Can Technology Enhance Healthcare Offerings and Produce Better Results?

Can Technology Enhance Healthcare Offerings and Produce Better Results?
The article is contributed by Dr. Amit Kharat, Co-Founder of Deeptek.

Medical Imaging Technology has been around for more than a century. These technologies have only evolved over time. Film screen combinations for X Ray imaging are now transformed resulting in filmless and paperless imaging departments. The medical imaging information can now be easily transferred across the internet to experts across the globe keeping the information intact. This makes radiology virtual. Virtualization of radiology and productization of solutions deployed with managed services has suddenly improved the reach of the technology and brings millions more under the ambit of near-instant access to medical imaging services. Technology has been a great enabler.

Faster and quicker access to medical imaging through such products and managed services allows patients in tier 2 and 3 cities receive better healthcare services, triage, and diagnosis ensuring treatment quickly and also get access to subspecialty opinions.

AI tools will create huge impacts as screening tools such as for calcium score of coronary arteries, liver fat estimation, abdominal fat and body fat estimation, screen X Ray chest for various lung diseases, infections and cancer, screening mammography and ultrasound for early breast cancer detection, markers and predictors for hip or spine fracture, incidental spinal wedge compression for estimating spinal impact and prostatic health through MRI based screening tools.

AI technology can also help for bedside imaging or at-home or office imaging and yet ensure minimal loss of productivity and access to treatment plans chalked out by experts sitting miles across. Critical study prioritization can be a boon in hospitals grasping a heavy workload and this can help them prioritize reports for supercritical studies. This saves significant time for experts as they can deliver these services and opinions through a few clicks of a button rather than moving all the way to the patients. The key advantage is also it reduces burnouts of experts.

Tools that allow smooth onboarding of the radiologists, imaging clinics, and hospitals and also save time.

This is the future of medical imaging.

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How Deeptek Is Innovating and Ensuring Last-Mile Delivery of Health Care?

A frictionless seamless backbone platform is currently ensuring last-mile connectivity. The platform can be deployed seamlessly by users at their local Pcs and securely hook medical imaging equipment to a secure cloud service, allowing experts to quickly connect review studies and make and distribute reports directly to treating physicians and patients ensuring end-to-end patient management. The system can seamlessly integrate inbuilt AI and 3rd party AI models and also connect with existing Hospital and Radiology and Hospital Information systems and existing PACS. The solution is a pay-per-use SaaS platform with no upfront payment but rather a per study minimal transactional of a few cents. This allows the freedom for imaging clinics; small, mid, or large size hospitals achieve the key step of moving digital and virtual by just clicking a few buttons.

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