FabHotels - Your Search for Budget-Friendly Hotel Ends Here!

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Mar 3, 2022 7 min read
FabHotels - Your Search for Budget-Friendly Hotel Ends Here!

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Oops! 'That's not in my budget.' Traveling to a different place always involves spending a lot of money, especially on food & accommodation. These two factors have the absolute ability to take your expenses to a degree higher. But you need not worry about this anymore, FabHotels has got your back.

FabHotels is a chain of budget hotels present in more than 60 cities of India. FabHotels was started in 2014, with the aim to provide business travelers affordable and comfortable stays near major commercial hubs of India. Let's explore more about this startup, and how this business is striving successfully in the competitive Indian hotel segment. Here is the Success Story of FabHotels.

FabHotels - Company Highlights

FabHotels - About
FabHotels - Founders
FabHotels - Startup Story
FabHotels - Mission & Vision
FabHotels - Tagline, Slogan & Logo
FabHotels - Business Model
FabHotels - Revenue Model
FabHotels - Funding & Investors
FabHotels - Social Media Presence
FabHotels - Advertisements & Social Media Campaigns
FabHotels - Competitors
FabHotels - Future Plans
FabHotels - FAQs

FabHotels - About

FabHotels is a well-known brand that offers franchises to small and budget hotels. Post offering the Franchise, FabHotels ensure that its Partner Hotels are well maintained, comfortable, and yet very pocket friendly. On joining as a FabHotels Franchise, FabHotel takes the responsibility to ramp up a hotel according to its standard. Besides providing technological support, FabHotels train the staff of its partner hotels. FabHotels also conducts regular audits of its Franchise Hotels to make sure that the services offered by these hotels are up to the mark and meet the set standards.

Currently, FabHotels has onboarded over 600 budget hotels spread across 50+ Indian cities. The brand is managing over 10k rooms.

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The hotel industry of India has taken a hit of more than Rs. 1.30 lakh crore in revenue for the years 2020-2021. This happened due to the impact of the pandemic, says the Federation Of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI). However, FabHotels has proved over again that amidst crisis lies opportunities. Amidst the covid pandemic, when the travel and hotel industry across the world, came to a standstill, the FabHotels team stood strong and faced the situation with a bright idea.

In early March 2020, when the fear of the pandemic started spreading rapidly, FabHotels launched the 'Work-from-FabHotels' campaign. The campaign received a good response from leading companies, as this initiative allowed employees to work together and yet maintain better social distancing as compared to crowded offices. The campaign however was halted due to the complete lockdown announced in India on 24th March 2020.

The FabHotels team now came up with other techniques to keep its business afloat. FabHotels now started tying up with Hospitals, for providing safe and sanitized accommodation to the medical staff near their hospitals. FabHotels offered rooms to the medical staff at very subsidized rates and over 80 FabHotels Properties were used for the purpose.

FabHotels also tied up with State Governments for providing quarantine facilities to international travelers at its properties.

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FabHotels - Founders

Vaibhav Aggarwal and Adarssh Mnpuria founded FabHotels in 2014.

Vaibhav Aggarwal

Vaibhav Aggarwal, Founder, FabHotels

Vaibhav Aggarwal is the founder and the CEO of FabHotels. An alumnus of IIT Guwahati, Vaibhav Agarwal is an MBA from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Prior to starting FabHotels, Vaibhav co-founded FabFurnish.com, a company backed by Rocket Internet.

Vaibhav also worked as a consultant with 'Bain & Company', and and Vice President of Chicago based Coupon Website GropuOn in the early years of his career.

Adarssh Mnpuria

Adarssh Mnpuria, co-founder, FabHotels
Adarssh Mnpuria, co-founder, FabHotels

Adarssh Mnpuria is the co-founder of FabHotels. He previously was a Venture Development Associate at Rocket Internet GmbH. Adarssh Mnpuria was also an Analyst at Bain Capital. He began his career as an Intern at Bajaj Hindusthan. Adarssh too completed his MBA from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He completed his graduation from the University of Delhi.

FabHotels - Startup Story

Post his MBA from Wharton School, Vaibhav realized that his MBA degree would be of use only when he starts something of his own. Vaibhav took his plunge as an entrepreneur in 2012, with the launch of 'FabFurnish.com', an online retailer of furniture and home furnishing products. In 2014, Vaibhav left FabFurnish, and started FabHotels with Adarssh Mnpuria, with the aim to provide pocket-friendly accommodation to business travelers.

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FabHotels - Mission & Vision

FabHotels' Misson is to be India's most highly preferred value for money hospitality brand. The goal is to help travelers find budget-friendly hotels and experience hassle-free check-in and checkouts.

FabHotels's slogan is, 'to make great hospitality affordable.'

FabHotels Logo
Logo, FabHotels

FabHotels - Business Model

FabHotels has an asset-light, franchisee model. FabHotels offers franchises to small and budget Hotels, having 20-25 rooms on average. FabHotels provides technology and training to franchise hotels. The name of the Franchise Hotels doesn't change, but the hotels are labeled as FabHotels brand.

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FabHotels - Revenue Model

FabHotels charges a Franchise fee of around 20% of the monthly revenue from the partner hotels. FabHotels has both B2B and B2C clients. While any individual customer can directly go to FabHotel's website and book a hotel, FabHotels has also tied up with corporate and SMEs who arrange their employees' stay in FabHotels.

FabHotels - Funding & Investors

FabHotels has raised a total amount of $48.6 Million in funding over the 7 funding rounds.

Date Transaction Name Money Raised Lead Investors
January 7, 2020 Series B ₹400M -
January 4, 2019 Series B ₹540M Goldman Sachs
January 1, 2019 Venture Round - Tracxn labs
July 26, 2017 Series B $25M Goldman Sachs Investment Partners
September 30, 2016 Venture Round - InnoVen Capital
June 27, 2016 Series A $8M Ancel, RB Investments Pte. Ltd.
January 1, 2015 Seed Round $2.3M -

FabHotels is funded by 9 investors. Goldman Sachs is the most recent investor.

FabHotels - Social Media Presence

FabHotels is actively present on Facebook and Instagram. The brand has around 144,262 followers on Facebook and around 16.9k followers on Instagram. Both of the social media accounts are very well and regularly maintained.

FabHotels - Advertisements & Social Media Campaigns

In 2018, FabHotels launched a T.V. campaign, 'Recharge. Refresh'. The campaign was especially for business travelers. FabHotels thought of recharging and refreshing its target customers, the business travelers with an innovative advertisement. The advertisement was broadcasted everywhere, including the leading T.V. channels and on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

FabHotels - Recharge.Refresh Campaign

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FabHotels - Competitors

The top competitors of the company FabHotels are OYO, Treebo, and RedDoorz.


OYO is the top competitor of FabHotels. This company is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India, and was founded in 2013.


Treebo is one of the top competitors of FabHotels. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, and was founded in 2015.


RedDoorz is also one of the top competitors of FabHotels. It is headquartered in Singapore, Central Singapore, and was founded in 2015.

FabHotels - Future Plans

FabHotels is continuously working to develop its in-house tech stack, distribution channels, and operational capabilities. The company intends to expand more in business hubs in the near future.

“We expect that the business budget hotels would be the first to bounce back within the hospitality industry once operations resume. Also, the budget brands like us which have always focused on quality and hygiene should be the first ones to recover as people start traveling again,” Vaibhav had said commenting on the post covid situation of the hotel segment.

FabHotels - FAQs

How many FabHotels are there in India?

There are over 600 FabHotels spread across 50+ cities in India.

Who is the owner/founder of FabHotels?

Vaibhav Agarwal is the founder of FabHotels.

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