Next Education - Offering 360 Degree Edtech Solutions to the K-12 Segment

Next Education - Offering 360 Degree Edtech Solutions to the K-12 Segment

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Technology is the core of the present economic world. Every domain of study ranging from the health to the service sector is evolving with the regularly updated technology. Similarly, educational sectors have gone through a major transformation in recent times due to technology. Once the rigid 2D notions of learning in classrooms equipped with a Blackboard are now replaced with digital 3D projections to enable a better understanding of the concepts among the students.

Next Education is one of the startup companies that pioneered the ed-tech sector way back in 2007, founded by Beas Dev Ralhan and Raveendranath Kamath. It is a K-12-focused technology-based education solution provider. Know about the Company Profile of Next Education, Founders, Funding, Revenue, Competitors, Business Model, Growth, Acquisitions, How it started, etc., in the article ahead.

Let's go through the Journey of Next Education along with knowing Next Education Founder, Funding, Business Model, Competitors, Revenue & more...

Next Education - Company Highlights

Startup Name Next Education
Headquarter Hyderabad
Sector EdTech
Co-founders Beas Dev Ralhan and Raveendranath Kamath
Founded 2007
Parent Organization Next Education India Pvt Ltd.

About Next Education and How it Works
Next Education - Target Market
Next Education - Founders and team
Next Education - Startup Story | How was Next Education Started?
Next Education - Startup Launch
Next Education - Mission and Vision
Next Education - Name and Logo
Next Education - Business Model and Revenue Model
Next Education - Funding and Investors
Next Education - Startup Challenges
Next Education - Competitors
Next Education - Advisors and Mentors
Next Education - Awards
Next Education - Acquisitions
Next Education - Growth
Next Education - Future Plans

About Next Education and How it Works

Founded in 2007, Next Education is an optimal education solutions provider, based out of Hyderabad. Touching the lives of 12,000,000+ students and 240,000+ teachers across 12,000+ schools, their solutions serve multiple purposes of both academic and administrative domains.

Ranging from academic solutions such as TeachNexta digital classroom solution and NextBooksa complete textbook series to administrative solutions such as NextERPa cloud-based school management system, Next Education is an end-to-end education solutions provider for the K–12 sector.

Next Education's products aim to meet all the academic needs of a learner and make quality education affordable and accessible for every child. While doing so, their belief lies in partnerships with their employees, customers, vendors, governing bodies, and other stakeholders to strengthen the ecosystem over an extended period.

Every step Next Education takes ensures to bring quality education within the grasp of every learner so that younger generation mainly become life-ready.

"Entrepreneurship in the education sector was never about money-making. Keeping an organic approach towards academics to make learners future-ready and not just well equipped for competitive exams, was what we aimed for, which later became the core USP of Next Education.", says Raveendranath Kamath, co-founder of Next Education.

Next Education rightfully understands that education is all about the holistic development of children pertaining to creativity, adaptability, and critical reasoning. It is about instilling the joy of learning and a hunger for knowledge in every young mind. This is the reason their academic solutions are well equipped with visually intriguing content and tools such as claymations, craftmations, and AR cards.

Next Education - Target Market

India’s education sector offers a great opportunity with approximately 29% of India’s population being between the age group of 0-14  years; is estimated at USD 91.7 billion in FY18 and is expected to reach USD 101.1 billion in FY20. India’s higher education segment is is expected to increase to USD 35.03 billion by 2025.  

Seamless integration of content for effective learning and instruction, and smart administrative solutions for improved planning and reporting, has made the company one of the finest end-to-end education solutions providers in the country.

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Next Education - Founders and team

Beas Dev Ralhan and Raveendranath Kamath are the founders of Next Education.

Tech aficionados and brothers working towards the same goal of creating a social impact with technology, co-founded Next Education in 2007

Raveendranath Kamath and Beas Dev Ralhan - Founders, Next Education
Raveendranath Kamath and Beas Dev Ralhan - Founders, Next Education

Beas Dev Ralhan

Beas Dev Ralhan is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Next Education. Ralhan received his formal education from IIT Bombay and London Business School. As the CEO of Next Education, he brings energy, inspiration, and direction to the company’s vision.

Raveendranath Kamath

Raveendranath Kamath, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Next Education plays an integral part in financial planning, product engineering, and supply chain management of the organisation. An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Kamath has over two decades of experience in finance and operations.

Next Education has a team of around 1,000+ qualified and dedicated professionals with diverse skill sets, which have helped it establish itself as a known name amongst the academic stakeholders.

Next Education - Startup Story | How was Next Education Started?

His days at IIT Bombay made Ralhan realise that to make an impact on modern society, one has to build companies supported by the latest technologies and utilize the power of the Internet. Raveendranath Kamath, Ralhan’s friend and colleague at PartyGaming, had the same vision. Both of them desired to employ technology to make a social impact in India.

In 2007, a focused market study helped them realize that the Indian education sector was least impacted by technology. With technology as their ally, they wanted to devise innovative methods to make education accessible and affordable for all. Thus Next Education was born with a vision to transform education to suit the requirements of today’s learners.

"More than a decade ago, we had envisaged a not-too-distant future when quality education would be within the reach of every child. We had always dreamt of the day when quality education would no longer be the privilege of a few and our ardent desire to nurture and fulfill this aspiration keeps us motivated.", recalled Raveendranath and Beas, founders of Next Education.

Next Education - Startup Launch

In 2009, Next Education launched their first product, LearnNext – a self-learning home-based solution for children. The response received for the product was overwhelming and there was no looking back for the team at Next Education thereafter. Next Education's ecosystem has been steadily enriched with numerous solutions catering to different stakeholders belonging to the academic sector.

NextCurriculum, NextLabs, TeachNext, and NLP are the four vital parts of the Next Education ecosystem, which enhance the significance of learning by incorporating hands-on learning activities and a learner-centric approach.

Next Education's flagship product, TeachNext, launched in 2010, has been a milestone in terms of digitization of classrooms nationwide. Recently, they have launched NLP, i.e. Next Learning Platform, which is a cloud-based solution equipped with NextERP, LMS, and adaptive learning, meeting all the requirements of academic and administrative stakeholders. The company also offers a teacher training solution for schools called NextDeeksha.

Next Education - Mission and Vision

Next Education aims to "put into practice the best teaching–learning methodologies that will help shape the lives of the torchbearers of tomorrow," which the company underlines as its mission.

The vision of Next Education is "to bring quality education within the reach of every learner, so that they are prepared for the challenges in life."

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The company started in 2007 as Helix Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, which was later renamed as Next Education aligning with the spirit of the brand and its products.

Next Education Logo
Next Education Logo

The name ‘Next Education’ stands for an edTech solutions provider for the next generation, capable of transforming education.

Next Education - Business Model and Revenue Model

Next Education India Pvt Ltd is an end-to-end edTech solutions provider that follows B2B and B2C business models. At Next Education, consistent effort is put to create solutions that meet all the requirements of academic stakeholders pertaining to school set-up, digitalisation of classrooms, implementation of activity-oriented education, administrative guidance and tools etc.

Next Education - Funding and Investors

Next Education raised the initial funding from Anurag Dikshit, co-founder of PartyGaming, who was ranked among the 40 richest Indians, according to ‘Forbes’ Magazine.

Next Education - Startup Challenges

Transforming education is not an easy task. A vast part of our country still follows the conventional methods of teaching and learning, which lays emphasis on teacher centered education. The slow device penetration rate, skepticism about embracing ed-tech products over traditional home tuition and lack of awareness among people regarding integrated education, were initial challenges faced by Next Education.

Hence, introducing innovative products and restoring the faith of people in the transformation formed the central approach towards meeting the challenges, and today, TeachNext is the top-selling digital classroom solution in India with a market share of 65% .

Next Education - Competitors

Next Education directly competes with companies such as BYJU’s, Extramarks, Educomp, Pearson, etc.

"At Next, we believe in healthy competition, as all of us are trying to harness the potential of the present generation of learners for a better tomorrow.", said Beas, co-founder and CEO of Next Education.

Next Education - Advisors and Mentors

For Beas Dev Ralhan, his father is his best mentor, whose ideas, thoughts and values have inspired Ralhan to begin a startup - Next Education and work tirelessly with hope, motivation, perseverance and patience.

My father has been the most inspirational mentor throughout my life.  His entrepreneurial endeavours and never-say-die attitude motivated me  to start my venture and shape and nurture Next Education.

He  taught me that patience is the key to run a business successfully, which  I strongly believe and follow. When you are impatient, you tend to miss  critical details and opportunities, which may lead to irrevocable  mistakes.

Due to the fast-paced nature of today's world, we value dynamic actions  and quick solutions, but if this attitude morphs into impatience, it will cloud your judgement, ruin relationships and destroy your credibility in the market.

Next Education - Awards

Next Education received following awards and recognition:

  • Innovation in Teaching Pedagogy award at World Education Summit 2012
  • Best Multimedia Content for K–12 Education at World Education Summit 2013
  • Excellent Human Resource Management in Education Industry by National HRD Network
  • Best Digital K–12 Multimedia Content for Maharashtra State Board in English
    and Marathi by Wisitex World Education
  • Best School Books Solution Award at Global Learn Tech Conference and Awards
  • Best Emerging School ERP award at Digital Edge ICT Conclave on Education
  • Innovation in Teaching Pedagogy award at World Education Summit 2015
  • Innovation Excellence Award in Education by ASSOCHAM
  • Pre-school Pedagogy award at the World Education Summit 2016
"We, Nextians, are learners who embrace achievements with innate happiness and take failures as steps towards learning." said the founders of Next Education.

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Next Education - Acquisitions

Next Education has acquired 2 organizations. Their most recent acquisition was Xolvr on Dec 2, 2016.

Date Acquired About
Dec 2, 2016 Xolvr Xolvr is a convenient & affordable community driven 'after school study' platform
Feb 11, 2016 InOpen InOpen designs and develops educational content and solutions for academic institutions

Next Education - Growth

Next Education presently has an all-India presence and is headquartered in Hyderabad. Apart from Hyderabad, they have offices in Pune, Noida, Kochi, and Chennai. After establishing in the Indian education spectrum, Next Education is off to make its mark at the global level. Since 2016, they have been expanding their business in the Middle East. In early 2019, Next Education has opened a branch in Dubai.

Currently, Next Education is the largest player in the highly concentrated Indian Private K-12 digital classroom sector. The company has reached out to 60,000+ classrooms since the year of inception and has a turnover of 276 crores in FY 19.

"Our main motive is to create solutions for schools that positively impact the education system and help the next generation have a better tomorrow.", said Raveendranath and Beas.

One of the oldest and the most successful education solutions provider, Next Education has launched Kindernext on October 16, 2019, on the completion of the twelfth year of its operations. This new initiative is launched with an aim to stand as a smart preschool and activity center for 21st-century learners, which will extend fun and interactive space to the young students, thereby advancing their development and honing their desire to be lifelong learners.

Here's a glimpse at the highlights of the popular features of KinderNext by Next Education:

  • It is a smart preschool and activity center that is tailor-made with vibrant textbooks, an award-winning digital classroom, detailed mentor manuals, and smart resource kits.
  • It follows a research-based integrated approach towards learning, laying equal emphasis on developing the five key areas: linguistic, cognitive, physical, social, and emotional.
  • The curriculum of KinderNext is centred on NCF guidelines for early childhood education.

KinderNext is designed to provide young learners with the right care and attention to foster curiosity and confidence in them. Its distinct features like multimodal learning, explore-and-play technique, and age-appropriate learning approach can help students gain a rich learning experience and ensure continuous progress towards their desired goals.

Speaking on the launch of KinderNext, Next Education Co-founder and CEO, Beas Dev Ralhan said that KinderNext, with impactful technology, best faculty, and new-age curriculum coming together, is favorable for all its stakeholders - the young students, parents, and schools.

Next Education - Future Plans

Next Education has achieved quite a growth since it started in 2007. The startup believes continuous innovation and becoming a one-stop solution are the way forward.

Next Education - FAQs

What is Next Education?

Next Education is an edtech startup launched in 2007 by Beas Ralhan, Raveendranath Kamath in Noida, UP, which believes in embracing technology to revolutionise the education system of India. All of the products and services that Next Education offers are learner-centric and classroom-friendly.

Who is the founder of Next learning platform?

Beas Ralhan and Raveendranath Kamath are the founders of Next learning or what we commonly refer to as Next Education.

How is Next Education transforming education?

Next Education is fueled by the latest technological advancements, expert teachers, and over 10,000 impactful learning modules, which greatly help the company to transform education.

When was Next Education founded?

Next Education was founded back in 2007.

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