Effective cosmetic packaging tips for your brand

Effective cosmetic packaging tips for your brand

When it comes to makeup and beauty products, cosmetic packaging plays an essential role in how people view your brand. Even if you have the best cosmetic products, truth is, the first thing customer sees is what is on the ‘outside’. That makes packaging a decision-making factor in cosmetic purchases.

So how to choose the right cosmetic packaging for your products? Are there any packaging guidelines a cosmetic brand needs to follow to become more attractive to the modern consumer?

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Why is packaging so important in the cosmetic industry?

While a product’s content is the most influential sales factor, the packaging is also of high importance in the cosmetic industry. Beautiful cosmetics packaging is inspiring, it sends a message, and has a direct influence over customer decisions.

Packaging speaks volumes. It makes your products recognizable, represents your company vision, and lets people know what your brand stands for. That is why staying up to date with rising cosmetic packaging trends is vital for beauty business success.

Plastic packaging is slowly being pushed out of the market. In modern days, cosmetic packaging is all about sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Environmentally aware brands have become more and more alluring to consumers.

For that reason, so many cosmetic companies have started to invest in natural and vegan ingredients, cruelty-free cosmetics, and eco packaging.

Cosmetic packaging tips for your brand

Still not sure what type of cosmetics packaging would be the most suitable fit for your brand? No worries. We are here to guide you in making the best decision for your makeup or beauty products. Follow these expert tips on effective packaging:

Know your customers’ needs

Creating the desired perception of your skincare or makeup company starts with the packaging. In order to attract the right client base, you have to understand customer needs and customize cosmetics packaging accordingly.

Customer inclinations and expectations are crucial factors to create likable products and present them in personalized packaging. Proceed with consumer segmentation to identify different kinds of potential buyers (buyer personas) and make smarter packing decisions.

Use sustainable materials

Forget plastic and non-recyclable packaging. Sustainable materials are the new craze in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Seek recycled materials or glass for your primary cosmetic product packaging. That would ensure no spillages and secure product containment while reducing cosmetics’ environmental footprint.

For the secondary (top layer) packaging, go for natural materials like cork, cardboard, or paper. If you settle for cardboard and paper packaging, make sure to sign with FSC-certified or PEFC-certified suppliers, that support responsible forest management.

Pay attention to design details

Attractive design is what draws people’s attention to an unfamiliar product or to identify a favorite brand. That is why it is extremely important to set up a branding strategy for your cosmetics packaging and stick to it:

  • Pick a recognizable font
  • Use existing brand colors (colors of the logo or the website)
  • Choose a design style to represent your products
  • Explore unique packaging patterns and shapes
  • Choose a theme for the cosmetics packaging
  • Flaunt aromas and ingredients
  • Avoid standard marketing messages on the packaging

Getting creative with cosmetic packaging design is the best way to stand out and create emotional affinity to the brand. It is essential to evaluate consumer convenience to create user-friendly packaging that is not too commercial, nor too plain.

Make it look unique

Last but not least, be unique. Unique in your products, unique in your packaging design. Let the product packaging speak for your brand through custom signature boxes. Custom packaging is what makes makeup and skincare recognizable.

Font, colors, design, everything plays a role in how customers perceive your brand. With a signature look in custom packaging, you can highlight selling points, as well as promote sustainability and best practices.

If you manage to stand out with a unique brand message and cosmetics packaging, the odds of people willing to give your brand a chance will improve significantly.

How to choose the right packaging supplier?

Now that you know what cosmetic packaging would make your brand shine, it’s time to choose a supplier. With so many packaging suppliers, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed or need help with picking the right one for your cosmetics brand.

Packaging budget

First and foremost, you need to set up a packaging budget and be real with the financial possibilities of your company. The best cosmetic packaging supplier should be able to offer packaging within your budget.

Order minimum

If you own a small cosmetics business, you probably don’t have an unlimited budget or a large warehouse to keep a lot of inventory. If this is the case, make sure to look for a supplier that has low order minimums and delivers and restocks on time.


A packaging supplier is a fit if they offer a broad range of packaging supplies. That ensures you have a wide choice of packaging options to make a wise decision. Also, as a cosmetic business, you can grow exponentially and your packaging needs might change. Your supplier should be able to meet them.


Low-grade packaging wears out easily and makes beauty products look cheap. Not to mention how bad for the environment some plastic packaging options are. Thus, the most established cosmetics packaging suppliers use only high-quality and recyclable materials.

Custom packaging capabilities

Cosmetics supplies should be customizable. After all, the packaging has to fit the needs of the business and the expectations of customers. A good supplier should have custom packaging capabilities to ensure all demands are met.

Customer service

Along with the packaging services, your supplier should provide helpful customer service for questions, requests, product tracking, and addressing any technical, payment, or logistics problems.

A good cosmetic packaging supplier should be able to tick all these boxes. If they don’t, then that supplier might not be the best match for your cosmetic packaging needs.

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