Startups Coming as a Helping Aid During Unlock 1.0

Yash Raj Srivastava Yash Raj Srivastava
Jun 11, 2020 5 min read
Startups Coming as a Helping Aid During Unlock 1.0

At this time of concern of pandemic, some of the Indian based entrepreneurs have found a ray of hope. They have converted this challenge into an opportunity and has brought some of their innovations to make ease in people's life. As India have entered the unlock phase this is a great opportunity to earn money and do business by creating a good impact in the market.

Many sectors which has been in the market but was not able to come up due to many reasons now have the opportunity to come up and make a good impact in the market during this unlock phase.

It can result in big money
Online sectors can become a major opportunity 

Video Streaming

Yes, as most of the people would fear to go out there has been a large number of increase in the video streaming sector since the start of the lockdown and it will be a growing field in the near future. Youtube is the best source of putting up content and gaining popularity and money.

Digital Marketing

This sector will be the most exploited one as people will mostly shift towards the digital market and will prefer the marketing of the products on the online basis. big boards on the roads and banners around the malls can become a thing of past as it would not be a healthy way of promotion as of now.

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Online Delivery

Online delivery of items will be preferred by most of the people as it will require minimum contact and will lessen the amount of risk of getting infected. It is becoming a great sector and people have also started to choose this as a better option.

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Now lets look at some of the startups which can become a great market in the upcoming months and can have a good hold in the Indian market prioritizing safety of people.

Lockdown 1.0 can be a boon
New opportunity for Indian Market 

Magneto Providing Better and Cleaner Air

Magneto Cleantech has been one of the leading air cleaner in the country which boasts of cleaning about 39000 litres of air per minute has come up with a new solution during the pandemic. They have improved there cleaning system and have claimed of much cleaner air and provide a better and clean environment.

VAMS Global Making The World More Safe

It is a visitor management system that is a Mumbai based company that has come with a new and innovative idea during the time of the pandemic. They have developed VAMS Safeguard which has the features of scanning our body current temperature and record it and also can read our faces even if our wearing masks, and also face and palm recognition is also there without any physical contact. Various processes like time and attendance, event management, visitors management, access control, etc can be done with 100% contactless systems and with the help of some application.

They have used AI to help develop this system which helps in zero contact among people, contactless queue visitor entry. They have also included the feature in which people will get to know if Aarogya Setu is with the person, an emergency notification will provide if someone contacted the virus is on the premises and real-time visibility of people inside the premises or the building which will help to maintain social distancing. It is a great startup opportunity and can be a boon for the market.

Aiisma Tracking up the Virus

Aiisma available at Playstore and Appstore
Aiisma can be a boon to the marketplace

Aiisma founded in 2018 by an Indian and a Swiss National is a data marketplace. It helps the users to trade their data with the help of this application. With the current situation of pandemic, they thought of coming up with this new feature in which people can share the data related to their health manually and keep a track on their health. When the people will increase their usage it will send an alert to the data pool with the increase in the pro- active users.

It is also looking forward to add a feature in which the person having the application will get a warning that they have been in contact with a person having a Covid-19 or is near that person. Also people can trade their own behavioral data and get rewards for that and can also recieve some extra compensation by viewing advertisements. Businesses access their data from this platform in a legal way to serve relevant offers to the consumers. Aiisma has a initiative name #mydatamyasset and aims to create a nationwide trend to give the power of their own data to themselves.

Lockdown and Startups

FLOOR Making The Future Come To You

A trillion dollar event management industry that has been backed business event discovery platform 10times has been launched by the name of FLOOR. As the name suggests it has brought a concept of virtual event solution. Leaving behind online video meetings platforms as Google meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc it has brought up the concept of being physically present at the other end through the virtual world. During the unlock phase to avoid social contact and meetings, they have come up with an idea in which people can communicate with the other person with the help of Artificial Intelligence and being physically present in front of them but only virtually.

β€œDuring such times of immobility, FLOOR aims to bring the community together and allow unlocking of opportunities through events,” CEO Atul Todi said in an interview. This platform allows users to add and manage speakers, sponsors, or exhibitor profiles through the programme's onboarding features, 10Times said.

Pragati Developing Atmanirbhar India

Indifi Technologies, one of the India's leading platform has announced the launch of Pragati, India's first platform for small businesses, SME's, and startups. With the announcement of Atmanirbhar Bharat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi this startup can be a huge success. It will help creating an opportunity for the small businesses and startups that were lacking funding during the phase. After the unlock many small businesses will take a boom and this application will provide them with a great solution.

A Great Market Opportunity for Shiprocket

Shiprocket is India's largest eCommerce shipping platform for SMBs( Small medium Businesses). It ships software solutions to different locations across India. Launched in 2017 this technology helps to deliver to the SMEs, D2C retailers, and social commerce sellers in our country. With almost 50,000 orders daily they have around 20 courier partners across India and are available around 26,000 pin codes and 220 countries across the world. They provide shipping solutions to many courier services like Delhivery, FedEx, BlueDart, etc. They help in reducing the cost of courier and people can place orders in bulk. It is an online shipping platform that will also be beneficial for less contact during the phase of unlock.

Covid-19 has brought the world at a halt and people became so much confused about the future, but also it has been an opportunity for these entrepreneurs and people can take this as a good sign for the development of new technologies. A contactless world will be the new future and minimum contact have become a necessity till the virus haunts us. So ventures like this can be a boon to mankind and help us fight this deadly virus as soon as possible. This would be a long fight but by bringing these changes we can reduce its time and make the world a better place again.

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