ZRoom: The Best Video Conferencing Tool

Ayush Varshney Ayush Varshney
Aug 12, 2020 4 min read
ZRoom: The Best Video Conferencing Tool

Being a part of Business World, we all understand the need for establishing and maintaining contacts all around the globe. We just can’t limit ourselves up to the limits of our native territory. And for that, we also have to be regularly in touch with our clients and members from the other nation.

As Technology gets a hike, it also affects the Business thing, and because of that, the Business aspect is also getting digitized, and everyone wants to upgrade them to that level. It becomes more worthy when you own your Enterprise Grade conference room for your colleagues and clients for video chats, webinars, screen sharing, recording, and more.

What is ZRoom?

Zroom: Video Conferencing Tool
Zroom: Video Conferencing Tool

PitchGround presents ZRoom - A tool for those who are engaged in hosting & attending meetings in a completely secured room, and that allows you to do Video chat, Recording, Screen Sharing, Webinars Presentation, API control, remote assistance and much more. With ZRoom you get an opportunity to own your Enterprise-Graded Conference Room.

What does ZRoom offer?

  1. White Labelled Solution
    ZRoom allows you to enjoy the perk of reselling the tool in the name of your own brand with the White Label Solution. You don’t need to get any technical assistance except for the fact that you have to get your name registered in the domain record.
  2. No need to Download or Logi
    You don’t need to download the tool and login into your mobile.
  3. Integrations
    You can create your meeting room with all your requirements with Telegram and Slack integration. You will be able to buy more slots for reselling by using Telegram Bot, Agency Panel (dashboard), or Agencies.
  4. Shielded Solutions
    With ZRoom you get a server with API for controlling your room activities. You can create, delete, kick, lock, and set new passwords every time you host a meeting.

So this is how you get protected and composed features like video conferences, webinar presentations, screen sharing, text and file exchange, unlimited rooms, participants that are limited with bandwidth only), text, and image chat options.

5.  Language Support
How comfy it is when your tool supports more than 3-4 languages. ZRoom supports 10 Languages like English, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Greek, Dutch, and Turkish, some provided by volunteers, and many in the pipeline.

6. Quick Features

Who doesn’t opt to host a customized meeting of their choice? So for this, ZRoom is proffering you to create a custom domain, get custom color schemes. It also keeps the record of your last room for one-click re-entry and more like mentioned below -

  • Private Namespace
  • Own Domain
  • Own Color Theme
  • Own Logos
  • Full SEO and Social Media Support

7. Plugins

By using ZRoom, you can build your own plugins with the help of Plugin (front-end) API.

Plugins that are available in ZRoom are -

  • Audio and Screen Recording
  • Room Locking + peephole
  • Pair Programming
  • Sketching Tool
  • Call Recorder (All voices merging into One Audio Track)
  • Smart Phonebook
  • Remote Terminal (Requires a server app to connect with)
  • Experimental Heart Pulse Monitor

Zroom Pichground Deal

  • Each slot i.e sub-account are re-sold by Agency will have the following features given below:-
  1. Conference Mode
  2. Webinar Presentation Mode
  3. Unlimited Participants (limited by bandwidth only)
  4. Text and Image chatting
  5. Screen Sharing
  6. Slack Integration (that allows to create you a room with the parameters of your choice if needed)
  7. Telegram Integration (same as Slack one but for TG)
  8. Remote terminal (requires a server app to connect to)
  9. 60 Days Refund Policy

ZRoom Review

Features and Functions - 7.5/10   Stars
Worth in Economic Terms  -       8.5/10   Stars
User Friendly (Getting Started) - 8.5/10   Stars
Support & Customer Help                - 7.5/10   Stars
Deal Benefits & Restriction              - 8.0/10   Stars

ZRoom Pricing

Normal Price PitchGround Deal
Variable $245 for Lifetime

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

1. What is the greatest number of people in a room?
The greatest number of people in a room will be decided by your Bandwidth and the type of room you choose.

2. Can I have more people than mentioned? I plan to have a webinar for 30 (50, 100, ...) participants?
Not yet, you will get this feature soon.

3. How many rooms can I have under my own domain?
ZRoom does not limit this. It is Unlimited Forever.

4. How ZRoom will be deployed on my Domain name?
It's not deployed. You will have to link it with the name of your choice via a CNAME record added at your domain registrar.

5. Can I add my own plugins?
Of course, you can, ZRoom provides you a free plugin API and will be glad to help you with advice if you decide to build your own.

6. Your tool is a SPA. How will Google index it then?
When a robot comes to your white label page it sees already branded. You can configure this in the back office on the domain level, section "SEO.” Furthermore, when you give out a link to your page in social media, previews will also be branded.

7. Can I use external hardware tools with this app?
Yes, You can use various drivers for your device in your operating system, which eventually helps you taking access to both external inputs as well as external output devices. Switching between inputs can be done through setting.

8. Do you have a demo version?
Zroom.app is a fully functional free public tool. You may refer to it if you need an end-user demo. For getting a Back-Office demo, you can just sign up on zroom.app, you will find a demo domain there.

9. Do we have a dashboard to control the seats we sell?
The Dashboard is located in the Zroom.app. If someone stops paying you may simply disconnect that domain there.


So for experiencing a high-graded Video Conferencing with your Clients and Colleagues worldwide, Do go for ZRoom. It ensures you shielded solutions, integration, Plugins API with Full SEO, and social media Preview support. Golden Room key for those who believe in secured meetings with their Clients.

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