Top Careers in the Field of Big Data

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Feb 27, 2021 4 min read
Top Careers in the Field of Big Data

After the boom in the IT industry, all the businesses worldwide were trying to move from offline to online. The Pandemic hit and COVID-19 have forced everyone to go online. Big data jobs have seen significant demand in recent years because companies are facing real challenges in organizing, managing, and securing the data.

A study from McKinsey Global Institute has found that there would be a shortage of 1,90,000 data scientists, 15 million managers, and analysts by 2018 and it would be even more in the coming years. Big Data jobs are the highest paying jobs currently in the Industry. IBM had predicted that the demand for big data jobs would soar by 28%.

Here are the top career choices in the field of Big Data

Data Scientist/ Data Analysts
Data Engineer
Security Engineer
Database Manager

Data Scientist/ Data Analysts

Data Scientist/ Analysts
Data Scientist/ Analysts

Data scientists are experts in analytical skills, they utilize their skills in both social science and technology to analyze the trends and manage the data. The role of a data scientist is a combination of statistics, mathematics, and computer science. They analyze the data, process it, and then model it, later helping the organizations and companies to create, interpret, and executing plans. They use Industry knowledge, textual theories, various existing assumptions to find solutions to problems faced by the companies.

Their main work is to find sense in unstructured data which cannot be entered into databases received from different online sources.

You should know different data mining techniques, an advanced degree in computer science, knowledge in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft access SharePoint, and SQL.

The average salary of a Data scientist/ data Analyst in India would be around 6 Lakhs per annum to a maximum of 1,004,082 per annum.

Data Engineer

Data engineer’s main responsibility is in finding trends and help the organization to manage raw data by developing algorithms. This It role requires a set of significant technical skills such as deep learning of SQL database design and programming languages. They also require communication skills to work with different departments and to understand what the Business heads want from large data sets. They are mostly required to build algorithms so that there is an easy access to raw data in the organization.

Data engineers also need to understand how to develop reports to present it to the stakeholders.

You require a college degree in computer science, engineering or a related field, knowledge on Linux software, SQL and different programming languages.

The average salary of a Data Engineer in India would be around Rs8,26,000

Security Engineer

The main responsibility of a security engineer includes monitoring networks and systems to avoid a cyber attack or a breach in security. They are also responsible for testing security software. They are also supposed to indicate to the management or the organization to change or update the security to avoid data breaches. A security engineer should not only inform the potential threats but also should be able to plan and prepare before any security threats.

Their duties and responsibilities involve developing security standards and practices, creating new ways to solve existing security issues, recommending security updations to the organization, installing firewalls and managing them, conducting regular security checks, checking irregular system behavior, etc.

You will require a degree in engineering, computer science, or a related field, understanding of computer languages and operating systems. The capacity to work independently, problem-solving and mathematical skills are required.
The average salary of a Security Engineer in India would be around Rs5,86,000.

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Database Manager

Database Manager
Database Manager 

The main responsibility of a Database manager is to overview an organization’s data storage and retrieval system. They are also responsible to keep the data safe by implementing security programs. They are also responsible for updating the databases, installing and testing new software's and backup all the data so that there is no loss of data. Database manager requires high analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

You would require a degree in Information technology and a minimum of 5 years of experience in a database leadership position, well versed in different database software such as MySQL and Oracle.

The average salary of a Security Engineer in India would be around Rs14,48,832.


What Big Data skills are most in demand?

Data Visualization, SQL – Structured Query Language, and Data Mining are the most in demand skills in Big Data.

Is Big Data good career?

Big data is a growing field which has exiting opportunities for professionals in all industries.

Does big data require coding?

Yes, coding is an essential skill required for Big Data.


There is definitely a huge requirement for data professionals in the field of big data especially in developing countries like India. India has the third largest startup eco-system in the world and the demand for skilled data professionals will increase over the years. A one-month crash course would be a good start for understanding the basics of Data science.

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