Coffee Startups In India Blooming With Brews

The smell of freshly brewed coffee is an irresistible smell that can't be compared to any other beverage. Be it summer, winter or monsoon, coffee has been a constant best friend for the folks throughout. To enhance the intensity of coffee consumption, people even came up with coffee startups in India. These startups, most of them are successfully winning the hearts with every passing day.

We will get to know a few of the coffee startups in India that are doing really well in impressing the coffee lovers. But why coffee startups in India is an important topic to talk? It is because India is one of the leading coffee producers all around the globe. Reportedly, India has produced around 299,300 million tonnes (MT) during 2019-20P. Out of the produced crops, 70% is even exported to other countries as well.

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So, coffee startups in India have no doubt become a large venture from last few decades. Let's get acknowledged with some of them.

The Blue Tokai

With the tagline, "We love Indian Coffee Farmers", The Blue Tokai desires to alter India's huge coffee estates into a favored choice of the coffee connoisseur’s. Their assurance to produce and provide quality coffee beans attract the investors more.

Coffee startups in India_startuptalky
Coffee startups in India - Blue Tokai

The unique name has a meaning behind it. The word 'Tokai' stands for Peacock's tail in ancient Malabar language. The startup has been initiated by a Chennai-based couple, Matt Chittaranjan and Namrata Asthana. Their venture started as a small scale business. With the growing responses each day, they promoted their business by partnering with huge retailers across the country.

Perch Wine And Coffee Bar

Perch is one of the renowned coffee bar based in Mumbai and Delhi. Its was one of the first places in India. It happened to pitch itself as a coffee bar, offering customers single Indian as well as international origin coffees.

Best coffee startups_startuptalky
Coffee startups In India - Perch

Out of their best picks, they serve exotic brews. For instance, coffees like Ethiopia Sidamo, Columbia Supremo, and El Salvador Picacho. Shifting to the wine segment, they offer from Merlot and Chardonnay to Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Dope Coffee Roasters

"Damn. That’s some Dope Coffee." This is what you are supposed to utter after sipping into their exclusive coffee. According to Dope Coffee Roasters, they try to keep their coffee beans freshly roasted all around the day, week and year.

Indian coffee business_startuptalky
Coffee startups in India - Dope Coffee Roasters

The founders of the startup are keen to amend the way of drinking coffee that is prevailing in today's generation. Their claim is that they work with hardworking farmers who put their best to get the best out of their yields. Compromising on coffee will never be their option, as their tagline goes saying, "Life is too short for bad coffee."

The Flying Squirrel

Founded in 2013, the Coorg based startup was initially inclined to reach out to the entire city. Gradually, they developed into one of the leading coffee startups in India. They claim to produce freshly roasted coffee before selling out the products. It is unlike the other market-based coffee marketers who keep the roasted beans for months before getting an order.

Indian Coffee House_startuptalky
The Flying Squirrel 

However, it is not same as The Flying Squirrel. They cultivate their crops with utmost affection and care. This is how they grew their business and has spread themselves throughout the country.

Cafe Coffee Day

If coffee and hangout are in your mind, you will never give a second thought about vising a Cafe Coffee Day. One of the most famous coffee startups in India, which has its chain distributed all around the country. The initiated their journey in 1996 and based their origin in Bangalore.

Cafe Coffee Day_startuptalky
Cafe Coffee Day

Known for being one of the largest producers of Arabica beans in Asia. It is currently exporting their products in countries like USA, Japan and Europe. The subsidiary of Coffee Day Enterprises Limited produces an annual distribution of 1.6 billion cups of coffee. It now operates in six countries, namely, Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Nepal and Egypt.

Indian Coffee House

A place that has witnessed history, revolution, love, breakups, poetry politics and so many other things has been the Indian Coffee House. It is based in Kolkata, Bengal. Indeed a nostalgia and emotion for the native folks, it is held as a cultural heritage of the city of joy.

Indian Coffee House_startuptalky
Indian Coffee House

One of the oldest coffee houses of the country, Indian Coffee House is now leading in many other cities as well. For instance, they do not attempt to promote their business with advertisements. They keep holding onto their culture and tradition and be the hub for the intellects to flock.

The Indian Bean

The Indian bean is one of the major coffee startups in India. They generally operate their business online. According to Kunal Ross, The Indian Coffee Bean possess the potential to turn their venture into one of the best coffee startups in India and around.

The Indian Bean_startuptalky
The Indian Bean - Online Retailer

The primarily focus on the cultivation process. They acquire enough knowledge about coffee and its plantation in order to produce the best.

India is presently the third largest coffee producers in India. The process used in India is the shade grown. This what makes the coffee startups in India grow with their production.

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