Understanding Customer Sentiments Is Important For Marketing

A great marketing campaign is something every company aspires to have. It’s a cherry on the cake when a small activity done by the company increases its brand value, retains the customers for a longer period, and increases loyalty. Such a campaign brings the best RoI. Indians are always supposed to be more emotional and patriotic than then rest of the world.

Customer sentiment analysis is the process of gathering opinions of an individual customer or a brand’s audience in communication with a customer service representative. Sentiment analysis helps determine conversations, language, and voice inflections to calculate emotions related to a business, product, or brand. Sentiment analysis has its hands in numerous areas. For instance, sentiment analysis can be performed on social media to determine sentiments of customers on a trending topic. Besides, sentiment analysis can be used by call centers to monitor customer support performance. Let’s see how companies are trying to rip benefits out of it.

What Is Marketing Campaign?

Marketing campaigns promote products through different types of media, such as television, radio, print, and online platforms. Campaigns are not solely reliant on advertising and can include demonstrations, video conferencing, and other interactive techniques. Organizations working in profoundly serious markets and establishments may start frequent promoting efforts and give huge assets to creating brand awareness and sales.

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UBER Vs OLA Marketing

Aug 20, 2016, When the entire nation was celebrating PV Sindhu’s success for her outstanding badminton performance in Rio, the Uber India marketing team was busy doing small tweaks in their app. They replaced nearby car icons with a badminton Shuttlecock. This gesture of Uber to celebrate her success in their way was loved by we Indians as well as the media. It created a buzz for the company and projected Uber as a national lover. Although it was not a big deal to make this uplift, it shows the extra sensibility, creativity, and thoughtfulness of the company.

Ola, on the other hand, gave 100 off for each ride booked between 5-6 pm for those who wanted to watch the match. However, this marketing campaign doesn’t seem to create much buzz among users or on social media sites. These two giants are great at their marketing campaigns.


A similar patriotic gesture was shown on August 15, by Amazon India when it revamped its landing page with tri-color. It also celebrated Rakshabandhan by proving additional discounts and offers. However, no changes were made on the Flipkart website.

If you would observe the Amazon India site, you’ll notice the arrangement of the products in the form of the tri-color. See that, the first section goes with the color Saffron followed by the headphones and cups of White color, and finally the Green color in the end. Simply making it stand out among the other two.

Wait, again if you observe, you would also see the Ashoka Chakra of our Indian flag in the form of a blue flower pattern at the center. So, they just only changed the color/put an image but tried to depicting the Indian flag on their homepage to celebrate the Independence day of India. Marketing campaign is important to retract customers and these two online giants do it with perfection.

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PizzaHut Marketing

Pizza Hut had its way to pay tribute for Sindhu’s success by offering free Pan Pizzas on Saturday (August 19 and 20) to those who share the badminton player’s name. Pizza Hut earlier announced a similar offer to celebrate wrestler Sakshi Malik’s bronze win.

“The initiative is a small token of our appreciation for the Indian Olympians who have won medals at Rio,” said Unnat Varma, managing director of Pizza Hut (Indian subcontinent).

Well, we need to look if they are doing such marketing stunts just for Indian customers or for the rest of the world too. If they are doing it for India surely they understand the behavior of Indian consumers. Somewhere Indians are emotional people and are carried away with such advertisements, so there are chances for companies to use it as a tool for their marketing.


Hence, Examining client sentiments helps give understanding into how clients feel about your brand. The more you tune in to how your clients feel about suggesting your organization, giving you a rating, drawing in with you on social channels, and giving you direct input, the more love everybody makes certain to feel, and the more profound your connections can be.

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