Briefcase by AppSumo: A detailed guide for incredible tools for Business

Briefcase by AppSumo: A detailed guide for incredible tools for Business

When we do packing for a trip we usually pack every essential item in a suitcase, that will be needed for us in our journey. Well, What are Startups and other kinds of business need there in Business Journey and that too in only one briefcase?

Meet, Appsumo Briefcase! A complete package that will make your work done more smoothly. The best deal for Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small businesses to get every required tool at a single hub at a reasonable price.

Briefcase by Appsumo: A detailed guide for incredible tools for Business

AppSumo Briefcase Complete Guide
AppSumo Briefcase Complete Guide

Appsumo Briefcase is a full combo of Business and Software tools that you need in your routine course of Business for just $49 only!

That means you don’t have to worry about the monthly subscription of every single tool that you are using for doing business and you can just pay for all tools in a single payment which, on the other hand, is pretty reasonable.

Moreover, they are an amazing, easy-to-use tool with no long-term contract that comes with quarterly credits and money-back offers. Sounds Amazing. Isn’t it?

What is in an Appsumo Briefcase?

In Appsumo Briefcase, you will get tools for:

  • Graphic Design
  • Hiring
  • Accounting
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Finance
  • Productivity
  • Customer Insights
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Learning
  • Social media management

Appsumo Briefcase is suitable for

  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Business Owners
  • Solopreneurs

Conversely, Briefcase by Appsumo helps to those:

  • Who want to sum up their Business Tool expenses and subscription of every single tool
  • Who wants to go for trying new tool with flexible features
  • Who doesn’t have various creative tools for smooth business running at present?

How does the Appsumo Briefcase Work?

Another name for a complete combo of precise tools for business.

Being a Businessperson is not always an easy task. You’ve to manage lots of things simultaneously keeping everything at pace and fair.

What could be more compelling when you just get all your required and handy stuff at one place without any fuss at affordable prices and a bonus is that you have to pay for all of the tools subscribed to a deal price. Voila.

And that made me bring your attention to Briefcase by Appsumo.

Using Appsumo Briefcase is so easy for everyone. Let’s have a look at how to use Appsumo Briefcase:

Step 1: You have to subscribe to any of the given plans in Briefcase to acquire access to lots of useful products and tools that will make your job hassle-free to some extent.

Step 2: For obtaining access you have to sign up with your Google Account on Appsumo.

Step 3: After signing up, you will be directly directed to the Payment Screen. You can make payment by using your card in a few minutes.

Step 4: Once you have completed this, You can just go searching for the ideal products and tools that you want in your Appsumo Briefcase.

Step 5: You can look for your ideal tool in the ‘My Products’ section where you will find a well-organized list of tools that is ready to redeem.

Step 6: For adding a tool in your briefcase, click on Get This Tool option.

To get a redemption code, click on the Activate button. You’ll see a unique code for every tool you opted for.

Follow the given instruction to redeem and get access to the tool.

Appsumo Briefcase: SEO Tool

Website Auditor

The Website Auditor is more of a Doctor and Less of an Auditor to your website.

Website Auditor not only examines On-page and In-depth analysis and optimization of your website, but also identifies what is the issue that is stopping your website to rank in SEO charts of Google, and what problem is affecting to lowering your search engine indexation, user reviews, and ranking.

Website Auditor Features:

  • Unlimited Number of websites can be optimized at a single time
  • Makes reports in HTML format for in-app optimization
  • Provides access to the Website Auditor training tools
  • Regular future Updates for Roadmap
  • Keep an eye on optimization rate of the competitor’s website

    Price for Website Auditor: $49/month

Appsumo Briefcase: Lead Generation Tool

Promoting content, sharing it, and gathering the audience to your website is not that easy for everyone.

Meet Poplink, an amazing tool for call-to-actions pop-ups of any content that you share on your website also helps in getting better traffic and a great conversion rate.

  • 50,000 clicks/month
  • Promotes content via outbound links
  • Total no. of 3o promotion with edit, replace, and reuse
  • Tools for analyzing Clicks, Conversions, and impressions
  • Can Customize Domain, Position, and Colors.

Price for Poplink: $29/month

Appsumo Briefcase: Marketing Tool

KingSumo Web Pro

Want to get more clients on your website and an increment in your sales.

Then KingSumo Web Pro is the best tool for you.

KingSumo can build and raise your list of Emails list by creating viral giveaways on your webpage like never happened before.

Moreover, the amazing fact is that AppSumo itself uses KingSumo to expand its email list to more than 7,50,000 people.

You can create your first KingSumo giveaway by following 3 steps:

  1. Fill up the details and picture of your KingSumo giveaway
  2. Share the KingSumo giveaway via your Social media account or current email list
  3. Those who participate in the giveaway will be rewarded to share to invite more entries for themselves.

KingSumo Features:

  • Tracking of Facebook Pixel
  • Custom Branding
  • Unlimited KingSumo Giveaways

    Price for KingSumo: $19/month

Appsumo Briefcase: Sales Tool


Salesflare is one of the most incredible Briefcase tools that will do the job of CRM and helps you in managing and storing every information related to Customer Management, opportunities, Sales Analytics, and Customer engagement.

Salesflare Features:

  • Integrates Toolkit for Sales
  • Splendid Overview of Projects and Deadlines
  • Calls and Meetings log
  • Insights of Dashboard
  • Tracks page clicks and Opened Emails
  • Automatically records information about Customers from social media profiles and emails.

    Price for Salesflare: $35/month

Appsumo Briefcase: Social Media Automation Tool


Grum is popular for being a very cool tool as it manages your Instagram accounts of your enterprise and Clients.

Grum Features:

  • Manage 1-2 accounts at a time
  • Conceal hashtags of your first comment
  • Unlimited Editors can manage an Instagram account jointly

Price for Grum: $9.95/month

Appsumo Briefcase: Design Tool


ShortPixel is the startling tool in Appsumo Briefcase that will optimize and compress pictures for better performance of the website and a good rank in SEO.

ShortPixel Features:

  • No size limit on files
  • Only One API for numerous websites
  • 5,000 images/month
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Optimize in Bulk automatically
  • PHP Compression tools

    Price for ShortPixel: $5/month

Appsumo Briefcase: Productivity Tool


CloudApp is used for taking screenshots, shooting videos, making GIFs, walkthroughs, and communicating with your staff and Clients.
It will help you with capturing and embedding videos, Screencasting, and marking up images in the ordinary course of Business.

CloudApp Features:

  • Snapping Screenshots
  • Making GIFs
  • Recording a Video
  • Generates a private link for cloud automatically
  • Launches CloudApp via button or link
  • Share information with a potential receiver

    Price for CloudApp: $5/month

Benefits of Appsumo Briefcase

  • A complete combo offer for amazing software and tools
  • Credits on Quarterly basis
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Expensive tools and products at $40/month only
  • Intellectual Tools
  • 10% off on purchase from Appsumo
  • No long term contract


Briefcase by Appsumo is an amazing online deal that offers you a quarterly membership and lots of amazing handy tools for making your job easy.

You’ll get the best online products and tools that not only save your time but also save your monthly subscription expenses on every single product.

You have to pay collectively for all the products in a single payment.
Sounds great package deal for businesses.

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Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

What is the Briefcase by Appsumo?
Appsumo Briefcase is a remarkable online deal in which subscribers get all the essential SEO products at a very reasonable rate that helps them in optimizing & uplifting their website in SEO charts.

What is the Appsumo Briefcase Pricing?
Appsumo Briefcase costs only $49 per month.

Who can make the best of the Appsumo Briefcase deal?
Almost every kind of business can make profits from this Appsumo Briefcase deal as you have to pay less and get more here and that every quarter.

Is there any free trial for the Appsumo Briefcase deal?
Yes, there is a 7 days free trial for the Appsumo Briefcase deal.

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