What SDLC Methodology is Ideal for Startups?

What SDLC Methodology is Ideal for Startups?

SDLC methodology matters a lot because it represents the development process that your startup should follow. It can be a game-changer for your whole business. Old and well-established companies can test a few methods, but most startups and small scale companies can't take any risk without proper research. If you need to decide What 'SDLC Methodology' is Ideal for Startups, you can consider personalized consulting.

The answer is simple.

Suppose you are new to the business, head straight towards Agile methodology. According to industry experts, the most suitable SDLC model for startups and new companies is AGILE. In agile, you will have the ability to grasp more about customer’s needs and control the complete cycle with minimized errors. At the same time, other models consider contract negotiations over understanding client needs. The threat of designing & developing software that doesn't satisfy customers needs is that it won't have any buyers.

Even though the agile model is generally the best one for most startup companies, you need to consider some of the factors before deciding.

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How well experienced your staff is?

What expertise your staff holds? How strong is your management? How good is your capability to understand customer’s requirements? Is your team entirely relevant for the projects you are planning to pick? How well they perform in a clutch situation? The main thing is, your teams must be familiar with the SDLC model you are using. Hence even for the trial purpose, you have to choose Agile. It is easy to comprehend.

How well equipped you are with the technology?

As a startup company, you might not have all the systems and technologies the project demands. This question arises only with the startup companies or the small scale in some of the cases. Such organizations might lack the funding in some cases.

What does the project demand?

Does your project need to have a flexible chain of command? What are the contexts of your project? You need to consider these things too when choosing a method.

Is your client also new in the industry?

The client matters the most for obvious reasons. Sometimes clients are well aware of their requirements, but sometimes even they can't state their condition precisely. The requirements might fluctuate or directly alter too. Agile suits perfectly for such a project to be successful.

Do you need constant customer feedback?

Customer-based products usually need to be run and tested in real-time. While working on such programs, you need shorter cycles and quick functioning. Agile is a perfect fit for such products. Even when the frequency of feedback is a little less, it's essential for startup companies to deliver what is asked. New companies cannot afford to commit big mistakes. It's better to be aware of every stage of development.

As we know, SDLC is made up of phases and cycles. Keeping the rounds short is the best way to keep the process error-free. The focus of agile is to create functioning software with complete control over it. That's why it is the most suggested methodology.

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