Liubov Svezhentseva is the head of the Marketing Department at Payeer, an international e-wallet

Liubov Svezhentseva is the head of the Marketing Department at Payeer, an international e-wallet

Since 2012, more than 20 million people around the world have chosen Payeer. Every day, about 5,000 new users register with the e-wallet, thanks to Liubov and her team. A top-class professional who has climbed all the steps of the career ladder, Liubov Svezhentseva confidently leads the Marketing Department at one of the largest electronic payment systems in the world.

Payment instruments like Payeer have appeared on the market quite recently. However, their versatility, security, and anonymity have made them instantly popular. But the competition in the electronic money market is enormous. Developing a company in B2B and B2C sectors is a challenge, and only a true leader can handle it.

Liubov Svezhentseva has been at Payeer pretty much since the founding of the company. In 2013, she started her career as a member of the support team.

However, the team soon saw that Liubov was smart and clearly had leadership skills. She quickly built a rapport with everyone on the support staff. Additionally, she was always ready to help if someone was struggling with a task.

Thanks to Liubov's empathetic and non-intrusive leadership, the support team underwent a major professional transformation. As a result, after only two years of work with the team, Liubov Svezhentseva was promoted to Head of the Department.

It's hard to imagine, but under the leadership of a delicate young woman, the support team handled more than two million requests from Payeer users from all over the world every day! However, Svezhentseva was able to set up the processes in such a way that operations proceeded without any serious difficulties. On top of that, Svezhentseva's innovations raised the level of service in the company, making it one of the leaders in the global market.

By implementing new standards, Liubov was able to achieve a twofold increase in the speed of processing requests, and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) grew from a dismal 15-20% to almost 60%! In addition, by organizing the round-the-clock operations of the department, she managed to contribute to positive growth in the company's rating in the global network.

When Svezhentseva was asked in an interview how she managed to change how her department worked in such a short period of time, she replied:

- "A genuine concern for customer needs is the real secret of success - anyone who works in customer service knows it. It is the customer who comes to us with a problem, and it is our job to listen to them and try to help them right away. In the end, the client's problem should be solved quickly and thoroughly."

In 2015, Liubov successfully completed online marketing training and the company's in-house professional development courses. This allowed her to move forward and eventually join the Marketing Department. It's not hard to guess that there, Svezhentseva quickly became a successful manager as well.

As a talented and charismatic leader, she never rests on her laurels. She understands the importance of continual growth and development. Liubov continues to work on her professional skills by taking prestigious courses such as Anti Money Laundering & Compliance, IT security, and Risk Management, gaining new experience and knowledge that she later applies to her work successfully.

Despite her busy schedule, Liubov finds time to create materials that help the specialists in their work. Recent work includes analytical research into the payment market (non-banking), as well as methods for fighting online fraud (scam) in electronic wallets / payment systems.

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Apart from that, the top manager of Payeer has more than once had to launch offices in different countries, training the staff herself and introducing new standards of work.

Constantly showing high effectiveness no matter where in the world she was, Liubov eventually became a director at one of Payeer's companies.

Currently, under the leadership of Liubov Svezhentseva, there are two dozen talented, professional employees who are tirelessly working to promote the Payeer e-wallet in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

But even as a director, Liubov hasn't abandoned the people she started with. Although she has been living in Italy since 2022, she still runs Payeer's Marketing Department, combining her work with her job as a Customer Support Manager. In her spare time, Liubov travels, learns new languages and discovers new cultures.

Payeer employees agree that Liubov Svezhentseva is a role model for Payeer. And what is that, if not a true recognition of your merits in your professional field?

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