South India Developers Fest 2019

Facebook developers Circle in collaboration with SASTRA Foundation for Innovation & Research at Sastra TBI organized South India Developers Fest 2019 in Sastra University Tanjore on 4th October 2019. South India Developers Fest 2019 had 500+ participants 10 mentors & Speakers along with 4 Workshops & Tech talk, where innovative, hands-on methods–from brief presentations have been conducted. The workshops covered a wide range of topics on emerging technologies like React 360, HTML 5 games, Google Cloud, Spark AR.

South India Developer fest 2019
South India Developer fest 2019

SASTRA Technology Business Incubator (TBI) plays an important role in building a startup ecosystem. Their ultimate goal is to help Startup, student Entrepreneurs realize their dreams. They do this by assisting the state of the Art infrastructure, Business advisory, mentoring and financial assistance. Their unending ardency has brought students across branches together into a single entity. SASTRA TBI proudly showcase South India Developers Fest 2019 by introducing their students to emerging technologies by conducting competitions and workshops.

Mr Nelson Vasanth - Head of Facebook's Developer Circle gave a brief Prelude about Facebook Developer circle. He availed students to understand the impact of community and the benefits of being part of the community. He explicated the impact of React360, Spark AR, and HTML5 Games in the business world and the impact of South India Developers Fest.

First Keynote session was given by Mr Saravana Mani Head - Open Innovation Future Groups. He gave a brief speech on Innovations in future groups and How the innovation revolutionized in the start-up world. He also spoke about open innovation & emerging technologies. It was such an interactive session, students were able to clarify their queries about the business world.

Two workshops took place simultaneously in the different Conference hall -

  1. Hands-on Workshop on AWS Alexa given by Mr Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy. He covered conversational user interface on AI & Alexa and how to build skills in Alexa and CUI design.
  2. Hands-on Workshop on Google Qwiklabs mentored by Mr M. Vijay Bharagav Reddy. He covered topics like Consummate Rudiments of Cloud, Machine Learning APIs, Opportunities in NYAS and Career in Cloud.

The Most interactive afternoon keynote session was carried out by Ms Harini Thammaiah Engineering Program Manager at PayPal on Opportunity & Tech Stack Emerging Technology. This was attended in sizably voluminous numbers and was well received by the audience.

Post Lunch two more workshop was conducted, one on Google machine learning by Mr Vijaya Bharathi which gave in-depth knowledge on the fundamentals to the advanced level of ML and Overview of Google cloud environment for ML. The other workshop was on Blockchain by Mr Sanat Bhat, Practice Lead - Blockchain at UL Technology Solutions was more informative which covered Blockchain in different Standards like Security &Banking.

The event purported to introduce Emerging technology to students and explicate the impact it can have on their career. This was very well managed by the mentors and speakers. Students left the event with a wealth of erudition in emerging technologies and also provided a road map to build their future.

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