The Learning Buddy Makes Learning Easy with Augmented Reality

Chayanika Goswami Chayanika Goswami
Jun 22, 2021 8 min read
The Learning Buddy Makes Learning Easy with Augmented Reality

The Learning Buddy Startup Success Story

Startup Name The Learning Buddy
Headquarter New Delhi
Founder Navdeep Singh & Sahil Sethi
Sector Education Technology
Founded 2017
Parent Organization Visiolab Ideas Pvt. Ltd

About The Learning Buddy
How was The Learning Buddy Started
Founders of The Learning Buddy and Team
The Learning Buddy - Name, Tagline and Logo
What is The Learning Buddy
The Learning Buddy - Revenue Model
The Learning Buddy - User Acquisition
The Learning Buddy - Startup Challenges
The Learning Buddy - Competitors
The Learning Buddy - Funding and Investors
The Learning Buddy - Advisors and Mentors
The Learning Buddy - Awards
The Learning Buddy - FAQs

EdTech is fast changing the education scenario in India. Edtech provides many benefits for students, like clear visualization of abstract topics, flexibility to learn at one’s own pace and interactive learning. While for teachers, it makes teaching and grading simpler. In India currently, many Ed-tech startups are coming up with many innovative ideas to make learning easy, interesting and fun. Adding a feather to the cap, The Learning Buddy, a Delhi based startup has come up with a vision to provide an experiential learning setup for teachers & parents through which they can teach the young minds in a more effective & advanced way.

About The Learning Buddy

The Learning Buddy is a Delhi based Ed-tech startup founded in 2017. It enables children to use 3D projections & voice over to learn basic things, which are also part of their school syllabus. Children can easily learn about animals (land, aquatic, etc), countries and flags, space and planets, dinosaurs, and many more. Its aim is to democratize the concept of learning through augmented reality and making studies fun.

How was The Learning Buddy Started

Sahil and Navdeep are college friends, and they always wanted to have their own startup. They were consistently on the lookout for new and innovative startup ideas. The idea of starting ‘The Learning Buddy’ came up when Sahil was working as a game developer in an MNC. During that time Navdeep was in his final semester. They noticed that the new generation is quite addicted to mobile phones and playing mobile games. They wanted to do something so that this addiction can be turned in favor of the youth. Thus with the basic idea of helping the young students to learn and revise their concepts through games, “The learning Buddy” was started.

Founders of The Learning Buddy and Team

Navdeep Singh and Sahil Sethi are the founders of “The Learning Buddy”.

Navdeep Singh is the CEO of “The Learning Buddy”. Navdeep is responsible for developing business & executing the company's operations.

TheLearningBuddy Founders

Sahil Sethi is the CTO of “The Learning Buddy”. Sahil looks after the backend coding and app development-related work in the company.

Since we were friends, we knew each other's strengths, skills and capabilities. Most importantly, the trust factor was there since the beginning which is very important.

The core team of “The Learning Buddy” consists of developers, designers and sales executives. The company also works with virtual employees.  

As said by Navdeep, the name, “The Learning Buddy” has been chosen as they believed that their product is like a companion to the users whether it the students learning from it or the parents or teachers using it as a teaching tool.

The Learning Buddy’s Tagline is “Accelerate Learning” which denotes the company's mission.

What is The Learning Buddy

The Learning Buddy’s first MVP was developed with a few interactive and engaging learning games with quizzes related to children’s school chapters and curriculum.  

We approached some parents to download the first version of the app & the parents were really happy that their children were enjoying & learning through their app.

While in the prototyping stage, the team came across some videos and posts on augmented reality technology`s applications in various fields. They realized that augmented reality had great potential in the field of education and started researching on the same.  

We made some prototypes using augmented reality, and everybody was amused to see the concept. Now, The Learning Buddy is India`s first app to enable students to experience the academic concepts into reality with augmented reality.

The Learning Buddy team ensures that every customer feedback is taken seriously and required improvements are made in the AR kits and App accordingly. Currently, The Learning Buddy’s product is based on Augmented Reality (AR) Technology. The Learning Buddy has developed an experiential learning platform through app & AR learning kits. Students need to scan the trackers(books) to experience the 3D projections & to learn from them.

The Learning Buddy has the following products-  

  • Junior AR Learning Box -  This Includes 8 AR Books Inside with themes like Farm Fruits, Farm Vegetables, Transportation, Numbers, Alphabet & Phonetics, Animals & Birds.
  • AR Infinity Educational Kit –  It includes AR books related to the atlas, dino park, space, jungle and aquatic animals.
  • Interactive and Engaging Games -  It is a gaming series which helps students to learn while playing their favorite games.
TheLearningBuddy products

USP of The Learning Buddy’s learning Tools are-

  • Interactive learning – is an interactive platform where the child learns by doing.
  • Engaging Games – Let the child learn through games
  • Real-World Exposure – Let the child explore the world and the universe through 4D technology.
  • Self-made test – Lets teachers and students create online tests.
  • Performance Analysis – Lets parents and teachers analyze student`s performance with easy to read detailed graphs & pie-charts with the help of which they can personally pay attention to each and every student's concept clarity.
  • Smart Homework Feature - This feature allows Teachers & Parents to send Homework Assignments with our 'Smart Homework' tool. This feature is for both Games & Worksheet Formats.  

The Learning Buddy - Revenue Model

“The Learning buddy” has a range of AR-enabled products such as Juniors AR Learning Box, Smart Atlas, Space Kit, DinoPark Book which is available to the parents via their website & Amazon. The Learning Buddy’s  AR Kits range from INR 599 to INR 2999. The majority of the company’s revenue comes from the AR Kit sales through digital marketing & direct marketing.  

The Learning Buddy - User Acquisition

The Learning Buddy officially launched the startup at K.R. Mangalam Group of Schools having branches all across Delhi-NCR.  

We did student workshops initially & gathered their interest in our concept as they loved this kind of learning. Even the teachers wanted this to be implemented at the school level enabling them to be able to teach via our concept as with this, the students could visualize the actual concept in a more effective way rather than studying through books. The initial capital was around 2 Lakh Rupees & we spent it in developing our products & apps and got them launched with decent stocks.  

The Learning Buddy’s team approached the other top school brands to experience their concept and got a positive response. Gradually, with some more workshops & exhibitions, the company crossed 2000+ happy customers. The Learning Buddy has partnered with many schools in Delhi NCR. Some notable clients of The Learning Buddy are K.R. Mangalam Group, Pathways, Excelsior American School, G.D. Goenka La Petite and Made Easy Pre-School.

The company also acquires customers through direct marketing and digital marketing.

The Learning Buddy - Startup Challenges

According to Navdeep, one of the major challenges that The Learning Buddy faced was the initial entry into schools & climbing up the hierarchy of the school management to present the Learning Kits to the concerned person. It took time & persistence to establish “The Learning Buddy” as a brand to be recognized by schools & to incorporate our concept in their institution.  

Besides, in the initial days with no cash inflow, Navdeep and Sahil had to work with their own savings and investments with which it was difficult to increase the team size. Again, with a smaller team size, it was difficult to complete the tasks at hand.  

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The Learning Buddy - Competitors

Many Ed-tech platforms have come up with interactive apps and tools for making learning fun. Some competitors of The Learning Buddy, are Narrator AR, Moon Phases AR, EKID, CoSpaces, Quiver Education, etc.

We are ahead of them when it comes to the content we develop with Augmented Reality. We cater to more themes than our competitors & with our latest release “Juniors AR Infinity Learning Box” we have all the learning themes for Kids in one package through which they can relate to all the concepts taught to them in class – Navdeep Singh  

The Learning Buddy - Funding and Investors

The Learning Buddy is a bootstrapped company. However, the company is looking forward to funding opportunities.  

The Learning Buddy - Advisors and Mentors

The Learning Buddy is growing under the guidance of the following mentors-

a)    Rahul Gupta (Director of K.R. Mangalam Group)

b)    Raj Kundra (M.D.of Viaan Industries Ltd.)

c)    Sanjeev Bhickchandani (Founder InfoEdge Ltd.)

The Learning Buddy - Awards

The Learning Buddy has received the following awards and certifications-

  • Navdeep received the Mentor of Change certificate under Atal Innovation Mission.
  • DIPP Certified Startup  
The Learning Buddy wants to make a meaningful impact in the current education system pan India with an experiential learning approach & to come up with new innovations in the field of education technology with AI & Machine Learning integrations.
The Learning Buddy Website
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The Learning Buddy - FAQs

What is The Learning Buddy?

The Learning Buddy is a Delhi based Ed-tech startup founded in 2017. It enables children to use 3D projections & voice over to learn basic things, which are also part of their school syllabus.

Who are the founders of The Learning Buddy?

Navdeep Singh and Sahil Sethi are the founders of The Learning Buddy.

Who are the Competitors of The Learning Buddy?

Competitors of The Learning Buddy are Narrator AR, Moon Phases AR, EKID, CoSpaces, Quiver Education, etc.

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