Nisha Madhulika Success Story: From a Housewife to a Cooking Star on YouTube

Nisha Madhulika Success Story: From a Housewife to a Cooking Star on YouTube

Today many people are getting popular with the help of social media. Be it children or the elderly, people are flourishing their careers with the help of platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and many more.

A lot of small businesses are running today solely with the help of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Whether it is about building your own brand identity or reaching out to people you target, these networking sites are a blessing in today's time.

There is one such gem, who had no intention of getting fame, but today is one of the most promising brands in the online cooking community of India. From being a simple housewife to becoming a star of the cooking world her journey has transformed because of her blogging and YouTube. Her name is Nisha Madhulika.


Name Nisha Madhulika
Age 62 Years
Occupation Chef, Youtuber, Blogger
Education Qualification Science Graduate
Net Worth $4.47 million

Early Life of Nisha Madhulika
Rise of the YouTube Star
A day in the life of Nisha Madhulika
Accepting challenges throughout the journey
Nisha Madhulika’s Roaring Success

Early Life of Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika is one of the most renowned chefs of India. She is known for her exceptional cooking skills and recipes. She started her career with just simple recipe blogs but today is also a renowned restaurant consultant. Her recipes and cooking tips are added to the publications like Indian Express, Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar, and Times of India.

She was born in Noida on August 25, 1959, and completed her schooling and education there itself. Later on, she got married to M.S. Gupta. Nisha along with her husband and her two children live in Delhi. After getting married she started supporting her husband in his business.

Rise of the YouTube Star

Nisha Madhulika happily helped her husband for many years but wasn’t satisfied with her work. She was suffering from empty nest disorder as her kids moved out as they grew up.

That was the turning point in her life when she created her first YouTube video in May 2011. Her channel's name was Food and Recipe. Every month Nisha started getting more than 1 million views on her videos and in a few years she crossed 3 million subscribers. In 2018, her videos had around 769, 636, 028 views. She has more than a hundred recipe videos on her YouTube channel.

In 2013, Nisha starred on YouTube for participating in a drive known as “Helping Women Get Online”. Nisha started getting popular in 2014. She starred at Vodafone’s “Women of Pure Wonder” coffee table in the year 2016. In the following year, Nisha earned an award for Top YouTube Culinary Content Creator on Social Media Summit & Awards 2017.

Also, she was seen in an interview that was aired on Lok Sabha TV for the initiative carried out by YouTube - #seesomethingnew. Nisha was also listed as India’s Top 10 YouTube celebrities by the ET. Later that year, she also received an award for Top YouTube Cooking Stuff Creator. Today she gets featured at various magazines like India Today, Bloomberg, Economist, and many more.

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A day in the life of Nisha Madhulika

Nisha starts her day healthy, with her tea and morning routine exercise. She cooks meals in the morning like breakfast and lunch and like every other household woman takes care of her home. After this Nisha enjoys capturing images of the food that she made. In her free time in the afternoon, Nisha writes blogs and publishes them.

Nisha loves to write blogs, recipes and make YouTube videos. During the day she also attends online events, appears on various cookery platforms, and also attends various functions.

Accepting challenges throughout the journey

In her initial days, Nisha didn’t get a good response to her blogs, but she continued her hard work with consistency, and with time, her blogs and videos started gaining popularity. Nisha initially posted all her content (blogs and articles) on a WordPress platform named Khana Banana. She felt difficulty in managing that platform since it already had more than 100 blogs and was growing further, hence asked for help from her son.

Nisha’s son created a website for her with the name Here on this website, it was easy for her to interact with the audience and reach out to her recipe readers.

Also, when she wanted to create the YouTube videos, she didn’t have enough resources. Neither she had proper studio nor the equipment. Nisha tried to shoot videos at various locations like the kitchen, dining table, small set-ups in the hall, but the major problem with these video shoots was the unbearable heat, background noise, and un-comfort. But hustlers don’t give up and neither did Nisha Madhulika.

She then did a small setup by joining tables in a room upstairs and today she has a whole team who helps Nisha shoot videos, edit them, publish them and manage her YouTube channel.

Nisha Madhulika’s Roaring Success

Consistency, sheer hard work, and dedication helped Nisha become a YouTube star today. Nisha has more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube, 5.2 million followers on Facebook, and more than 1700 videos published on various platforms. She has also consistently published thousands of blogs and articles. She tapped the opportunity at the right time to start a YouTube channel and work on social media, showcasing her talent to the world.

Nisha has always been an honest food blogger. She always displays her food as is, without any false presentations. Her recipes are liked by the audience because she uses readily available ingredients in her recipes and can be easily cooked.

She keeps the audience as her priority, hence publishes and makes the recipes that her audience wants her to make through the comments section. Nisha says that her objective was not to earn money or monetize her channels, but when a person does good work with sincerity and honesty, money flows automatically.

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For women like Nisha Madhulika, age is just a number. She is a lady who found her passion through YouTube. Nisha loves to keep experimenting, reading, and preparing food. An epitome of honesty and decency, Nisha is an inspiration to many household women, who love cooking and want to pursue their love for food as a passion.


What is the net worth of Nisha Madhulika?

Nisha Madhulika has net worth of approximately $4.47 million.

Who is Nisha Madhulika?

Nisha Madhulika is a Indian chef, YouTube personality and restaurant consultant.

How much does Nisha Madhulika earn from YouTube?

Nisha Madhulika earns approximately $1.9 million from YouTube.

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