Why University is Still a Good Step Towards Business Ownership

Singh Anusha Singh Anusha
Sep 8, 2023 5 min read
Why University is Still a Good Step Towards Business Ownership

Slowly degrees are becoming less important for entrepreneurs with the amount of information available on the internet as well as evidence of successful business owners that dropped out of higher education. Despite this well-known fact, going to university to study popular business courses such as an MBA can still equip you for future success if you're on the fence about studying. You have the advantage of getting foundational knowledge as well as networking opportunities. This article will discuss how the university can still be a viable stepping stone for those wanting to build businesses and is well worth the investment.

You Can Get to Understand the Fundamentals of Business
Gain Access to a Network of Contacts
Gain Specialised Knowledge in Your Niche Before Launching
Take Advantage of Available Resources at the University

You Can Get to Understand the Fundamentals of Business

The good thing about starting your journey with a degree under your belt is that you've got the chance to develop your foundational skills in a supportive environment. This may be difficult if you're deciding to skip studies and enter the marketplace without the background. These are some of the skills you're able to learn if you decide to study business at university.

Financial Management

If you're looking to brush up on your financial management then there are a multitude of courses that can help you learn this important skill. You will be able to explore areas like budgeting, financial analysis, and forecasting, helping you not only manage the fundamentals of finance but also reduce risk early in your journey. This experience in financial management can give you a good foundation for future scenarios.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is another huge area of knowledge that you can develop during your studies. Most universities offer complete courses and subjects that cover this important aspect of entrepreneurial ventures. You will be exposed to subjects that cover things like recruitment, employee management, employee law, and other important topics.

This education means that you'll be well-equipped to understand how you can hire the right kinds of teams and manage them well. It is often overlooked but having the right team can be the make or break for your business success in the future. This grounding in human resources can be extremely helpful in running your own business in the future.

Sales and Marketing

Understanding Sales and Marketing is pivotal for any success in the business world and without this important skill it's very difficult to draw customers in and keep your business alive. There are courses that can help you get to grips with strategies such as market research, consumer behavior, branding, and digital marketing.

These studies will help you learn how to identify and understand your target customers, learn their needs, and create intriguing offers that will assist them in becoming long-term buyers of your products or services. While this can be learned from experience, getting these lessons first-hand can accelerate the process of success.

Customer Service

Another helpful subject that you will be exposed to is customer service which is an inescapable element and often incorporated into university business programs. The importance of developing good relationships with customers and understanding their needs is pivotal in keeping them around. You can learn things such as communication strategy, customer relationship management systems, and even conflict resolution.

Law is an important aspect of business and while starting off it's not too much of a concern but this is inescapable when your entity starts to grow. Luckily legal subjects can be explored in-depth during university studies. These courses and subjects will give you a foundational understanding of legal principles, copyright law, employee law, and other important principles to understand during your journey.

Gain Access to a Network of Contacts

Another advantage that is often overlooked by budding entrepreneurs or business owners is networking. Many business owners can attribute their success to having the right connections and people in place. When you're studying at university you have the chance to not only connect with students and staff members but often host industry talks, workshops, seminars, or lectures where you can interact with others.

These contacts are not only good for future collaborations but also present the chance for future work opportunities. This is because universities almost always have good links with other organizations or businesses that are looking for new talent to take on through internships or work placements. Just another thing to consider as those who don't decide to take on higher education studies might miss out on this opportunity.

Gain Specialised Knowledge in Your Niche Before Launching

Now if you're simply wanting to learn business then this may not be as relevant for you but many entrepreneurs and business owners start off as technically skilled before launching products or services in their niche. So if you're interested in software development and plan on launching your own product in the future then it can be beneficial to really perfect your technical knowledge first and doing this through university can be a good stepping stone.

There are also elective subjects that you can take on if you're thinking of getting deeper into general business topics before graduation. But don't discount the chance to learn your skills in university before launching into the real world because having that high-level understanding of your industry will only equip you to manage your team more efficiently.

Take Advantage of Available Resources at the University

While everything is available on the internet with a wealth of information at our fingertips, it's good to remember that not all resources are credible. The advantage of studying at higher education institutions is that you're able to access credible sources of information that might not even be available on the Internet. These university databases have everything from libraries to peer-reviewed research studies and more that you can access.

If you can use these resources as well as the knowledge from your peers and professors then you're going to have one up on that other business owner who decided to get his information from the first page of Google.


The journey towards entrepreneurial success is multifaceted and there are many ways to get there, no one approach really works for everyone. That being said, continuous learning and the leveraging of resources can help you get there faster, which is available with higher education. If you think that university knowledge can help you then don't discount it as a credible path to entrepreneurial success.

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