Your Guide to Organizing Employees with Office 365 Timesheet App

The organization remains the core of managing every structure within a workspace environment. Coordinating multiple individuals and checking up on their tasks is tedious, inefficient, and time-consuming. However, technological tools in the 21st century have drastically improved how people work because communication has become significantly easier, quicker, and accurate than ever before.  

One of these technological tools is the Office 365 Timesheet App, which is taking the storm in many corporations to support the managerial system and make their job easier. If you’re looking to install this app for personal projects or on a large-scale office basis, this guide will walk you through how you can best make use of the Office 365 Timesheet App.

Division of Tasks

Each employee is given a specific user ID. As a manager, you can visually see which employee is responsible for a certain task and the due date on which they must complete it. When different tasks have different due dates and assigned to different people, it can be frustrating trying to chase down people on whether their assigned job has been completed or not.

This app saves you a lot of time and effort as it sends you a notification to remind you when to expect work done. Employees can also simply log that they have completed their assignment to notify you. One of the best advantages of the timesheet app is that you can see all of the tasks in process at once, and this helps to manage multitasking without confusion and error.

Employee Time Tracking

Time is a valuable cost. Mismanagement of time and sick leave abuses can be troublesome as they can cause delays in projects and frustrate customers. Every organization makes it their aim to manage its projects on time for maximum efficiency.

By time tracking, you can be sure that there aren’t any employees who are slacking. With numeric statistics, it becomes easy to identify which employees are working competently on time versus those who may not be meeting the required standard. Therefore, timesheets provide the ultimate solution to track many employees.

Manager Approval

Studies have shown that two-way communication in an organization results in employees who are more likely to finish tasks with fewer errors and also have greater motivation. Employees can always be informed of where they stand as managers can simply approve, reject, or add comments to submitted timesheets.

Calculate Payroll

By ticking which timesheets are billable and not billable, this makes it easier for you to easily be able to calculate how much you need to pay your employees. This also allows you to keep track of payments accurate to the number of hours worked and especially for employees need to be paid for overtime.

Install the Office 365 Timesheet and explore all its features today.

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