users in more than 50 countries
  3. One of the highest rated Android app for Blood Donation on Google Play Store (4.9 rating from 200+ users)
  4. More than 100+ students under SimplyBlood Ambassador Program (SAP)
  5. Recenty awaded “Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2017” in India International CSR Conclave 2017 held at PHD Chambers of Commerce.

We never take money and we never make money using Simply Blood. We are thinking to go like Wikipedia where they do a fund raising every year for a month and run their operations out of the collected funds.

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