Discover Tender Relief's Journey Towards Becoming WA's Most-Promising Startup

Discover Tender Relief's Journey Towards Becoming WA's Most-Promising Startup

Starting a business is more challenging than most people think. Why? Because there are so many facets to starting a business. From coming up with an idea to getting the funding needed.

The failure rate for startups is high, with 20% of new businesses failing within the first two years and 45% failing within the first five years. As a result, many are tempted to give up before starting a business with such odds.

That's even more true due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has forced many businesses to close their doors for good. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel: businesses that can adapt and pivot in these challenging times have a higher chance of surviving and thriving.

That's what happened to Tender Relief. The company started as a Tender and Bid support consultancy in 2019, delivering training intensives, tender copywriting support, and management services in Australia. Founding Director Eliza Carbines shared that starting the company was like an accident.

Eliza added, "I always knew that someday I would start my own company, but it wasn't part of the plan for 2019. It just kind of happened." Here's why: many regional businesses in Australia kept asking her to help with their tender processes.

Eliza didn't intend to start a business at that time, but before she knew it, she had hired some staff and was up and running. In less than twelve months, Tender Relief went from a one-woman operation to an incorporated company with a team of consultants and support staff.

Then came the pandemic. Eliza Carbines said that "COVID-19 turned our business model upside down overnight." The company had to quickly pivot its services to an online delivery format and focus on supporting businesses with digital transformation.

In 2020, Eliza shared that she entered Meshpoints' Launchpad Program in Karratha. The Launchpad Program is an intensive business accelerator program that provides expert mentorship and guidance for startups and entrepreneurs.

The Launchpad Program aimed to find and enlighten regional businesses on how to pitch their business proficiently. After completing and winning the pitching program, Eliza said, "I'm extremely grateful for the support and guidance from Meshpoints' Launchpad Program. The fantastic program has helped me think about my business differently and has given me the tools and confidence to take my business to the next level."

Given that win, Eliza went on to participate in the Golden Ticket Pitch in the same year. Again, Eliza managed to equal first in this event, securing a place in the Plus Eight Bootcamp. Here, she was able to partake in the 2021 Plus Eight Accelerator Program.

Eliza shared, "The Bootcamp was pretty intense, and it was great to be able to share my business journey with other like-minded individuals. The Plus Eight program has also been a great opportunity for me professionally and for the company."

Tender Relief's story is far from over. After winning multiple pitching programs, Founding Director Eliza Carbines landed a staggering $100,000 funding in March 2022 through RED Grant Initiative.

RED Grant Initiative is a government-backed program that helps startups grow their business. The grant will go towards Tender Relief's R&D, marketing, and expanding the team. Only the best and outstanding startups are awarded the RED Grant Initiative, which is a real testament to Tender Relief's potential.

It articulated the credibility, capability, and drive of the Tender Relief team and validated the need for their product in the market. Securing this type of government support is a real coup for the startup.

The RED Grant Initiative has helped Tender Relief take a big step forward in achieving its goals. As a result, the team can now focus on what they do best - developing their product and bringing it to market.

Eliza Carbines shared, "This wouldn't be possible without my participation in the Plus Eight Program." The program helped her build her business acumen and networks, eventually leading to this life-changing grant. It has brought experience, exposure, and, most importantly, opportunity.

The opportunity to build something great, make a difference, and change many lives. In particular, businesses who require assistance with their tender processes.

We all know how tedious and time-consuming the tender process can be, from drafting the initial proposal to chasing up late submissions. And unfortunately, many business owners and managers don't have the time or resources to dedicate to such a detailed and labor-intensive process. And this is where Tender Relief comes in.

The company is dedicated and determined to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible for their clients. So, you can say goodbye to stressful tender processes and focus on what you do best - running your business. If you need help with your tender process, contact Tender Relief today.

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