ZEVO Unveil India's First Electric Refrigerated Vehicle in Partnership With IIT Delhi

ZEVO Unveil India's First Electric Refrigerated Vehicle in Partnership With IIT Delhi
ZEVO Unveil India's First Electric Refrigerated Vehicle in Partnership With IIT Delhi

ZEVO’s Cutting-Edge Technology offers 16-hour Intracity Operations at -20°C with a Range of 120 km.

ZEVO, a leading tech-enabled EV mobility platform, is excited to announce its collaboration with Machphy Solutions, an innovative tech company from IIT Delhi. This partnership is set to deploy the brand’s innovation across 10 cities in its inaugural year and will be a game-changing development for Pharmaceutical, QSR, Seafood, Dairy, and FMCG Industries in the temperature-controlled last-mile delivery segment.

The Indian market's growing demand for frozen goods and pharmaceuticals has increased the need for temperature-controlled logistics (TCL). However, sustainability and climate impact have been overlooked in this sector. With rising energy costs and climate change challenges, TCL providers must adapt to decarbonize and meet regulatory requirements. ZEVOs system, operating with an overnight plug-in electric charge, enables intracity operations for up to 16 hours at -20°C and a range of 120 km using PCM-based technology, with enhanced durability through the use of composite materials and aluminum in REV L5 construction, making it a leader in sustainable refrigeration.

This innovative solution is tailored for EV operators, offering lightweight, corrosion-resistant features without relying on expensive lithium batteries to maintain the required payload temperature. It caters to chilled, frozen, and ultra-low temperature operations, utilizing proprietary technology leveraging advanced thermal materials for efficient energy storage compared to alternative technologies.

Mr. Aditya Singh Ratnu, Founder & CEO of ZEVO India, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, Our partnership with Machphy Solutions signifies a groundbreaking leap towards revolutionizing the cold chain logistics landscape. The REV L5 (1) stands as a testament to our steadfast commitment to trailblazing eco-friendly innovations that directly address the urgent demands of our industry, propelling us into a sustainable future.”

Mr. Dhruv Bhatia, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at ZEVO India stated, Our cutting-edge system empowers ZEVO to undertake intracity operations even in extreme Indian temperatures covering a wide radius. This innovation underscores our unwavering commitment to reliable and efficient logistics in the most demanding environments.”

Pradeep Rout, founder of Machphy Solutions, expressed, “At Machphy, we're dedicated to reshaping the narrative of cold supply chains. Our collaboration with ZEVO Electric epitomizes our shared vision for a sustainable future, blending our zero-emission refrigerated solution, REV L5 (1), with ZEVO’s cutting-edge EV mobility technology.”

In conclusion, ZEVO’s collaboration with Machphy Solutions is a significant step towards revolutionizing cold chain logistics. This partnership underscores a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly innovations. The REV L5 (1), a testament to this collaboration, sets a new standard in reliable and efficient cold supply chains, blending ZEVO’s electric vehicle technology with Machphy's zero-emission refrigeration. Together, they are shaping a sustainable future for the industry.

About ZEVO

ZEVO – ZERO EMISSION VEHICLE OPERATION, is India’s first Electric Vehicle Mobility as a service platform enabling end-to-end supply chain solutions including first-mile procurement, last-mile delivery, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery, forward and reverse logistics, and agricultural supply chain electrification. ZEVO takes a microscopic approach to the transformation of the entire supply chain network with the help of innovation, technological integration, real-time visibility, control over vitals, and real-time exchange of information between our clients and vendors. The future is electric and the future is mobility, ZEVO brings them together.

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