How learning on the Internet has changed education and business

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Jan 24, 2020 4 min read
How learning on the Internet has changed education and business

To kick-start this discussion, how was it possible to get in contact with this article in the first instance? Definitely, there was an input of certain keywords into Google. In addition, if not that, a link was followed down here. Whichever way the situation was, the conclusion is, there is a way presently to research and learning which was never possible any time before now! Conducting research online for both business and education sakes as is being discussed now was never a topic of discussion by any academic, scholar or researcher dating to three decades back. Here is one of the changes learning via the internet has caused to the educational and research process.

In addition, taking an allusion to the case of job search and sourcing for funds, the role of the internet on these aspects of business and more cannot be overemphasized. When conducting a job search, either personally or as a job sourcing firm, the role of the internet is also very glaring. As some years back, the job search was done manually and there was a need to visit individual companies and check their notice boards. Alternatively, at best, write letters to them to inquire about whether or not there is/are opening(s). The case is different now. Even when the services of job sourcing firms are not sought after, there is the opening for any job searcher to go via the internet on to the websites of these different companies and check if whether or not there is/are opening(s). The case is not different when firms are sourcing for funds especially startup companies. Here also, there is a timely permanent change caused as a result of the new trend of learning via the internet as new information is added to the knowledge of both job candidates and business leaders through their use of the internet for learning.

Subsequently, the following benefits have accrued overtime into the lives of individuals through their use of the internet for learning. These benefits are both in the area of education and business.

Assignments and Researches

These activities are no longer taken through the rigorous manual process as it used to be earlier. Now scholars, students and researchers alike now through learning via the internet, do their assignment works or essays as well as researches on different topics online.

Essay writing and correction

There are certain projects given to students and are essays to be written as research works or essay assignments given in class. Now, the internet has helped immensely as it has provided media by which they can get these essays written perfectly and even reviewed for correction. The essay can be written from the knowledge gained from the learning on the internet or some college essay writing service and certain platforms on the internet can help correct essays after it is written.

Product management for increased customers’ satisfaction

By learning on the internet, various companies have been able to develop and expand their customer base and their eventual customer satisfaction level. With product reviews, comment sections and various other customer forums, firms can get a better grasp on what and what their customers want and how to improve or add to the products and services they are rendering.

Admission Processes are now done online

This is an effect on the educational process due to the application of the internet to the learning process of individuals. Now there is not any real need for a physical appearance during the entire admission process.

Development of new skills for self-growth

The present trend and information concentration on the internet now allow individuals to capitalize on this and effectively developed different skills of their choice and by so doing, attain a higher level of self-growth.

Full-fledged Universities Courses Now Online!

Many universities now offer their courses online. Certain universities now offer various full-fledged university-level courses. This has become a trend and it is definitely a welcome trend initiated as an effect of the internet on the educational process. This is knowledge at everyone’s disposal as many of these courses like “Volcanic eruption”, “inflation” and others would not have been known if not for the internet encouraged the learning process.

Internet, virtual activities, business and customers relations

Companies like IBM and even others now operate this company-customer relationship through the medium of virtual activities. For instance, there is a game called “Second Life”. It is an MMORPG where it is required from each player to create an avatar and can do different virtual activities which in its way contribute to the development of the online society.

Huge companies have now made it a part of the different activities in their customer relations programs and also a part of their day to day interaction with their employees. With their employee base ranging over three hundred thousand, and that most of these employees are based outside the Americas, they now organize business gatherings and meetings online. This way, the internet already added to the business running of the company and their processes affecting another change.

Online Training for Company’s Employees

Certain companies have now taken care of certain incompetence in their employees by employing the internet learning process in training their employees. With a mixture of group, online and personal self-paced process of learning, the company can now give their employees topnotch training and increase productivity.

Cost Saving

Now, it is a trend to choose the online medium over other media like a group for personal due to cost savings accruing to the companies. The learning process is an ever-evolving one and the present change it has experienced is not a strange occurrence as the learning culture is a dynamic one with changed bound to happen even now with the advent of the internet.

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