TVFPlay—Enjoy Watching!

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Mar 30, 2021 8 min read
TVFPlay—Enjoy Watching!

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Love watching videos? Ah! Everyone loves it! Varieties of web series and engaging videos are seen and loved by all which are often produced by iconic channels. There are always places and videos that you may like or you may not like. But we have to keep in mind that everyone's choice and taste is not the same. So things should always be presented in a way that is liked, loved and respected by all in every means.

TVFPlay is one of India's most loved online streaming platform. Youngsters enjoy the entertaining original web series here a lot.

Read the TVFPlay success story  below and know more about what you don't know yet!

Company Highlights

Startup Name TVFPlay (The Viral Fever)
Founder Arunabh Kumar
Founded 3rd August 2015
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Parent Organization Contagious Online Media Pvt. Ltd.
Sector Entertainment and Online Media

TVFPlay - About
TVFPlay - Founder And Team
TVFPlay - Logo
TVFPlay - Business Model
TVFPlay - Revenue Model
TVFPlay - Funding And Investors
TVFPlay - How Is It Becoming Viral?
TVFPlay - Growth
TVFPlay - Competitors
TVFPlay - Future Plans
TVFPlay - FAQ's
TVFPlay - Conclusion

TVFPlay - About

TVFPlay started as an online YouTube channel which was introduced by TVF Media Labs in 2010. It's presently occupied by Contagious Online Media Pvt. Ltd. The company's motive is to reach out to the younger population who loves watching television entertainments. It was one of the early comings of the Indian digital entertainment component.

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TVFPlay - Founder And Team

Arunabh Kumar, Founder, TVFPlay

Arunabh Kumar is the founder and the creative experiment officer of the company as it's mentioned above. He was born in 1982 November 26th. He faced a number of troubles in his life and there seems to be no end of that. He works on presenting various sorts of social issues. He is also the builder of the frictional web series such as Permanent Roommates and Pitchers. But he was also accused of sexual harassment that took place at his company while working. It was faced by 2 employed women.

The team is entirely focused on producing something funny rather than acquiring fame. The one and the only man behind the invention is Arunabh Kumar - the founder and CEO of the company.

TVF Logo
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TVFPlay - Business Model

The major source of income of the company is brand sponsorship from several brands like Ola, CommonFloor, Tata, etc and also from advertisements via YouTube as mentioned above. The company has also got its own app so it's profitable for them to have something of their own. They made it possible by hosting numerous funny videos which was their objective for the youngsters of today. They succeeded indeed in fulfilling the promises they made in the beginning. Now we have come halfway through the article and we know a lot which we didn't know before. I know the answer is yes!

TVFPlay - Revenue Model

The company is an online content channel created by the founder Arunabh Kumar. It generates revenue from YouTube as well as from other brands. For such kind of companies subscriptions are the keys to earn. They also acquire numerous clients which is a part of the revenue model. YouTube pays them for every advertisement. They have got 2 million+ subscribers on YouTube.The company even gets more revenue when someone clicks on their adds. But they don't get the payment if anybody likes or shares their tape or even comment on it no revenues are gathered in that case. It has got 5 million+ downloads.

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TVFPlay - Funding And Investors

TVFPlay has collected a total amount of $21 Million in funding over the 3 funding rounds.

Date Transaction Name Amount Raised Lead Investor
May 22, 2019 Series D $5 Million Tiger Global Management
July 20, 2018 Venture Round $6 Million Tiger Global Management
February 17, 2016 Venture Round $10 Million Tiger Global Management

TVFPlay is funded by only 1 investor. It is Tiger Global Management.

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TVFPlay - How Is It Becoming Viral?

The company has earned millennial audiences. Especially it ranges between 18 to 35-year-olds. These people watch several videos each day. For more than 3hours in such sort of platforms. The spectators, as well as the viewing time, is growing every day with the help of the media. The strategy of the company is to offer local and youth-oriented content. This is the only formula they are using and the spectators are helping them to launch and perform well with various targets in India.

TVFPlay - Growth

The 1st web series of the company 'Permanent Roommates' debuted. It was the 2nd most viewed long-term web series in the world at that time. Pitchers was a production of this company. It was released and the story was how 4 friends quit their jobs to build a startup company of their own by facing various obstacles. These 2 shows were very popular when it was released and was almost watched by all over the world starting from the youngsters to the middle-aged ones. The way you provide more likely things to your youngsters the more you build your own empire and grow with strength.

TVFPlay - Competitors

The competitors of the company are Apalya, YuppTV, Livestream, Spuul, Hantover, Dacast, Disney+Hotstar, iStreamPlanet, NexGTv and iflix. All together they have raised a sum which is more than 842.7 million. It is more than what all did except. TVF's revenue is the 10th ranked company among its top 10 competitors.

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TVFPlay - Future Plans

The company has got big plans for 2020 and more years to come. In the year 2019, it released 12 original shows and it has got plans of releasing 20 original shows this year in platforms like MX Player, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The CEO says when they released 12 original shows, great success came to them and maybe when they will be releasing 20 something great is waiting for the entire team. Their contents are licensed and well received by Netflix and it's a big thing for the entire startup company. It also puts its content on it's YouTube channel. The biggest hit of theirs was Kota Factory. They aspire to bring more such for it's waiting youngsters.

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TVFPlay - FAQ's

Is TVFPlay free?

Yes, we have TVFPlay on Android TV and Fire TV apps available. TVFPlay is a recurring subscription, you will be billed once a month on the date.

How much is TVF worth?

The investment also marks a valuation turnaround after TVF raised $6 million from Tiger last July in a down round valuing it at $40 million. A down round is when a company raises money at a valuation lower than its previous round. TVF was valued at $61 million when it had raised $10 million from Tiger in February 2016.

Is TVFPlay free in India?

The Viral Fever (TVF) is an online digital entertainment network offering original shows and videos especially curated for an Indian audience. All content is free to watch.

Is TVFPlay safe?

Protecting the privacy of young children is especially important. For that reason, we do not knowingly collect or maintain Personal Data or non-Personal Data from persons below 18 years of age, and no part of the TVF app is directed to persons below the age of 18 years. We do not target children with our services.

How does TVF make money?

Once there is a significant mass of customers, they can begin monetizing via subscriptions. If you look at their YouTube subscribers (2 million+) and take the NetFlix 8$ per month rate, TVF can make 192 million$ a year on revenue. That's a hell of a lot of money.

TVFPlay - Conclusion

TVFPlay is a premium content destination from The Viral Fever (TVF). It caters to all those who want to have a premium content experience, but cannot find anything worth watching in the traditional channels. It hosts all of TVF’s premium shows as well as shows and content from around the world which TVF believes its audience will enjoy watching. On TVFPlay, you can browse and watch regular shows and content, created and curated especially for the young audience, across variety of genres like Humor, Drama, Trends etc.

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