Is Tesla really threatening Chinese Bloggers for posting negative comments about it?

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Jun 16, 2021 4 min read
Is Tesla really threatening Chinese Bloggers for posting negative comments about it?

For the last few months, the Electric car maker Tesla has been receiving a lot of criticism. The criticism was mainly concentrated on the Tesla Chief Elon Musk regarding the company’s and his tweets on the cryptocurrency market and the latest news where the Anonymous had posted a video against Tesla.

There was another criticism against the Tesla chief where there was a claim that Elon Musk had paid very little as Income Tax and the most recent criticism against the company which claims that the car maker had been threatening Chinese bloggers. In this article let’s look at whether Tesla had really threatened the Chinese bloggers and the reason for it.

Tesla – Latest News
Negative comments against Tesla on Chinese social media platform
Tesla’s Action against negative comments
Response from users against Tesla
Tesla’s share in the Chinese Market

Tesla – Latest News

The Chinese based bloggers had conveyed that the electric car maker Tesla had threatened to sue them after the bloggers had posted negative comments about the company on the social media platforms.

The Chinese bloggers had said that Tesla had informed them that they would file a defamation case against the bloggers since they had posted negative comments about the electric car maker on the social media platforms.

Negative comments against Tesla on Chinese social media platform

The electric car maker has been facing a lot of criticism in the recent months. They have been criticized largely in the world’s electric car market and there has been a lot of car crashes from the Tesla cars which had led to a safety concern among the Tesla owners in China. The viability of the electric car was questioned and also about the brake system of the electric car.

This led hundreds of users to post negative comments about the Tesla’s electric cars on the Chinese based Social media platforms such as Weibo. The users have expressed their view on the concern about the safety and security of the Tesla vehicles.

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Tesla’s Action against negative comments

In the month of June 2021, it was found that Tesla had created an account on the social media platform Weibo. Tesla’s Legal department had created the account on the Chinese blogging platform. Some users of the social media platform have conveyed that Tesla had created their own account on the platform in order to identify the users who had posted negative comments and reviews about the company.

Some users have also mentioned that Tesla had identified the users who posted the comments and personally sent messages to them conveying to sue the users.

Response from users against Tesla

Since this incident, it was found that several users had apologized on the public platform. It was found that a minimum of two users has issued apologies on the Douyin which is a Chinese version of the social media platform TikTok. The users had conveyed that they had created false negative comments on the Tesla cars.

In the month of June, it was found that a user had posted photos on showing the proof of Tesla allegedly threatening the user to sue the user after he had called the company rubbish and hooligan on the Chinese content and news platform Jinri Toutiao.

In the month of April, a woman had gone viral after she had climbed on top of a Tesla car in an automotive show conducted in Shanghai. She had done that in order to protest that an alleged brake malfunction was present in her electric car.

The same woman recently conveyed on the Chinese news and content platform Jinri Toutiao that she had been extreme in her efforts.

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Tesla’s share in the Chinese Market

The action taken from the Women leads to the Chinese state media criticizing the response of Tesla towards the safety concerns of their cars and the Central, Political and Legal affairs commission of China had informed Tesla that they have to face the physical and mental suffering of the company’s customer base in China.

The electric car company had, later on, conveyed a public apology but the negativity had caused the company to lose a lot of market share in the automotive market in China. The car orders of Tesla had seen a fall in the month of April. However, in the month of May, the car orders of Tesla had seen a rise.


Chinese automotive market constitutes to the majority of the market of China and represents a critical space for the car manufacturer. In the year 2020, China had an electric market share of 41% in the world EV market is one of the most top markets for EVs. The country also contributed to 29% of Tesla’s global sales in the Q1 of 2021.


Tesla sales in China more than doubled in 2020, to nearly $6.6 billion, accounting for 21 percent of the company's booming worldwide total.

Did China ban Tesla?

China has banned all Tesla EVs from government compounds and agencies.

When did Tesla enter China?

Tesla entered China in 2013 and since then it has been working to build up its brand.

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