SeekaHost Review: Is WordPress Blog Hosting with Easy Hosting Control Panel Any Good for Bloggers?

SeekaHost Review: Is WordPress Blog Hosting with Easy Hosting Control Panel Any Good for Bloggers?

Finding the best hosting provider for WordPress is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There is a lot of hay in the stack, which will prick you, much like a needle. But if you want to stitch a beautiful dress for yourself, you’ll need nothing but the needle.

But don’t you worry, we have found the needle for you. After checking many WordPress Blog hosting providers, we can see that SeekaPanel by SeekaHost is the most viable solution. It’s an easier solution for anyone to quickly do a domain name search and register a domain and host it with 1-Click WordPress hosting.

Honestly, it’s so easy that you can get your blogs up in a matter of 5 minutes of less.

Our comparative analysis has proven that SeekaHost is the best WordPress blog hosting provider for WordPress Bloggers.

Whether you are a WordPress veteran or a beginner blogger, SeekaHost has the right assortment of features and aptly priced plans for you.

Want to know what makes SeekaHost the best hosting for WordPress blogs?

Read on to find out what our detailed study found out.

SeekaHost Offers The Cheapest WordPress Blog Hosting @ $1.49/Month

Yes, you read it right. It is $1.49 per month. Not $14.9 per month. For less than $2 per month, you can get WordPress blog hosting services.

If that isn’t cheap, we don’t know what is.

For single WordPress blog owners, the Basic plan costing not even $2 comes with 10GB storage speed and 10GB bandwidth. A good enough offering for beginners.

However, if you have more than one WordPress blog under your wing, you can go for the higher plans.

For 3 WordPress websites, SeekaHost offers the Standard plan @ $5.5/month. For 5 blogs, there is the Growth plan for $8/month. If you need WordPress hosting for 10 blogs, the Premium plan comes in at $12/month.

Even the highest-priced plan is affordable enough when you see that it comes with 100GB disk space and 100GB transfer speed.

Other than ordinary WordPress blog hosting, SeekaHost also has VPS, PBN, and Premium SEO hosting plans.

SeekaHost Has The Widest Assortment of Hosting Features

Do you just consider storage and bandwidth when selecting WordPress blog hosting providers?

If yes, you are missing out on a lot.

With SeekaHost, you get good storage and bandwidth along with the following features:

●       Domain search & registration

●       One-click WordPress installation,

●       Free SSL certificate,

●       DDoS protection,

●       Daily backups,

●       A secured backend,

●       Malware protection,

●       Support for WordPress blog owners migrating from other hosting providers,

●       Fast speed servers,

●       Tracking facility,

●       A, B, and C class IP addresses for hosting servers.

The multiple IP address hosting solution is something special from SeekaHost and if you are creating private blog networks, then using the PBN hosting is easy.

SeekaHost’s WordPress Control Panel Is the Best In Class

The WordPress Hosting Control Panel that you get with SeekaHost is hands down one of the best in the market today.



●       It brings all the settings and controls to one unified dashboard

●       It can be connected with Google Analytics to keep track of website traffic, right from the control panel. And,

●       A knowledge base and FAQ section are available right from the control panel to help you in WordPress blog hosting.

In most cases, trying to sail on multiple boats eventually leads to drowning. But SeekaHost seems to be defying that. And with such finesse.

Other than hosting and a WordPress control panel, some of the other blogging-related services you can avail of include:

  • Domain Name Search and Registration - Whether you need a .com,, .net, .org, or any other domain name you will find the cheapest rates at SeekaHost. Even their renewal rates are budget-friendly.
  • Complete Suite of Digital Marketing Services - SEO, SMM, link building, online marketing, Google Adwords, or whatever services you need, you can contact the SeekaHost team for that.
  • Minecraft Servers - If you are a gaming fan, you can start a Minecraft server along with a WordPress blog about it with SeekaHost. They have a list of cheap Minecraft hosting servers.
  • Blogging, WordPress, and SEO Guides - Fernando Raymond, the man behind SeekaHost is a blogger, SEO, and WordPress expert. His information-loaded guides about these topics are available in the knowledge base and blog section of SeekaHost. He also teaches blogging and how to build a private blog network.
  • SeekaHost App for Blog management - SeekaHost app is your single-stop solution to manage multiple hosting accounts from the same dashboard. If you are planning on building a private blog network, it would be a savior for you.

Get Your 7-Day Free Trial Today

SeekaHost offers the best and the cheapest WordPress blog hosting services. And that is without compromising on site speed, security, features, or customer support.

While other bigshots in the WordPress blog hosting world are busy charging higher monthly costs, SeekaHost focuses on better service at the most affordable rates.

So, what are you waiting for? Activate your 7-day free trial today.

Find out what plan suits you the best and begin your ascent to the top of the web with your WordPress blog and SeekaHost by your side.

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