How To Start An Etsy Shop: A Complete Guide

This post is no less than a comprehensive guide if are looking to set up an Etsy shop from scratch. Setting up an Etsy shop can seem a little bit overwhelming.

By the time you are done reading this post, you will become familiar with creating an Etsy shop. As of 2019, more than 2.5 million dealers sold items through the Etsy strategy, up from 2.1 million effective sellers in 2018. By comparison, there were over 39.4 million active Etsy buyers worldwide in 2019. start your etsy shop

The first thing to do is to visit You will come across a landing page. Then open up Etsy shop, enter your email address, and fill out some personal information. You now have an Etsy shop to begin with. The first configuration to be done is shop preferences. Most of it is going to be auto-populated.

You have to fill out  the questions on the shop preferences page. It's for the ease of statistical purposes. You can click whatever applies. Go to save and continue. Now pick the name of our shop. Do check the availability of the name. Save and continue. You have to now add your listings.

Go line by line. Add your required photos. The pixel size needs to be at least 1500 pixels. If you pick a photo smaller than 1500 pixels, it will have blank spots on the sides. You can add up to ten pictures; you also get suggestions for the pictures.

Your thumbnail picture is always going to be your first picture. People will see this thumbnail as they go through the search. The thumbnail can be adjusted as well. Click on adjust thumbnail and move it around, zoom in, and zoom out.

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Listing Of Items

Now, it's time to manage the listing description. The first is going to be the title. So you should be specific because the Etsy shop algorithm takes the title into consideration while placing items in different categories. You can add other kinds of descriptions too.

For this post, the item taken for explanation will be a candle. Fill in the description about the candle. Next, fill in the manufacturer's details.

Then pick the category under which your item falls. This used to be a very complicated series of drop-down boxes earlier. Etsy has simplified it; you can type and filter the categories for your item.

Description About Items

Move into the description section. It is not necessary but Etsy does have a search option where people can refine their search. For example, the primary color for a candle is white. If somebody was searching for candles and specifies white candles in the search description, your listing wouldn't show up in the search results if your item search description is empty and the item title simply says "candles".

it's best to fill out as many as item related fields you can. Be as specific about your listing as possible because people will narrow down their search options.Be very descriptive about the your Etsy shop products.

Automatic Renewal

You have renewal options. Every time a new stock comes of the existing license, you may or may not be able to make updates in the Etsy shop manually. Through automatic renewal option, the listing is renewed every six months.

The benefit is that every time an item is listed after renewal, it appears as a fresh item. Your shop appears active and it also boosts your listings when people search. And it's a pretty minimal fee for the automatic renewal option.

Type Of Product

Etsy products
Etsy Products

Next is the type of product. It's either a physical item or a digital manifestation. Your item description should outline what kind of product it is. Hence, provide the best possible description of your Etsy shop products.

Production Partner

The next field to be filled is the production partner to your Etsy shop. If you are collaborating with another shop to manufacture the product, you need to list that shop or person as a production partner.

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Tags For Products

This is one of the most important points. Tags are descriptors that decide when and where your listings appear in the search results.

You can add up to 13 tags for a product, and each tag can have up to 21 characters.

Use as many tags as possible for your product to ensure it appears in the listing. Now, you want to be correct and accurate while using the item tags.

Pricing And Inventory

You need to set a price for the items you list. The quantity also needs to be taken into account. Pricing variation is necessary if you there are varieties in the item you sell. For example, a purple colored candle will sell at a higher price as compared to an ordinary white candle.

Another point to note is the SKU or the stack keeping unit. This is optional field. If you have a big shop where you have a lot of items, you may use SKUs as a way of keeping up with your inventory. You can leave this field blank.

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Personalization depends on the item you sell. It will give you a place to instruct your customers how you want them to describe the personalization for the items they want to purchase from you.

Shipping Of Etsy Product

Two different mechanisms related to shipping of Etsy products are available. You can have the Etsy portal calculate the shipping costs where it figures out everything for you. Or you can manually specify the shipping costs. The best bet is to let Etsy calculate the shipping charges for your etsy shop product.

That way you don't undercharge or overcharge. Add your zip code and selecting tge processing time. This is the time the product takes to be delivered to the customer.

You can't specify an extreme range of several months as the processing time. Keep in mind that people are likely to order an item that is going to be shipped quicker, especially around the holidays when Etsy shops are at their peak.

Etsy automatically defaults to the shipping locations. It has worldwide shipping facility. You can pick the country that you want to ship to.

You will again see options for the actual shipping services. You may or may not want to make every shipping option available to your customers but at a minimum, pick priority mail and first-class. Etsy offers to ship for free.

It does give the option to offer a handling fee, particularly if you ship a large item that requires expensive packing supplies. You have the option for adding an upcharge for those packing supplies rather than rolling it into the price of your item. Name your shipping profile and save it.

You can create different shipping profiles and select them for the different items you sell. You can click the shipping profile which applies to your item and the shipping calculations are made accordingly.

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Item Dimensions

Etsy needs to know the size of the packaging and how much the item weighs.

If you have international shipping clicked, it shows us how much it would cost to ship to the target country. Once you click publish, it will show the shipping and shop information. The preview looks basic for now because you haven't done anything with the shop. Once you enhance the shop, more information will show up in the preview window. Then click Save and continue.

Email For Marketing

You can use your email because you're going to get a lot of emails from Etsy. Not spam type emails but Etsy will send you a lot of notifications.

Credit Card For Billing

You are going to need a credit card to set up your billing and banking information. In addition, you're going to need a lot of pictures. You need pictures of the listings of the items that you are looking to sell. You need banner clipart, shop icon clipart, and a profile picture.

How To Get Your Money

You are going to click the appropriate country and it's going to default to that country's currency. Then you need to put your banking information and personal information. Click save and continue. It will send a confirmation email to the email address you entered earlier. Click on confirm my account and it will take you back to Etsy.

Close the initial page you had opened because it's not going to let you go ahead. Open up the dashboard and go to shopping manager. Now add the credit card information. This is how you are going to pay Etsy for the money you owe for listings, renewal fees, or shipping labels. Then click on open shop.

You'll see the landing page. Go to edit shop and this is where you are going to decorate it and make it stand out. If you have ever seen an Etsy shop, you must have seen the big banner on its top. Several different sizes are available. You can go without a banner, with a big banner, or a mini banner.

Choose a big banner because of it's bigger obviously and stands out a little bit more. The dimensions for small is 1200 and 160 and 1200 and 300 for the big one. Once done, it's going to open up the image box.  You can go to on the next page in the picture creation tab. It gives an option for creating an Etsy banner.

If you are familiar with canvas, you can create the cover art yourself. Else you can hire a freelancer. Once you have the picture, click save.

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Shop Icon

A lot of people will do is they will put some sort of decorative shop banner. You can change this periodically. The size dimensions for shop icons are 500 by 500 pixels. You can make use of Canva for designing the shop icon.


You can't leave it blank. If you want to show people where you are from you, edit the location. People tend to base their buying decision based on where the person is. Hence, provide the location for your etsy shop.

Get Good logo For Your Etsy Shop
Get Good logo For Your Etsy Shop

This would be a picture of you. People like to see who they are buying from. You can add or change your contact information. To do that, open up the contact information and click on your name; this is where you add your picture and edit your profile information by adding different descriptors.

This section allows you to add a featured listing at the top of your shop. Anytime someone enters your shop, the featured area is the first thing they see.

Shop Announcements

You can change this periodically based on what's going on with your shop. Shop announcements are quick messages people will see when they first open your shop.

About Section

It shows and tells people about your shop. People want to know and see who they are buying from. The about section gives you the platform to tell your story. You can add photos in this section as well.

You can add a brief description for the pictures.You can also add social media links. Additionally, there is a shop member bio section. If you were a husband and wife team, each of you would have a bio.

Shop Policies

Etsy uses its simple default shell policies. Leave the policies as they are. You can set the guidelines on when you will accept returns and exchanges.


Your shoppers will come up with questions. Hence, having a FAQs section is necessary.

View Our Shop

This section shows the shop banner, branding icon, and other information. It will also reflect the items you featured earlier and all of the current listings in the shop.

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