Tips to crack technical Interview in Big companies for job seekers

Tips to crack technical Interview in Big Companies for job seekers

The IT sector is a blooming very rapidly over the globe, and it’s the only sector who is offering highest job opportunities. So, every person is trying to crack the job position in some big technology based company to survive this unbalanced economic environment. If you are trying to get a job in some leading tech companies like Google, Yahoo, Apple, then my friend you need to prepare hard for the interview. The big tech companies hire candidates only on the basis of interview and your performance. If you are thinking that Extra curricular activities matters, then you are in big delusion and need to face harsh reality immediately to survive in this world of big tech sharks.Some Tips to crack technical Interview is discussed below.

The interview is a parameter to select a candidate, but how can you judge the ability of a person in a half hour interview. To be honest it’s impossible to do so. I have seen many web developer’s saying that they got rejected from numerous big companies in spite of performing best in the interview. So today we are trying to handle the very important question, that why big tech companies reject you after performing perfectly in the interview and if what you have given in the interview is not sufficient, then what is sufficient? Today we will handle some myths and misconceptions related to the technology companies interviews and tips to crack technical interview.

Myths and Misconceptions:

# I have good GPA.  If you have good GPA and degree from the well-reputed university, it’s no guaranty of the job in the big companies. Many people complaints that after showing their GPA and degree in the interview, they still didn’t get the job. Well, you see there are many reasons behind it. Sometimes companies only require a simple programmer to solve basic issues and you are more capable than that, and if they hire you, they need to pay higher wages. So they drop you and hire someone with less qualification.

# I have experience.

Experience matters, but in some cases, it doesn’t matter. If a company is looking to hire a fresher with innovative ideas in less salary, then your years of experience fails in such case. So don’t blame yourself, if you got rejected despite having years of experience.

# You have sloppy coding.

According to your own judgment, you have performed well in solving the equation, but in reality you missed few coding steps or your coding is sloppy. This is a big no-no for the tech companies, as they require perfect coding skills. So, work on your coding system and practice hard before your next interview.

# Your Citizenship.

Yes, your nationality plays a vital role in hiring you. The companies normally avoid hiring outsiders, as they need to pay them higher rates and pay for their visa fees. Big companies sometimes takes the risk and hire people from outside the country, but new startups can’t afford to pay such paper fees.

# Lack of tech competency. After the interview, if you feel good and your interviewer seems polite and yet you get rejected, this is the question that trouble many job seekers. But dear understand one thing here, if your interview taker seems polite, it’s because he is trained to do so. They will never tell you, your weak points. You have to self-evaluate your performance and dwell that are you really compatible for the tech world or not.

These are few questions that run through every candidate’s mind, who get rejected from big tech companies and trying to gather his broken dreams. Dear, don’t get disheartened after few rejections, as I have already explained few reasons and misconceptions that make you fail. So, gather up your confidence again and read some tips , that will help you to crack the big tech companies hard wall.

Tips to crack corporate interviews:

The outmost step is to understand the culture of organisation for which your giving interview for. This help you to understand the company better and it’s working style.

Took special care on your way of talk. Speak softly with the person who is taking your interview and make same level of tone through out the interview. Never speak loudly to convey your message.

Use lots of hand gestures and take proper care of your body language. Never let your nervousness show in your body language. Stay confidence in your style.

Dress to impress. Dress properly for the interview according to the profile of Company. Don’t over do yourself nor under dress.

Practice hard to nail down your coding.

Show your leadership qualities and ability to handle critical situation on your own to the interview taker.

Don’t get nervousne and talk nonsense. Answer only those questions which you were asked.

Bring your knowledge and perspective to the table: did the discussion cause the interviewer to learn something or see something in a new way?

Pay special care on your attitude. Don’t be cocky at the time of interview and don’t be to dumb. Just be yourself.

Your motivation level and passion about the job should be seen in your speech and interview taker must get that message straight.

Show your capability to handle the conflicts in impressive manner to the person.

These are few tips to crack technical interview for you guys. But if I had to give you one major tip to land big tech companies job will be to get all the information about the company and the interview taker before the interview. This will give you knowledge about the company and it’s working culture. That would be my major tip for you. So now fellas , keep working hard and you will get your dream job soon.

The above were Tips to crack technical interview in Big companies.

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