Top GitHub Alternatives to Host Open Source Projects

Vibhavari Madki Vibhavari Madki
Aug 27, 2020 6 min read
Top GitHub Alternatives to Host Open Source Projects

GitHub is a closed platform that hosts open source projects. Itโ€™s also perhaps the most popular tool for developers today. It maintains one of the best free version control software today. Programmers can find some of the best open source projects in GitHub. Even if you are a beginner, you can find great open source projects to contribute to.

GitHub is a secure and the most popular online platform for hosting software projects for version control using Git. It is particularly well known as a development platform for open source projects, however, GitHub supports private repositories as well. However, it's GUI is could be very confusing. Therefore, here's a curated list of tools that can replace GitHub.

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GitHub Alternatives


The topmost alternative is Gitlab, which is an open source, powerful, secure, efficient, feature-rich, and robust application for handling software development and operations (DevOps) lifecycle. It supports group milestones and issues, issue tracker, configurable issue boards, and moving of issues between projects, and more.

Additionally, it supports time tracking, file locking, powerful branching tools and protected branches and tags, merges requests, custom notifications, project roadmaps, issues weights, confidential and related issues, burndown charts for project and group milestones.

Also, you can perform matter-most integrations, create issue(s) from email and preview your changes with review apps. GitLab also provides a Web IDE and multiple project templates for you to get started with a project, and so much more.


Bitbucket is specially built for professional teams to plan projects, collaborate with members, test code, and execute the task at one single place. Moreover, it offers free unlimited private repositories for small teams and best in class integration with Jira and Trello.

Bitbucket helps you to build quality software more efficiently with a code review option. It is available for free for individuals and teams with five users or less. Besides, it also allows you to insert files using the Git command line.

Bitbucket also offers amazing support for Git Large File Storage for game development. It allows the unlimited number of private repositories, and seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, and has built-in continuous delivery.

Bitbucket is being used by companies such as BBC Worldwide, Alibaba, AVG, Avast, Blackberry, and many more.

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Phabricator is a group of tools for developing software. It includes tools for code review, repository hosting, bug tracking, project management and so on. It is an open source project so you can freely download and install it locally on your hardware. If you are hosting this tool on your hardware and you are looking for assistance, then you can purchase support. Allows hosting for automatic updates, maintenance, and access to support.


Trac is a lightweight project management tool. It offers a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Trac allows you to manage your team's established and development process. It is built for Bug tracking, Time tracking, cost reporting, and budgeting. It extends the standard functionality through plugins, manages team knowledge, using the wiki. Also for Task management and team collaboration.


SourceForge boasts 32 million users. The company is owned by Slashdot Media. SourceForge is a simplistic alternative to GitHub. However, itโ€™s not as robust as GitHub is in regards to features. With SourceForge, one can develop and get the code reviewed and also publish open source projects.

Inside SourceForge, you have access to repositories, bug tracking software, mirroring of downloads for load balancing, documentation, mailing lists, support forums, a news bulletin, micro-blog for publishing project updates, and other features. However, thereโ€™s no built-in CI/CD on the horizon.

SourceForge is very popular when it comes to open-source projects and software. Many Linux projects are developed through SourceForge. After all, itโ€™s completely free.


Rhodecode is an enterprise source code management, open source, and secure tool. It is also a unified tool for Mercurial, Git and Subversion. RhodeCode's Community Edition is free.

However, if you pay for the enterprise edition, you can integrate with enterprise tools, premium support, and more. Helps you to conduct code reviews, iterate and improve code quality. It is capable of Workflow Automation for Faster Interaction, helps you to manage software assets with enterprise-level permission control.


Apache Allura is an open source tool. It is a website that allows you to manage bug reports, source code repositories, discussions, etc. Allura helps you to manage multiple projects. Source code management features allow working with Git, also merge requests, forks, etc. Mailing list or forum or both integrated approach for open discussions. Provides a wiki for managing documentation. It is also the most effective bug tracking system.

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Beanstalk is a secured and most reliable GitHub alternative tool. It helps you to manage source code repositories. It is designed to improve your development workflow.

Code reviews inside Beanstalk are smartly-designed to make collaboration between your teammates a pleasant experience. Keep the entire team on the same page with notifications, email digests, compare views, and a detailed history of commits and files.

Beanstalk is a reliable alternative that wonโ€™t overwhelm your team with the confusing interface or jam-packed features. Itโ€™s a simpler solution for teams looking for such.

  • Add files, create branches, and edit your code directly into the platform.
  • It takes you just one click to create, view, or merge your branches.
  • You can get access to multiple environments to deploy your code and keep track of your work.
  • Access statistics and reports to gain insights into your team performance.


All of the above comparisons are only based on GitHub Alternatives, to identify the best tool for a given scenario. Data, reports, and statistics used above are based on the information available on the internet.

If compared to GitHub with its alternatives, then each tool has its pros and cons. The alternatives are completely free and open-source with their unique features for different needs.

The other tools like GitLab, Gitea, and Bitbucket are not open-source but they also have free plans. Their paid plans are very advanced and are suitable for professional teams, enterprises, and high-end developers.

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