Upcoming Agricultural and Food Webinars

Upcoming Agricultural and Food Webinars

As the world advances technologically, people look for more efficient ways to do things. A webinar is one of those things that has become possible due to technology. Webinars are seminars that are held online. These platforms allow people to get free training in their respective fields and learn how to use agricultural technologies to boost productivity. Webinars can also help participants connect with like-minded people in their fields and increase their network. That is why this article will talk about upcoming agricultural and food webinars.

Agricultural webinars

Neural Networks For Satellite Data Analytics

Tech specialists and managers from agriculture-related companies will have lots to benefit from this webinar. Lina Yarysh will be the main presenter for this webinar, and she is the Director of customer success at EOS Data Analytics. She has led her team to help many clients fully utilize EOSDA solutions in this role.

In this webinar, lots of important topics will be discussed, such as:

  • Training neural networks and what they are good at doing.
  • Grouping of various types of crops and providing real-life examples.
  • Yield estimation potential through the detention of sugarcane and its availability in new regions.
  • Ukraine’s land transparency program which can detect over nineteen different crops between 2015 and 2022.
  • Monitoring deforestation and classification of three types

Classification of land cover and cloud masking

In this webinar, participants will learn about the power of neural networks to recognize objects and how EOS Data Analytics specialists use this technology to obtain accurate information from satellite images. Also, viewers will discover solutions to business problems possible only with neural networks.

Forty Years’ Research Update of Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial (FST)

This institute was created in 1981 and stands as one of the oldest running traditional and organic systems for the production of grains in North America. All of the knowledge gathered by this institute has greatly influenced specialists and policymakers in the agricultural sector in adopting regenerative and organic farming practices worldwide. The Director of FST, Dr Yichao Rui, talks about all the research and trials that FST has conducted in the past 40 years. It will take place on the 13th of April from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT.

Climate Adaptation Resources for Northern New England Farmers

This webinar will concentrate on how climate influences the decisions that small and medium farm owners make. Here, they will address the advantages and disadvantages of silvopasture systems in Northern New England farms as a strategy for climate adaptation. It will also teach farmers how to know if this system will be suitable for their farms or not. They will also review how farmers make better decisions using decision-making tools. The USDA NRCS Science and Technology will be presenting this webinar.

Micro (Drip) Irrigation for Small Vegetable Farms

Here, participants will learn the basics of micro irrigation in small vegetable farms. Drip irrigation is the application of small amounts of water frequently to a farm through a pipeline. This is one of the best irrigation systems for small farms. In urban areas, micro-irrigation is good for watering community gardens, raised beds, etc. However, this webinar will focus on the challenges of small farms in rural areas. Here, people will also learn how to create and design these systems. During the webinar, participants will be shown the tools and data used for building these systems. This webinar will be held on the 19th of April, 2022 and presented by USDA NRCS.

Food Webinars

Prepare Your Food Safety Program for the Spring Pest Surge

Experts from the IFC have set up this webinar to bring participants the best information on pest control, especially during the hotter months. Here, you will learn about the most common pest during the spring and how to prevent them. Also, if they somehow get in, you should be able to eliminate them. This webinar will take place on the 14th of April, 2022, at 2 pm ET. Dave Fusaro, Editor-in-Chief, will be moderating the webinar.

How the World’s Most Successful Food & Beverage Manufacturers Optimize Labor

In this webinar, participants will learn how to optimize their labour using the power of technology, operating methodologies, and human-centric mobile offerings. Here, you will learn the six main parts of labour optimization and how to use them. The webinar will be moderated by Dave Fusaro, Editor-in-Chief, and will take place on the 26th of May, 2022, at 2 pm ET.

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