8 Tips to Memorize History Dates easier

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Dec 3, 2019 2 min read
8 Tips to Memorize History Dates easier

History students can’t live without having to memorize dates. There will be many dates to recall including dates of birth, independence dates, dates for key events in history and so on. While people can memorize dates on other occasions just for fun, history classes require students to connect events with times in which they occurred. For that reason, it is important to learn how to remember these important dates in history. Here are 8 tips presented by experts from UsEssayWriters:

  • Develop strong visualizations
    Creating clear images that you can use to associate with your chosen date will give you an easy time recalling them. If you want to recall dates of birth for renowned figures in history, relate that year with something strange and silly. For instance, you could imagine a picture of that person wearing a jacket written that year at the back.
  • Use Body Expressions
    If you want to remember dates of someone known for doing certain things like great speakers, you could use that to remember dates when they were either, born, died or assassinated. You may consider using your arms alongside a mention of that date while using your imagination to demonstrate how they could have presented themselves in the public.
  • Organize the Dates in an Easy-to-remember format
    Instead of just learning the dates randomly, organize them in a certain way that enhances meaning. It will help you recall them. This is especially by arranging them in chronological order of how certain events occurred. Come up with a better way of organizing and classifying them for ease of remembrance.
  • Use Letters in Place of the Numbers
    Think of how you can replace numbers with letters in a way that you can understand. For instance, assume Z stands for 0 and T for 1 due to how close they are in writing them. Assume G is like a 6. That means 1606 can be written as TGZG as a way to help you remember this year point to a special time in history. It is easier to recall these letters than the numbers directly.
  • Use Letters in a more Detailed Version
    Over and above using letters for numbers, you can go a step further to use detailed associations. For instance, TGZG can further be put in words such as “Too Good Zealous George” if the date has to do with someone known as “George”.  Every time you read out that statement, you can pick out details from it and recall that date without problems.
  • Make a deliberate Focus on the Dates
    Place a keen focus on the dates that you want to learn about. Make a deliberate choice to study them and always put it in your mind that you need to study them. That way, you will be able to remember most of them since you purposed to highlight them.
  • Study in a Repetitive Process
    As you study the dates, do it in a repetitive manner and in a more frequent way. The more you keep going over and over again through the dates, the most likely that you are going to remember them.
  • Make Use of the dates
    Let the dates become part of your conversation. Do that when talking to colleagues, family and friends. That way, they will stick in your mind effortlessly. You don’t have wait until someone begins a discussion, get it started yourself and indulge them.

The Bottom Line

History dates a very important because this is what history is all about. All you need is a plan and a strategy on how to remember them. You can use some or all of these tips to recall them.

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