Saurabh Awasthi, Meet7 Co-Founder, Shares Insights on the App's Strategies, Rapid Growth, and Special Features

Saurabh Awasthi, Meet7 Co-Founder, Shares Insights on the App's Strategies, Rapid Growth, and Special Features
Saurabh Awasthi, Co-Founder, Meet7

In the modern landscape, the quest for meaningful relationships has found a new avenue in the form of online dating. With technology shaping our interactions, innovative dating apps are emerging to facilitate connections. Among these apps, Meet7 has emerged as a rising star, drawing attention for its distinctive approach to online dating.

In a recent interview with Saurabh Awasthi, co-founder of Meet7, we took a comprehensive look into the platform's functioning. We gained valuable insights into the company's strategies, rapid growth, and innovative features that have captured the attention of users.

Let's explore Saurabh's insights to understand how Meet7 is making a difference in the world of online dating.

StartupTalky: When was the Meet7 app launched, and how many people use it now?

Saurabh: We introduced the app to the world in December 2022, and it has taken off like wildfire since then. Right now, more than 100,000 people are using the app and enjoying the unique dating experience it offers. It's been an exciting journey, connecting people and making meaningful connections in the world of online dating.

StartupTalky: What are the key factors that brought growth to Meet7 in such a short span of time?

Saurabh: The bulk of it can be attributed to its finely tuned features that align with today's safe dating dynamics.

At the heart of our success lies a dedicated emphasis on user security and privacy, a paramount concern in the current landscape. By incorporating advanced security measures, we instill confidence in our users, empowering them to forge meaningful connections without hesitation. Moreover, recognizing the contemporary need for swift yet substantial matches, our app strategically employs the "KnowQ" and "CompQ" features, facilitating efficient and compatible matches that resonate authentically with users' preferences.

This innovative approach has not only garnered attention but has also propelled the app's popularity, driving impressive growth in a relatively brief timeframe. In essence, our app has adeptly harnessed evolving dating trends by offering a secure, privacy-conscious, and intelligently efficient platform that deeply resonates with the desires of modern daters.

Also, several innovative features are designed to address common issues in the dating scene. One standout feature is our departure from the tiresome swiping culture. Unlike other apps where you endlessly swipe left and right, we present users with 7 carefully selected matches that suit their preferences. This not only saves time but also increases the chances of finding meaningful connections faster.

Another crucial aspect is user safety. We've taken strong measures to ensure that our app is a secure environment. We have a thorough verification process that confirms the authenticity of every user. Also, male users can either join by invitation from an existing female Meet7 user or by connecting their LinkedIn profiles to their Meet7 profiles, which ensures the authenticity of the people coming on board.

For male users, we have a behavior scoring system, creating a respectful and safe space for everyone. There are so many other features that Meet7 has that are industry-first, not only domestically but globally too. These improvements have played a pivotal role in driving the rapid growth of our dating app.

StartupTalky: Any insights around the target audience of your sites? What did the demographic of the newest registered user profile look like?

Saurabh: Our primary focus lies on targeting users from metropolitan areas, recognizing their prominence in the dating app landscape. However, our reach has effectively broadened and reached beyond initial expectations, capturing a diverse range of users from various backgrounds and locations. This strategic approach allows us to serve a more extensive and varied audience, enriching the experiences and connections facilitated by our platform.

StartupTalky: Many dating apps introduce video call features, do you have the features, and if you do, what significant numbers, like user adoption, have you generated through those features?

Saurabh: Absolutely, we are amongst the first few, who introduced video calling within the app. We kickstart your journey with 7 tailored matches. When you've found someone intriguing, you can engage them in conversation by posing questions and getting to know them better. Now, when it comes to video calls, we've got you covered with a unique feature. You can schedule a call once both parties agree, beginning with a 2-minute audio chat before seamlessly transitioning into a video call.

It's important to note that while the male user's video is always on, the female user has the autonomy to turn off her video if she wishes. This thoughtful setup not only lets you put a face to the voice but also prioritizes your comfort and safety, ensuring a secure and pleasant experience. We're thrilled to share that this feature has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response, reflecting our commitment to enhancing connections while respecting privacy.

We've received a flood of positive feedback, underscoring the value our video call feature brings to the table. By offering transparency, security, and comfort, we've cultivated a good online dating environment.

StartupTalky: What new strategies and campaigns are being implemented to cater to the growing number of users?

Saurabh: To meet the needs of our growing user community, Meet7 is taking creative steps and running impactful campaigns that set us apart from other dating apps. Our core belief, "meeting people not profiles," is at the heart of everything we do. We recently launched the #NoCompromise campaign, featuring popular actors Sayani Gupta and Amol Parashar. This campaign highlighted our strong commitment to providing a top-notch dating experience without any compromise.

We've designed Meet7 with a range of outstanding features that aim to make dating easy, safe, and enjoyable. Our main focus is on ensuring that users find their perfect match without having to settle for anything less. The #NoCompromise campaign captures this essence, encouraging users to pursue real connections without giving up on any important aspect.

StartupTalky: What measures did Meet7 take to counter the rise of fake profiles with the increase in its user base?

Saurabh: As our app gains more users, we're taking strong steps to prevent fake profiles and create a secure environment. We're using smart technology to double-check profiles by comparing the information with real selfies, so we know they're real. For guys who want to join, we've added an extra layer of security. They need an invitation from a girl who's already using the app, or they can connect through LinkedIn. This makes sure everyone is genuine.

We're also focused on making sure every part of the process is safe and comfortable. There are many features that work together to ensure this. And importantly, we want everyone to find a great match without having to compromise. We show a behavior score on guys' profiles to help users see who they're talking to and encourage friendly conversations. By putting all these steps together, we've created an app where real connections can happen without any worries.

StartupTalky: How have users been responding to the Meet7 app?

Saurabh: The user response has been incredibly positive, which is truly encouraging and motivating for our team. We're delighted to see how well our platform has been received and how it's making a difference in the online dating experience.

StartupTalky: Is Meet7 funded?

Saurabh: Yes, we have raised an angel round and are heading towards series one in the days to come.

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