Top 10 Best Collection Agencies

Baishali Das Adhikari Baishali Das Adhikari
Nov 6, 2020 6 min read
Top 10 Best Collection Agencies

If you are wondering that your investment on a venture failed you with a return, then these top 10 best collection agencies are the ones you can rely upon. Also known as debt collection agencies, these companies help you to recover the sum amount that your lender has not repaid to you. The hired recovery agent proceeds to arrange a diplomatic approach towards the debtor. In this way, the relation between the two parties, the first party (the creditor) and a second party (the debtor) stay in a fair term.

A collections agent generally operates on local as well as international basis. His actions are in submission with the restricted code of national and international legal practice. He is also abiding by the laws so there is no violation with the debtorโ€™s rights for being a consumer. The process of the recovery of the debt is carried out by a collection agent. He proposes different negotiation methods and recovery tools, which leads to a prosperous and full collection of debt.

So, let us know the top 10 best collection agencies among the existing ones.

ARRMS (India) Private Limited

ARRMS (India) Private Limited is among the top 10 best collection agencies in India. It helps to provide complete debt recovery solutions that comes with proactive legal actions. ARRMS aims at the strategically framed legal intervention that adheres to all regulatory, judicial and statutory guidelines.

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As the methods of debt collections, ARRMS includes a few of the traditional collection methods, for instance, tele-calling, field visits along with legal interventions. The legal interventions can consist of arbitration, enforcement of section 17 orders through court, execution of awards or decrees, mediation, bankruptcy proceedings, criminal proceedings, civil suits and so on.

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Direct Recovery Associates Inc.

Direct Recovery Associates Inc is one of the top 10 best collection agencies. This company has specialisation in collecting professional and commercial service that is being claimed throughout the U.S. as well as in India.

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Direct Recovery

They promise to prove three things, that are, Persuasiveness, persistence and professionalism. All these skills being infused in their collectors that makes them stand apart from the crowd. Their skills and performances are the escape to their high success rate by bringing in a relevant level of satisfaction for the clients.

The EOS Group

Another top 10 best collection agencies include the EOS Group. It is currently working with 50 companies that operate in more than 25 countries globally. It has been positioned among the leading international collection service providers.

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EOS Group

The high rated success of The EOS Group is entirely based on its fusion of expertise in national markets and also in its wider field, international focus. The headquarter of EOS Group is based in Hamburg.

Afford Motors India Pvt. Ltd. [AMIPL]

Founded in 1996 by Mehar Yadav, Afford Motors India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top 10 best collection agencies. The company initially started with only two employees and an ambition. Standing today it has employed hundreds of employees working in three collection centres. Also, they have two training facilities based in Mumbai and Jabalpur.

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Afford Motors India Pvt. Ltd. 

This organization provides a wide comprehensive custom collection along with receivables management solutions. It aims at complementing and adding values to its existing methods of collection. They have partnered with a few organizations related to the financial retail, services, automobile, debt buying, utility, and related markets.

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Maxim Credit Management Services

Maxim Credit Management Services is a leading organization that has specialized in domestic and international debt collection as well as debt recovery services. Operating across the Asian countries, this company provides an entire solution in recovering long and overdue debts.

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Maxim Credit Management Services

With skilled debt collectors and attorneys, it promises to produce a faster payment from the debtors of the clients. It offers a wide variety of credit and risk management services. The services include Receivable Management and legal and Para-legal Services, Debt Collections and Debt Recovery of all kinds and Skip Tracing Services.

Atradius Collection

Atradius Legal Collections helps their clients in taking legal action against their debtor, no matter wherever they are in the world. It aims at providing professional advice, expected outcomes as well as the access to a group of lawyers connected globally.

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Working for more than 90 years, Atradius Collections has become a part of a well-established business operating globally. It also promotes a secure trade through quality credit insurance and also, the credit management services to the clients.

Cedar Financial

Cedar Financial is also among the top 10 best collection agencies. It focuses on providing the clients, the most professional and comprehensive debt recovery services that are available. The fields of their operation include ย Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare and Retail.

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Cedar Financial

Keeping in mind the commitment and relationship between the parties, they promise a positive payment experience. With current technologies and personnel education programs, they also provide higher conversion rates.

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DebtCollection India

DebtCollectioon India claims to be the most competent and competitive organisations from the top 10 best collection agencies. They offer a hassle-free mode of performance and commitment from the start to the end.

debt collection agency list india_startuptalky
DebtCollection India

They have prepared their collectors with rigorous and comprehensive training. This is why they are equipped with the skills required to handle any type of cases in need of a solution. They have been operating for a decade and aims at their enhanced growth with even more promising deeds.

Debt Nirvana

Debt Nirvana has also positioned itself among the top 10 best collection agencies in India. The company is represented by a group of people who are working with passion and dedication. They have successfully delivered excellent results to their clients and is equipped with combined experience.

debt collection agency list india_startuptalky
Debt Nirvana

They have been operating for 2 decades now and has partnered with a few MNCs. They are Google, Honeywell, Bharti Airtel and LG Electronics. It also ensures that the returns of the clients on the investment are higher in rate.

Unified Credit Solutions Pvt. Ltd

The last in the list of top 10 best collection agencies is Unified Credit Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The leading B2B Credit Management Group was established in 1991, sharing its specialisation in fields like Business Information Services, Receivables Management, Para Legal Services and Debt Collection.

debt collection agency list india_startuptalky
Unified Credit Solutions

A team of tried and tested professionals, as well as local partners, this company aims at providing prompt, efficient and reliable service, currently operates in all huge global cities from over 214 countries. It has worked with companies from the fields such as Credit Insurers, Transnational Banks, Accounting & Legal Firms Factoring Companies and a broad range of Multinationals companies too.

It is important to make strategic and diplomatic movement when it comes to monetary transactions. Keeping in mind the business benefits the top 10 best collection agencies work in a way that brings in success in businesses along keeping a good reputation among others.

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