Social Media Calendar Management Tools

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Nov 19, 2020 9 min read
Social Media Calendar Management Tools

Social Media Content Strategy is an important prerequisite for content marketers and other similar backgrounds. With so many social media platforms out there, social media marketing is one of the best marketing methods to advertise, build a customer base, and sell your product. Nevertheless, to make it work efficiently, and make the most out of your efforts, staying organized is the key.

Organizing your work schedule can be tricky, even more so when you have to manage multiple accounts over different platforms. This is where Social Media Calendar Management Tools come in. From making you organized to analyzing your performance and efficiency to customizing posts and stories to get the best results and audience engagement, Social Media Calendars help you in automating different tasks, which would otherwise consume a lot of your time. Here we discuss the five most used Social Media Calendar Management Tools, for seamless social media management and content strategy.


Loomly Social Media Calendar Management
Loomly Social Media Management

With a humongous customer base of over 67,00 clients, Loomly is one of the best content planning and publishing platform, that helps clients face intense competition by influencers and build a reliable brand. With the best post ideas and suggestions, your very own content library, optimization tips, and ad mock-ups, Loomly helps you develop and deliver engaging content while also managing your team and making sure all the members are on the same page. Moreover, with automated publishing and advanced analytics, scheduling posts and content management has never been easier through both, a list view and a calendar view.

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Social Media Management Tools

Features Offered by Loomly

  • Manage both, organic posts and ads with a single platform. Moreover, get notified anytime someone on your team interacts with your posts.
  • Never run out of ideas with Loomly when it offers fresh ideas based on trends, RSS feeds, and updated events and important dates to suggest relevant content.
  • Store, organize and put your assets including photos and videos to good use in your posts through Loomly.
  • From ideas of posts to their subject, optimization and ad preview, Loomly guides you step by step to deliver the best content.
  • Along with auto-generated posts and ad previews, Loomly also helps your team collaborate with each other to approve workflows and version log.

Pricing for Loomly

Base Plan Standard Plan Advanced Plan Premium Plan
Costs $25 per month and allows 2 users and 10 social accounts Costs $57 per month and allows 6 users and 20 social accounts Costs $119 per month and allows 16 users and 35 social accounts Costs $249 per month and allows 50 users and 10 social accounts
Offers an ad budget cap of $500 and with unlimited content, core features and hashtag suggestions Offers an ad budget cap of $1000 and with unlimited content, core features and hashtag suggestions Offers an ad budget cap of $2000 and with unlimited content, core features and hashtag suggestions Offers an ad budget cap of $5000 and with unlimited content, core features and hashtag suggestions
Does not offers advanced analytics, content exports, custom roles or branding Offers advanced advanced analytics and content export but no custom roles or branding Offers IM Integrations and custom roles but not branding Has everything to offer including custom roles, branding, content export and advanced analytics


Social Media Calendar Management Tool
Agorapulse Social Media Calendar Manager

With features such as scheduling, content curation and publishing, audience engagement, and analytics, Agorapulse is one of the robust and popular social media solutions out there. Along with social media post scheduling and calendar, Agorapulse helps you understand your audience with the latest trends, schedule and deliver content, engage with your audience, and analyze your performance over time. It also helps you automate tasks such as scheduled posting and strategize campaigns to get the best engagement.

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Features Offered by SproutSocial

  • Enhance social media engagement with Agorapulse with better visibility and responsiveness to mark successful social media campaigns and removing engagement roadblocks.
  • Owing to a shared calendar, you can easily collaborate with your clients on social media and get insights on the strategy of campaigns.
  • Display all posts to your clients including published, to be published, and rejected ones and accept feedback on the social media content.
  • With reports built specifically to enhance social media campaign strategies, Agorapulse helps you improve on your flaws and determine your strongest suites.
  • The built in CRM features allow you to interact and engage with your audience without the use of an extra tool costs.

Pricing for Agorapulse

Medium plan Large plan X-Large plan Enterprise plan
Costs $79 per month and is best suited for small Businesses Costs $159 per month and is best suited for Agencies Costs $239 per month and is best suited for bigger organizations Costs $399 per month and is best suited for big teams with multiple profiles
Offers 300 active ads per profile with a twitter sync frequency of 2 hours Offers 600 active ads per profile with a twitter sync frequency of 1 hour Offers 1000 active ads per profile with a twitter sync frequency of 30 minutes Offers 2500 active ads per profile with a twitter sync frequency of 5 minutes
Power reports cost $19 with 6 months of data retention Power reports cost $39 with 24 months of data retention Power reports cost $59 with 24 months of data retention Power reports cost $99 with 24 months of data retention
Offers 24/7 email support Offers 24/7 priority email and chat support Offers 24/7 priority email and chat support with group training Offers 24/7 priority email, phone, and chat support with 1-on-1 training


CoSchedule Social Media Calendar Management Tool
CoSchedule Social Media Calendar

CoSchedule is simply one of the best social media calendar management tools with a plethora of features blogs, guides, podcasts, reports and much more. While the CoSchedule blog constantly helps social media managers find new strategies and trends, the guides help you organize your work and familiarizes you with the working of CoSchedule. Moreover with marketing reports and advanced tools such as headline analyzers and message optimizer, you get to manage all your assets in one place.

Features Offered by CoSchedule

  • With Blog Calendar, organize, schedule and publish all your content from one place and avoid wandering between tools for different social media accounts.
  • Effortless drag and drop features with an easy to use interface which auto adjusts messages and publishes them on the right time for the best engagement.
  • Single Marketing Calendar with exceptional functionality lets you see all of your projects at once and prioritize and organize your workflow.
  • Share your progress reports with your seniors or peers and express how your work is making a difference.
  • Easy rescheduling adds flexibility while tools such as subject line testers and headline analyzers help you look more professional.
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Pricing for CoSchedule

Blog Calendar Marketing Calendar
Built for organizing your blogs and social media, and costs $14 per month Built for scheduling and sharing marketing, and costs $29 per month
Offers real-time blog and social calendar with automated post scheduling Offers a real-time marketing calendar with social media management
You get to integrate with Wordpress, with scheduling of bulk posts Custom view of calendar lets you manage permissions for calendar view
Tool built for growing your audience Easy rescheduling of posts when needed

Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ Social Media Scheduling Tool
Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ is a social media post scheduling and calendar management tool, used for social media managers to schedule posts and bulk upload content. It allows users to post up to 50 posts at once on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, on your preferred time and from multiple accounts. Moreover, with an easy and intuitive interface, Hopper allows you to manage posts by a simple drag and drop mechanism with social media calendar, grid planner, and collaboration with teammates.

Features Offered by Hopper HQ

  • Hopper allows you to store all scheduled posts in one place where you can reorder them with a simple drag and drop interface with ease.
  • With an intuitive social media calendar, view all your plans, immediate and long term, at one place.
  • Save drafts if need be, or if you are not very sure about the post. You can edit or remove it later anyway.
  • Hopper allows you to manage multiple accounts and bulk upload posts along with easy team collaboration.
  • Hopper also offers the support of different cloud storage along with post editor, so you don't have to find an alternative to even create or edit posts.

Pricing for Hopper HQ

Pricing for Hopper HQ is quite simple and there aren't any different plans and features for different pricing. Monthly pricing depends only on the number of social profiles that you manage including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, with the lower limit of one account each.


ContentCal Social Media Calendar Manager
ContentCal Scheduling Tool

ContentCal is a simplistic tool built for team collaboration, to create and publish content. It offers a visually catchy calendar for planning and publishing content, seamless remote working and collaboration with your team, flexible and built-in approvals, and integration of your preferred tools to give you the best experience out of a social media calendar management tool. ContentCal also has to offer a paid ContentCal Boost, for paid advertising and content creation to create a strong social media presence.

Features Offered by ContentCal

  • Content Strategy is second to none when it comes to social media marketing, and ContentCal has just the precise tool for that. Content Hub is one central space for creating, optimizing, and deploying an effective content strategy.
  • Re-usability section of Content Hub lets you use your previous posts with fresh ideas and captions, reducing work load.
  • With sharing of assets such as pictures and ideas, all the team members can provide ideas for marketing in different geographical locations, based on different factors.
  • Color code your contribution for better management, build on ideas stored in libraries, and centralize your storage.
  • With a combined inbox to respond to social media messages and comments, engage with your audience and answer their inquires and find the best time for maximum engagement.

Pricing for ContentCal

Pro Plan Company Plan Premium Plan Enterprise Plan
Costs a mere $17 per month for individuals managing a social media profile Costs $47 per month and the features are well suited for small teams Premium plan offers a custom plan with the price varying with features Enterprise plan also offers a custom plan with the price varying with features
Offers 1 user and 1 calendar with 4 social media profiles Offers 2 users and 2 calendars with 8 social media profiles Offers between 3 and 10 users and calendars with indefinite social media profiles Offers over 10 users and calendars with indefinite social media profiles
Offers chat support with email Offers Priority 2 support Offers Priority 1 support Enterprise users enjoy VIP support with a dedicated success manager
Offers calendar with monthly view, analytics, and search posts Offers all features of the pro version with advanced video uploader Offers all the company features with Google Publishing, ContentCal Respond, and Invoiced Billing Offers all features of premium version with custom calendars, social profiles, and integrations

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