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Today, we have Mr Viswam Vemula as our interviewee. Viswam Vemula is a Startup Mentor and he is also the founder and director of Chanwi Technologies Private Limited. You will learn a lot from this story of Viswam Vemula in his own words.

Your Autograph stand for?

Mr Viswam Vemula

If you're asked to choose three words for your autobiography, what would it be?

Sustainable Community Travel

Who are you?

Childhood is fun and learned a lot by reading many local and social stories. Love to be a volunteer for green activities which is fun and enjoyable. MCA 1994-97 batch Nagarjuna University. 22 Years of IT professional experience and managed domestic and global teams with business revenues up to 15 USD million. Groomed and mentored fresh graduates to get first jobs. My passion for the startup ecosystem made me quit my corporate role and investing my time with as a startup advisor for growth strategies. Initiated a community carpool system ACT CarPool before OLA/UBER start in India and made a single community to travel more than 3 lakh kilometers ride share. Soon planning to launch our mobile ride-sharing platform which can act as a cloud ride-sharing platform to communities.

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What are your superpowers?

ACT CarPool: A gated carpool help desk solution to create a self-sustainable community platform with 80 to 300% savings to the community. 2. Mobile App solution in Ride Sharing 3. Community co-operative market ON DEMAND

Bitter fruits are a part of the journey as the Startup World is a never-ending jungle. Your experiences, if any?

Yes. Majority times being alone as thinking out of the box and need more marketing skills every day

What are some tools and Gadgets that make you feel like the Doraemon of the Startup world?

WhatsApp, FB, ShareIT, Google Drive ,Skype

Who would you consider to be a significant influence on you professionally and can you explain why?

WhatsApp simple but high ROI.

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Any hack/learning which makes your professional life easy/productive?

You should be good turning your ideas into viable products with customer needs into the mind and quicker. You should have a good team at the foundation level.

What do you think about the future of the Indian Startup Ecosystem and how can we make it better?

We should be innovating in the product than services and strive our product route map for global penetration.

Love us or criticize, we are always happy... but we would love to know how we affected your life in any particular way? Any words for the admins, please? (suggestion/feedback/expectations)

I can see this is the only one unique and bigger free platform for startups/freelancers but a great delay in utilizing exiting potentiality into a better platform and spread across cities with incubation centers, mentors and get sustainable revenue model.

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