Best Ways To Travel The World With A Full-Time Job

Piyush Mishra Piyush Mishra
Apr 11, 2020 5 min read
Best Ways To Travel The World With A Full-Time Job

If the lives of wandering Sufi dervishes and Buddhist monks inspire you, the daily 9-5 work schedule bores you and you wish to travel the world while earning money. Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with an enormous fortune that will allow us to see the world without worrying about how to pay for it. You need some means to keep travelling. There are various traveller job which you can easily do and still travel the world.

Now before we start with the kinds of jobs you can take up while travelling, we need to understand the difference between finding a job to travel and a job that requires you to travel.

In the first case, almost always the person wants to travel and finds a job to make it happen. It may not always be the case with the latter one. It’s great if you are a traveller by passion and you find a job that requires you to travel but oftentimes that doesn’t happen.

If you are a traveller and you need a job to keep your pockets full.

These kinds of jobs are usually very varying and require different amounts of skills. They can be super casual like house-sitting, working on an organic farm or a hostel in return for free accommodation and food.

Below we have listed some of the ways of how to travel the world while earning money

Travel Blogging

Most of the travellers these days maintain a blog page of their own and try to keep it as attractive and updated as possible. Starting as a blogger can be tough and trying as it takes time before some real cash flows in, but if you keep trying and keep it good then it might become one of your best-earning sources in the future. This is the best traveller job and a nice way to travel the world and have a full time job as blogging.

A travel blog needs to be updated regularly. Your content should be rich, interesting and have a wide berth of knowledge. Make sure that the pictures that accompany your blog page should be of high quality and relevant. Again, for blogging to become a good source of income it takes some time. Once again you don’t have to be a traveller to be a blogger. There are all sorts of bloggers out there.

Teaching English Online

You can also teach English online. This is becoming a pretty trendy route for travellers. You will have a massive advantage if you are a native speaker but even if you are not then you can get a certificate from TFEL and get going. This is a very common form of traveller job that is becoming pretty awesome among the traveller community. You can travel the world as well as you can earn money.

Teaching English online is a consistent and accessible source of income for travellers to earn money while travelling. All you need is a good internet connection and good teaching skills. Plus, you can choose your schedule and commitment level depending on your level of comfort.


It is also a very popular way of earning some cash amongst travellers. It is essentially the process of buying something at a very low cost from one country and then selling them at a higher price in another country like Europe or the USA. If you are a good at marketing and love to travel the world this traveller job is for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Another method of a similar kind is Affiliated Marketing. What this means is that you promote the products or services of a company on your official site or your YouTube channel and if someone buys them or chooses them then you get a commission from the company. This is becoming one of the best traveller job to earn money if you are a traveller who travel the world quite often.

Become A Scuba Instructor

There are other ways that you could earn money like you could become a scuba instructor or a surf instructor. Though being a scuba instructor brings you more money. And more money means more challenges.

You need a proper certificate from the concerned authorities to work as a scuba instructor. There are a bunch of courses and certificates required for this. Services like these are available in Thailand and the Philippines.

Become A Surf Instructor

Becoming a surf instructor is similar but without all the need for certificates and courses. You just need to be a good surfer. Though you will not earn as much money as a scuba instructor. But this is a great way of meeting new people, having new experiences and earning some extra cash along the way. You will love this traveller job.

Real Estate

If you have been a traveller for quite some while now and you have money that you can spend, then instead of using up that money to travel more exotic locations you can buy a property in your native land and put it on rent. Travelling is not cheap and requires money and renting out a place on your own can give a consistent and stable source of income. This is a majorly common option for travellers who have been in this occupation for quite a while.

Work On Cruise Ship

There are always opportunities to work on a cruise ship. It’s a lot of fun and these kinds of jobs are easy to find. There are cruise ships that are more than ready to offer you a job on the deck so that you can work and earn some extra money.

Working on a cruise can be hard but they can party hard too. Though the pay isn’t anything special, the lack of any insurance to pay, or hotel room charges or transportation fees means that whatever you earn, it goes straight into your savings. This is hard job to do but you get a chance to travel the world and earn at the same time.

Work As A Volunteer

There is a lot of volunteer work also that you can do in exchange for free accommodation and food. Like WWOOFing and HelpX. There’s also Workaway that is fast becoming popular among budget travellers.


Housesitting is also a very popular means of earning cash for travellers these days. It has a lot to offer. You get free accommodation with all the facilities that a full-fledged house can offer you plus some real privacy. Though getting started in this business is a bit tricky and takes time but once you build a good reputation and a CV, you are all set to go!!

Work In A Hostel

Hostel work is one of the holy grails for travellers. There is hardly any hardcore traveller in this world who hasn’t at any point done hostel work. It is probably on number one in the list of budget travellers.

It is super easy to get jobs like these. You just go to the hostel and ask at the front desk if they need any sort of “help”. “Help” usually include works like minding the bar, managing the front desk graveyard shift or sweeping the floors. Though they might or might not pay you, but you get free accommodation and food.

Become A Tour Director

And the last idea is becoming a tour director. I saved this for the end because this is the most asking of all the jobs that we have listed here. You need to have endless energy and have to handle a lot of things like communication with the driver, accommodations for the travellers an so on.

They will ask you a lot of questions and you need to stay with them throughout the tour. But on the bright side, this is a great way of meeting new people and this option also gives a decent amount of money. There are a lot of tour companies and agencies who look for tour directors especially to remote and popular places.

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