The Woman’s Company announced its launch of Biodegradable products on IWD

Ashwini Ashwini
Mar 9, 2020 5 min read
The Woman’s Company announced its launch of Biodegradable products on IWD

New Delhi, 9th March

The Woman’s Company – A company By Women, For Women announced its launch on International Woman’s day to disrupt the women’s intimate and hygiene space with an array of Biodegradable products made to fit every stage of a woman’s life cycle.

On International Women’s Day, Anika Parashar - Ex COO of a leading healthcare chain and creator of multiple brands for Women in Health and Wellness and Roopam Gupta who’s experience lies in brand creation and management have come together to launch The Woman’s Company – a company By women, For women.

The Woman’s Company enters the women’s intimate and hygiene space with six products-  Sanitary Pads, Panty Liners, Tampons, Menstrual Cup, Bamboo Razor and Pee stick, with a vision to disrupt the traditional hygiene and intimate products being used by women.

The company will be making the products available across pharmacies, hospitals, online aggregators and its own website with an elaborate visibility across select retail locations. The products are competitively priced at INR. 50 – 800. (refer to the boiler plate for additional details)

The company, through one of their campaigns, which breaks out on Woman’s Day encourages women to come out and share their stories of challenges and success. They believe that the result of women supporting one another can have huge impacts on their confidence, self-esteem and overall health and happiness.

One of their unique products is “The Woman’s Stick” – a urination device manufactured in India to help every woman stand and pee! The TWC urination stand and pee stick is made up of recyclable kraft Paper without any use of plastic or lamination. The stick is ergonomically designed, comfortable, convenient, biodegradable and environment friendly. Absolutely mess-free, the product’s perforated sides are customized to fit around a woman’s parts, leaving aside any fear of backsplashes and spillage and thereby reducing infections contracted by using public toilets.

The traditional sanitary napkins have been replaced with a customized to fit all shapes and curves – which educates women to accept the different phases that a woman’s body goes through during their menstrual cycle. The specialized Teenage Pad has been customized keeping in mind the body shape and size of a young girl starting her menstruation journey.

Anika Parashar
Speaking on the launch, Director, Founder & CEO, Anika Parashar,’ said “After having spent nearly two decades in the Women’s health and wellness space, I have been a witness to the gap in good quality intimate products for women which are environmentally friendly and less damaging to the complex world that we are living in. It’s scary to know that a single woman can generate up to 125 kg of non-biodegradable waste through her menstruating years alone and she is actually using those chemical rich products for one of the most intimate parts of her body. It was then that we decided to create and curate a set of products which we would be proud to use for ourselves and our daughters.
The Woman's Company aims to reach out to every woman out there and build spaces to cater to her wellness and hygiene while being mindful of the depleting environment”.
COO Roopam Gupta, said “We are super thrilled to announce “The Woman’s Company” on the very significant date of International Women’s Day to finally offer the best available products for women’s intimate hygiene. Also on this day we break the #ShareYourstory campaign to celebrate the journey of every woman who goes through various stages of change, growth and evolution in her life.”

As a young start up built by experienced management, we have a vision to create awareness about the harmful effects of the chemical ingredients that women tend to use on themselves by offering an array of biodegradable and safe on skin products!”

About The Woman’s Company (TWC):

By Women. For Women. TWC is not just a company, it’s an ideology, it’s an attitude with its sole aim is to create a world where women live by their own rules. Each TWC product comes with a unique offering designed to make every woman’s life simpler and happier.

TWC offers an array of products ranging from sanitary napkins, panty liners, 100% organic cotton tampons, stand & pee urination devices, medical grade silicone cups and bamboo razors. All its products are Organic, Bio- Degradable and Environmental Friendly.

Director, Founder and CEO, Ms. Anika Parashar along with Co- Founder, COO Ms. Roopam Gupta incorporated the company under the name of WOMEN'S INDIA PERSONAL CARE PRIVATE LIMITED on 21st November, 2019 to cater to every woman’s need for a better living and offering the best to her future generations.  Ms. Parashar, also titled as “The Pride of India” for creating innovative brands in women care and health for 20 years, a TEDx speaker and featured in the book of India’s 50 Women Wonders, is also the founder chairperson of ORGAN India, an NGO providing information, awareness and support on organ donation and transplant. In her vast experience, she has held several responsible positions like the COO for Fortis La Femme, Founder Mamma Mia and Business Head, Mom & Me, Mahindra Retail.

Ms. Roopam Gupta also brings along with her more than a decade of experience in brand building and management having worked with International brands Marks and Spencer, Bata India Limited followed by Fortis La Femme.

TWC products will be available across pharmacies, hospitals, online aggregators and its own website.

Some of the key products which would be available by The Woman’s Company are:

  • Dioxin Free - Biodegradable sanitary napkins in different sizes certified by gynecologists for being dioxin free; made of the softest cotton and created keeping in mind the different requirements during a cycle. There’s a unique teenage pad; which is the thinnest and softest pad sold in this country, customized to fit young girls who need to start their menstruation journey on a positive note. Priced at Rs 300 to Rs 350, depends on the size of the pack.
  • The Woman Stick is a specifically customized urination device manufactured in India to help every woman stand and pee and thus avoid sitting or hovering over a toilet seats which helps cutting down the risk of catching a UTI infection which is quite common in women. Priced at Rs.50 to 280, depends on the size of the pack.
  • Organic Tampons with and without cardboard applicators (applicators make the insertion and removal of tampons easier and more hygienic) which are biodegradable, made of the softest organic cotton and created with specialized care and attention to detail. Priced at Rs 650.
  • Medical grade silicone menstrual cups – which come in two sizes to fit different shapes and flow. Priced at Rs 550.
  • Biodegradable wooden razors with smooth, disposable blades to enable a close and easy hair removal process. Priced at Rs 800.

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