The Covid-19 Pandemic Proved To Be Lucrative For These Industries

The Covid-19 Pandemic Proved To Be Lucrative For These Industries

The sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has left no industries and sectors unscathed, worldwide. And many parts of the economy have taken a hit because of it.

While the pandemic has created global economic uncertainty, it has also proved to be lucrative for some industries and created new markets and opportunities. In fact, some of them are seeing more business than they ever have. The world has changed, for now, and so has the needs and wants of consumers.

How the Pandemic affected this industry in a good way.

These are the companies that are thriving even in these unprecedented times.

Online Training & Education Services

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the shutting down of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. This has given rise to online home-based learning, using digital platforms. This has led to the acceleration in the integration of information technology in education, where online education has become an integral component of school education.

The increase in demand for the online training and education sector can lead to aggressive hiring. Even for those without any teaching qualifications, apart from tutoring, there are a plethora of jobs in this sector, like designing, communicating, software engineering, etc.

Rise of e-leaning sector during COVID-19
The online education is getting a great response. Since, all the schools andcolleges are temporarily closed due to the global lockdown, there is asignificant rise in the demand of online courses and platforms. Even the schoolsand colleges are also trying to shift their classes on their online pla…

Home Goods

While people are forced to stay in homes due to the inescapable lockdown, they are now spending more time and money on redecorating and refurnishing their houses. They want to decorate every corner that seemed imperfect to them earlier but couldn't buy time to take care of it.

Now that people spend every day, all day staring at their home, they are finally purchasing home decor products like potted plants, wall art, accent pillows among others.

Agricultural Technologies

The lockdown in various countries have severely diminished global production capacities and disrupted global supply chains. Food agencies over the world are planning to have the majority of the food produced locally by harnessing technology, increasing the amount of space dedicated to farming, and supporting local agriculture.

Growth of AgriTech Startups in India
Since the Indus Valley Civilisation, agriculture has been the lifeline of India.We have 70% of Indian households still dependent on farming, contributing 17–18%to the country’s GDP, according to the latest report. This creates a huge scope of agri-tech startups for India’s farmers who arestrivin…

To scale up operations and meet the surge in demand for locally-produced crops, job opportunities in this sector are fast-growing. These jobs include horticulture technician, farm engineer (specializing in robotics and automation), an events executive for the marketing side of things, and the like.


Health has become a priority more than ever. With deaths due to the coronavirus all around the corner, people are threatened and so they are prioritizing health issues above all. Pharmaceutical companies have added a surge of openings in the lockdown.


Home Fitness Equipment

Lockdown has enabled people to fulfill their long-forgotten or neglected fitness goals. While others want to maintain their form just like before the pandemic. But the closure of all gyms led them to boost the sales of home fitness equipment. As a result, many fitness enthusiasts and newbies are spending not just on yoga mats and small weights, they now want professional-quality home gym equipment, so their workouts don’t suffer during this quarantine.

Courier Pick-Up and Delivery Services

The delivery and pick-up industry is the most profitable in the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are people ordering food online, but they are also increasingly ordering essential groceries and other food items. Because of the fear of catching corona, people nowadays do not want to step out of their houses, especially in metropolitan cities. Hence, the delivery service is the need of the hour.

There are so many relevant employment opportunities included in this industry apart from being a delivery driver. From data analysts to UX designers to account management staff, there are plenty of well-paying choices for qualified jobseekers within the industry.

Delivery services of restaurant businesses

Tech Support

With physical call centers and operation centers closing down, companies are left with the need for agents to still take customer and technical support calls. Especially with the increase in remote work, more people than ever need support with setting up and pairing devices or troubleshooting errors.


Self-Care is trending nowadays. In response to the emotional stress of this time, many people are putting in a little extra effort with pampering themselves with skincare products. Many people also want to make sure they still look just as young and vibrant as they did entering this pandemic when they exit it. As a result, the skincare industry is on the rise.

Teleworking Software

Telecommunication has been on a steady incline for the last 5 years. As more states try to practice safety at home and maintain social distancing, companies have transitioned almost fully to remote work. In order to successfully enforce a work remote culture, employees need a broader reach through video conferences, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration services. This implies that telecommunication has been on a steep and sudden incline with teleworking software as the foundation for this new workplace model.

Jio - The Company that Revolutionised Telecommunication Industry
Company Profile is an initiative by StartupTalky to publish verified informationon different startups and organizations. The content in this post has been approved by the organization it is based on. When do you think a revolution came in the telecommunication industry? Well, themost common answ…

Augmented Reality Software

The retailers who are surviving this pandemic must adapt, and for many, that means turning to augmented reality (or virtual reality) software. Due to social distancing, everything has drifted online. Furniture companies are now creating apps to allow customers see how a chair might look in their living room. Realtors are offering clients apps that allow for 3D tours of homes. And of course, bored individuals at home are buying VR equipment for entertainment purposes.

Grocery Stores

The shopping markets have quickly transformed from the inevitable errand people used to have on their to-do lists to the only outing allowed throughout the quarantine. This leads to an increase in the business of grocery stores.

Supermarkets are also looking for support from stocking shelves all the way to managing supply chain logistics, handling public relations, and software development engineering.

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In times of such great uncertainty, people’s routines and purchasing habits go out the window, which opens up the opportunity for businesses who can pivot operations and invest in new technologies to adapt to the changing climate. Now, more than ever, it’s important for companies to understand the environment we’re living in and adapt to it. These are the companies that will not only survive during the pandemic but also move ahead of their competition.

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