The Future of Autonomous Vehicles Post Pandemic

Yash Gupta Yash Gupta
May 16, 2020 2 min read
The Future of Autonomous Vehicles Post Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has created a big problem in front of us. The people are having a great fear from this pandemic. This has led a situation where everyone is thinking about an autonomous facilities in place of human resource facilities. It situation has also marked a great moment for the autonomous vehicle (AV) technology. Although the pandemic has created a long-term impact on the human living conditions and this will accelerate AV innovation in the life of all people. Many experts says that AVs will prove itself and especially useful during future emergencies and outbreaks like the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us see the complete report on the future of autonomous vehicles post pandemic.

Autonomous Vehicles during pandemic

Autonomous Vehicles

Like COVID-19 pandemic, AVs will be the ultimate resource for the upcoming future outbreaks, AVs will provide a useful means of transporting passengers to healthcare facilities, pharmacies and grocery stores. This will also help in maintaining sterilization and leveraging inside-vehicle technology to monitor passengers’ vital signs on the go.

The AVs are having some of the most valuable use cases like supplementing labour shortages in transportation, food delivery, and additional industries. It can also help in the situation where, there is any problem from the side of the drivers and delivery workers which are showing up to work sick as companies scramble to keep pace with the upcoming high delivery demand.

The efficient working of AVs can be seen at the time of crisis. In China, it can be clearly seen the use of autonomous vehicles for delivering the medical and food supplies in the hard-hit areas.

With autonomous big delivery vehicles, businesses can achieve more efficient service with the less no. of human work force. This will ultimately help in boosting the productivity of the business and helps in keeping businesses running during any type of pandemic or any type of challenging economic times.

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Autonomous Vehicles v/s Present Time Vehicles

From the latest surveys, it has been seen that, there is a large no. of miss-happening on the roads with the large number of deaths and massive expenses to the automobile due to human error.

There are two different types of mind set of the experts talking about this upcoming technology. Many experts believe that fully autonomous vehicles will be taking a long period of time to be functioned at a good amount of scale and this technology might never be capable of fully replacing human drivers. On the other hand, many other technology experts are in the favor of a fast and destructive change in the automobile sector in the upcoming few years post pandemic.

According to a latest survey, in 2020 found that around 38% of people enjoyed driving "a good deal," while another 46% enjoyed it "a moderate amount." This survey comes up with the result i.e. considerable affinity for having control over vehicles, and it's not unreasonable to think that a hypothetical legislative push to have human drivers completely relinquish the steering wheel would be met with resistance.

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