15 Psychological Hacks to Use in the Corporate World

15 Psychological Hacks to Use in the Corporate World

In the corporate world, where one wrong move can lead you to offload the board, it’s very important to make every move and take every decision after evaluating, to get the right outcome. Body language and the way of speaking are basic psychological traits that one need to focus on while meeting new people for any purpose whatsoever. Communication is a key aspect of any business or organization as it amplifies the relationship to throttle up the results.

To throw light on the roadmap for the people who are new to the corporate world and to make them a pro in their game, we have compiled a list of psychological hacks to make your work-life somewhat trouble-free. These traits will help you to understand your coworkers and guide you while approaching strangers in social gatherings. So, let's get started.

Cool Psychological Hacks to Make Corporate Life Easy

  • One of the most common feelings is nervousness. When you start a conversation with a stranger, even though they are your business client, it is normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed and agitated. At this point try to ease yourself into the conversation. As a matter of fact, this happens because your brain is scared of exposure. In this situation, try to control your mind and ease into the conversation with the client.
  • From our very childhood, we have been taught to not interrupt in between when two people are talking. However, sometimes there comes a situation where one has to interfere. Here comes the technique to analyse body language. Now, before interrupting, look at the feet of the person, if they turn only their torso and not their feet, it means they are in the middle of an important conversation and they don’t want you to interrupt them, if not you can put out your point.
  • Whenever it seems that the conversation got heated and there is a chance of a mammoth argument, then simply stand next to the person and avoid standing in front of such person. Finally, this will automatically reduce their temperament and avoid unwanted turmoil.
  • Be vocal about your needs. If you require any help, then you need to directly approach the person and spell out that you need help. This will reduce loads of drama and delay. So, always adapt to this direct approach not only in the office but also in life.
  • Keep on nodding your head when a person is communicating with you so as to make them feel like you are indulged in their conversation. This will make them realise that you are listening to them and is interested in the topic that they are presenting in front of you. Also, if you want to get a positive response from someone, nod while you talk.
  • If you want to check whether the person is listening to you or not, just fold your arms. It will not only help you to check the concentration level of the person in the conversation but also make them aware that you're serious about whatever you are spewing.
  • It’s a good trait to remember the other person’s name while conversing. While presenting a project, using the name of your client in the conversation, again and again, makes it more interesting and makes the opposite person feel that they are valuable.
  • Sometimes during addressing the public, you need to let them see your emotions, it also helps in making your speech more indulging and interesting. Pay attention to the small things like taking a pause after a few minutes and engaging the public in the topic by asking them to ask questions if they have any. Try to follow simple tricks to get the attention of the crowd.
  • If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer, just wait, give them some time they will keep talking, when they will feel that you think their opinion is valuable. Don’t change the topic or speak too fast, wait for their reply.
  • Give a person validation and rephrase their words at the end of a conversation. As it gives the other person satisfaction to know that you are listening to their words carefully.
  • Confidence is the key element here. If you are not familiar with the subject of the discussion, don’t let it see in your body language. Keep your confidence intact and handle the situation smartly without losing it, but don’t get overconfident, it can lead to a disaster, just play smart.
  • Don’t get succumb to any pressure. If you want to be persuasive, try and reduce the use of the words 'I think' and 'I believe'.
  • Keep on looking at the people of the group and observe the way they are interacting with each other. This will show the real feelings of the people in the group.
  • Stay active and give a warm reply to the greeting received from the other person, this will make them feel that they are important.
  • When someone insults you, either ignore them or mock them. Never lose your temper, if you do, that is where you lost.


These are some of the hacks that can be used to improve your social skills. The corporate world is interesting but it can be harsh as well, one needs to play smart and use the hacks to make their work-life comfortable and easy.


Are Psychological hacks necessary in the office?

Psychology is important in the workplace, it helps in understanding the behaviour of the opposite person and also make you stand out in the crowd.

What are the two psychological hacks that can attract customers?

  • While showcasing your products, try to use the emotional attachment of your customers.
  • Use colour psychology, to implicit emotions in your customers.

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