Top 10 Resume Writing Services in India

Top 10 Resume Writing Services in India

We are delighted that you are looking for the best resume writers in India. That means you are well on your journey to success and are ready to write the most sculpted resume ever, which can get you shortlisted on the big stage and clearly communicate your niche to the employer.

We also understand that looking for the best Resume Writing Services in India can be a cumbersome task, and then shortlisting the best out of the best is next to impossible. There is no doubt that India is a big country with the second-largest population, and there is no shortage of Resume Writing Services in India.

This detailed study will help you shortlist the best Resume Writing Service from the top 10 Resume Writing Services in India. We have done this exclusive research for you, and you can make full use of this detailed study to perfectly shape your resume.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.

But the Best Resume will hit your niche; every employer will acknowledge.”

What is Resume Writing?
What Is the Role of Resume Writing Services?
Top 10 Resume Writing Services

  1. Writrox
  2. Avon Resumes
  3. Get Set Resumes
  4. Mentorrd
  5. Excel CV
  6. CVDesignR
  7. Uppercase Resume
  8. Book Your CV
  9. ResumeZest
  10. MakeMyResume

What is Resume Writing?

Resume Writing is the art of writing a perfectly sculpted resume which can highlight your niche perfectly to the employer. A resume is a formal document that a job applicant creates and submits to the potential employer to showcase his or her niche, for which he or she wants to get hired. A resume is usually accompanied by a customised cover letter in which the applicant expresses an interest in a specific job or company and draws attention to the niche or keywords on the resume. A resume should always be an ATS-friendly resume, and resume writing does that perfectly.

What Is the Role of Resume Writing Services?

We know that you are the best in your profession, but that does not mean you can portray that on a perfectly sculpted resume, as there are many factors, software, and tools HR uses that will shortlist your resume before it is properly read for the desired job.

The main role of Resume Writing Services is to make ATS-friendly resumes with perfect keywords matching your niche. If the resume is not shortlisted on the ATS, it is unlikely that it will reach the desk. So, the Resume Writing Services will understand your niche and put the correct keywords in the resume.

Top 10 Resume Writing Services

There is no doubt these 10 Resume Writing Services in India are the best in their niche. As is customary for humans, we will begin with the best of the bunch and work our way down in decreasing order of rank.


Writrox is at the top of our detailed study, and there is a reason behind that. Writrox has a team of professionals with over seven years of Resume Writing experience in this field. Along with resume writing services Writrox majorly work on cover letter writing, professional LinkedIn profile writing and different formats of resumes like Visual, text-based and Infographic resume. They have a presence in all major cities, including Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Noida, Kolkata, Kochi, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad, as well as globally, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Dubai, and they are eager to add yours to their service line.

Another reason to keep Writrox at the top is that their online reviews are better than most of the other Resume Writing Services. Writrox has 10,000 Happy Clients, a 4.9 Google Rating, 7+ Years of Experience, and almost 40+ Countries Served.

Writrox follows rigorous quality checks to craft a perfect resume. Writrox’s Checklist:

  • Pass your recruiter’s subconscious checklist perfectly.
  • Create a resume that is ATS-friendly.
  • Target the exact keywords and be seen in the crowd.
  • Increase your chances by more than 2-3x of getting hired.

Writrox has both National and International packages, where an Entry-level Resume starts at just Rs. 1199 to Rs. 5200 for the Executive-level resume for the National Package. These are discounted prices, so grab the offer now and look for other resume types they provide. All in all, they have six types of resumes to cater to your needs perfectly. Their international package includes five different types of resumes, ranging from $60 for the Fresher Resume to $299 for the Super Senior Level Resume. Choose the best option for you right now.

Writrox provides the best value for money out of all the other service providers, so it justifies its position at the top.

Avon Resumes

Avon Resumes is up next on our list. They too have years of experience backed by a team of professionals who are well-versed in crafting one of the best resumes. They too have a presence within India and internationally, especially in the USA and Canada.

They too have a good online reputation and a long list of happy customers. They too follow quality checks like:

  • Confidentially Assured
  • Excellent Quality
  • 24x7 Global Sales Support
  • Career Solutions

Avon Resumes also provides a range of resumes and various personalised services. Their national resume writing services start at Rs. 1999 only. Their other personalised services include a Customised Cover Letter starting at Rs. 1999, a LinkedIn Profile Makeover starting at Rs. 3999, a script for Video Resume starting at Rs. 4999, SOP-LOR Academic Resume starting at Rs. 7999, Defence Force Personnel resume starting from Rs. 9999, and an Executive Class Resume starting at Rs. 10999, and many more.

Get Set Resumes

Next on our list is Get Set Resumes. They too have their presence in India as well as internationally like Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, etc.

Get Set Resumes has been in business for 11 years. If we talk about 2022 only, they will have delivered 1785 successful resumes until October 2022. They have been working hard since 2011 and are still going strong.

They too follow a checklist when crafting the perfect resume:

  • Get your resume details
  • Analyse your requirements
  • Make the first-draft resume
  • Final delivery after multiple iterations
  • CV storage for easy access 24x7x365

They too have different types of resumes, mainly 10, and they offer combos too. The different resumes they offer are a Text Resume starting at Rs 2199, a LinkedIn Profile starting at Rs. 1999, an Online CV starting at Rs. 599 only, Cover Note starting at Rs. 599 only. Visit their website for more information and personalised offers.


Mentorrd is also a prominent player in the Resume Writing Services Industry. They too have good online reviews and a large happy customer base.

They too follow some guidelines:

  • Team of industry experts.
  • One-to-one; Consultation-Based.
  • Resume content based on deep self-introspection.
  • Skill gap analysis.
  • Comprehensive profile analysis helps in the interview.
  • The latest International Standards are used.
  • Action-oriented & Result-oriented persuasive writing.

They, too, offer a variety of resumes, such as Executive Resume Writing Services. Apart from that, they provide Online Resume Analysis and Expert Interview Guidance.

Excel CV

Finally, we have reached the midway. In the fifth position, we have kept our Excel CV. They too have years of experience and are well-versed in what resume suits the best for you. They too have a presence in India and Australia.

They too follow a checklist before crafting any resume:

  • Perfect at writing a CV from the scratch
  • Highly experienced CV writers
  • No use of templates
  • Delivered in MS Office and PDF format
  • 2 Day turnaround
  • Unlimited revision for 2 months

Their CV writing services start at Rs. 4999. Their other accessories include Express Service for Rs. 499, a Cover Letter for Rs. 299, and a Copy Pack for Rs. 500.


CVDesignR has been serving the Resume Writing Service industry since 2016. They have crafted around 3,500,000 since 2016, added 120,000 new CVs every month, and achieved 99% user satisfaction.

You need to contact CVDesignR to ask for exact prices and tailor-made resumes. They are experts at making tailor-made resumes after taking your input personally.

They have a lot of CV templates ready for you. You can select the best one based on your requirements.

Uppercase Resume

Uppercase Resume also produces fine resumes and has years of experience in the Resume Writing Industry. They are well versed in making ATS-friendly resumes. They have New York-based professional resume writers. They too have their presence in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia apart from India.

They too follow strict guidelines while making a perfect resume:

  • ATS-friendly resume
  • Complete analysis
  • Dedicated customer support

They too provide a variety of resume writing services, and their initial Early Career Resume Pack starts at $99. Other resume services range from $139 to $299 for an executive resume and $279 to $359 for a premium service.

Apart from resume services, they also provide Interview Prep services for $99.

Book Your CV

Book Your CV has almost 20+ years of experience. They provide two years of free support, lower package challenges, and unlimited modifications. They have delivered 30,000+ Text Resumes, 28,000+ Visual Resumes, 26,000+ Infographic CVs, and 25,000+ Cover letters.

They are mainly targeting India for their resume writing services. They too follow strict guidelines:

  • What to write
  • Where to write
  • How to write
  • Who is your competitor
  • What is your career objective
  • What are the keywords

They provide the following advantages:

  • One-to-one discussion with the coordinator
  • Highly experienced writer
  • Keyword-enabled CV writing
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Competitive Charges
  • Target industry and Job role

Their Text CV is free for freshers, but the cover letter is Rs. 700. Their Visual CV starts at Rs. 1695. They also provide an infographic CV, which starts at Rs. 1995. Other services include LinkedIn Profile which starts at Rs. 1000, Job Search starts at Rs. 2000, International Study Resume at Rs. 2890, and many more.


Resume Zest has years of experience in the resume writing industry and has assisted over 25000 professionals in obtaining their dream job.

Benefits of using Resume Zest:

  • Professionally formatted, ATS-compatible resumes.
  • Expert writers who are paired with you based on relevant experience.
  • 1-on-1 US-based, vetted, professional resume writers.
  • 60-day interview guarantee.

They too offer a variety of resume writing services like an Entry-Level Resume which starts from $279, a Professional Resume which starts from $379, and an Executive Resume which starts from $479. Other services they provide as a top-up are Rush Service, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profile and many more.


MakeMyResume has years of experience, with over 21 years in HR. They provide resume writing services in 30+ countries apart from 50+ cities in India. They have served more than 10,000+ happy customers.

They too follow some strict guidelines:

  • Trusted Quality
  • Professional Format
  • Personalised Attention

Apart from Resume Writing Services, they also provide LinkedIn profiles, Cover Letters, Mock Interviews, and many more. Contact them for customised resumes and pricing.


We hope you enjoyed reading our detailed study as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you. Your mind might be a little more clear than before about the secrets of Resume Writing Services and now you can make an informed decision for yourself. The main goal of this sidetracked study is to provide you with an overview of resume writing services and to assist you in shortlisting the best of the best.

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours and are honoured to be a part of your success story.


What is resume writing?

Resume Writing is the art of writing a perfectly sculpted resume which can highlight your niche perfectly to the employer. A resume should always be an ATS-friendly resume, and resume writing does that perfectly.

What is the role of resume writing services?

The main role of resume writing services is to make ATS-friendly resumes with perfect keywords matching your niche.

Which are the top Resume Writing Services in India?

The top Resume Writing Services in India are:

  • Writrox
  • Avon Resumes
  • Get Set Resumes
  • Mentorrd
  • Excel CV
  • CVDesignR
  • Uppercase Resume
  • Book Your CV
  • ResumeZest
  • MakeMyResume

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