Everything you Need to know about Amazon's DeepRacer Software

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Apr 28, 2021 4 min read
Everything you Need to know about Amazon's DeepRacer Software

Amazon had recently made an announcement of open sourcing one of its device software DeepRacer which means that the software DeepRacer is freely available for anyone to modify or redistribute according to their requirements or plans. The DeepRacer was first developed by AWS. Lets’ look at what exactly is DeepRacer which was announced by Amazon.

About AWS
What is DeepRacer
Objective of DeepRacer
Opensourcing of DeepRacer

About AWS

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary company of Amazon Inc., The company comes under the web services and cloud computing industry. The company launched its web services in the year 2002 and cloud computing in the year 2006.

Some of the products and services of the company include computing, networking, storage, analytics, database, deployment, application services, machine learning, management and so on. The most popular is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

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What is DeepRacer

DeepRacer is known as AWS DeepRacer as it was developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company had introduced DeepRacer in the year 2018. The objective was to help the developers learn Machine Learning in an easier and a fun way.

AWS DeepRacer
AWS DeepRacer

AWS DeepRacer is a race car with an autonomous 1/18th scale. The car is designed to test the reinforcement learning models by conducting virtual races or physical races. The virtual races will be conducted in the AWS DeepRacer Console and the physical races will be conducted on a track at Amazon Web Services or customer events.

Objective of DeepRacer

The main objective or idea behind AWS DeepRacer is to teach the developers basics of machine learning. After the introduction of AWS DeepRacer in the year 2018, the company has conducted various physical races with DeepRacer known as AWS DeepRacer leagues and recently they have conducted a wide range of virtual races as well.

In order to encourage new people to get involved with the technology and to encourage the machine learning process, the company had reorganized the leagues last month. The announcement of open sourcing is also another step taken by the company to increase the number of participants.

It is a step to increase the interest of developers as it is a chance to make it their own and they will be able to customize it and add new layers to the cars which were not possible until now. This is a significant step taken towards encouraging the machine learning process.

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Opensourcing of DeepRacer

After the launch of AWS DeepRacer in the year 2018, it has evolved significantly which has led the company to announce a new step which is open sourcing the software of these cars. The DeepRacer car is a mini computer that is running using an Ubuntu Linux and a Robot Operating System (ROS).

Both the software is open source elements. The open sourcing will enable the users to change the car’s default behaviour and the company believes that by open sourcing the device, there will be a lot of creative uses of DeepRacer coming forward by the software developers.

The open source for the AWS DeepRacer will enable the software developers to easily change the device code of the race car which is programmed only for the track into anything useful and creative.

Some of the changes you can make are you can deploy countermeasures into the car so that it won’t let other cars to overtake it or you can deploy your own counter algorithm which will make it run faster from a specific point to another.

The company wrote in its blog post about these examples and added saying that you just need to dream it and code it.

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What is AWS DeepRacer?

AWS DeepRacer is an autonomous 1/18th scale race car designed to test RL models by racing on a physical track.

What is AWS DeepRacer league?

The AWS DeepRacer League is the world's first global autonomous racing league for developers.

Which geographic regions is AWS DeepRacer available in?

AWS DeepRacer simulator is available in the US East (N. Virginia) Region.


AWS DeepRacer is one of the most efficient ways to learn machine learning for developers. It is designed for developers of all skill levels and even the ones who have no experience in Machine Learning.

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