Zetwerk - How Does This World-Class Manufacturing Company Make Money?

Zetwerk - How Does This World-Class Manufacturing Company Make Money?
Zetwerk Success Story

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The logistics and supply chain industries have several elements that are linked with each other to give a smooth flow of productivity. The supply chain industries today are evolving with the use of the right technology and other methods.

The supply chain industry has always been a complex subject and of keen importance to the efficient operation of an enterprise. One such company called Zetwerk in India is one of the leading providers of end-to-end manufacturing supply chain services to cater to their customers' needs.

Let's discover everything about Zetwerk's growth in all these years, founders, business model, revenue model, and a lot more other things.

Zetwerk - Company Highlights

Startup Name Zetwerk
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Sector Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
Founded 2018
Founders Vishal Chaudhary, Amrit Acharya, Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Rahul Sharma
Website zetwerk.com

Zetwerk - About
Zetwerk - Industry
Zetwerk - Founders
Zetwerk - Name, Logo, and Tagline
Zetwerk - Startup Story
Zetwerk - Business Model
Zetwerk - Revenue
Zetwerk - Funding and Investors
Zetwerk - Mergers and Acquisition
Zetwerk - Growth and Revenue
Zetwerk - Service
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Zetwerk - Competitors
Zetwerk - Awards and Achievements
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Zetwerk - Future Plans

Zetwerk - About

Zetwerk is a supply chain management company that engages in connecting with manufacturers to give customised results. This Bengaluru-based company provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions to help customers reduce costs, optimise suppliers and execute production in a fast-paced manner.

The company also has partners worldwide who deal in capital goods and consumer goods categories that offer a full spectrum of manufacturing services.

Zetwerk - Industry

The logistics and supply chain management industry is considered the backbone of the economy today. Moreover, the Indian logistics sector has been showing tremendous growth all these years with an estimation of $215 billion by 2020 and is now expected to touch around $380 billion by 2025.

Zetwerk - Founders

Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Amrit Acharya, Vishal Chaudhary and Rahul Sharma
Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Amrit Acharya, Vishal Chaudhary and Rahul Sharma Zetwerk Founders

Vishal Chaudhary

An alumnus of IIT, Kharagpur in Chemical Engineering, Vishal Chaudhary is the co-founder at Zetwerk. He started his career working as a Project Manager at ITC to working as Lead, Organisation & Business Engine at RIVIGO.

Amrit Acharya

Holding a degree in electrical engineering from IIT, Madras, Amrit Acharya is the co-founder and CEO of Zetwerk. During his course of career growth, Amrit has been associated with many companies. Before starting Zetwerk, he worked at Robert Bosch, Avaya, ITC, McKinsey & Company, Foundation Capital, and Monsanto Growth Ventures.

Srinath Ramakkrushnan

Srinath holds a bachelor's degree from IIT, Madras in Mechanical Engineering. Before venturing to become the co-founder of Zetwerk, Srinath has been associated with industries. Some of them are General Motors, Acumen Fund, Selco India, Austrian Energy & Environment (Now Acquired by Doosan), ITC Limited, and BlackBuck (Zinka Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) among others.

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma is an alumnus of IIT, Roorkee. Currently, he is one of the founders of Zetwerk. He was also the co-founder of Prepnut, which was a platform to help job seekers prepare for interviews and other exams.

Rahul Sharma started his career as a Senior Field Engineering at Schlumberger, and as a Head at BlackBuck (Zinka Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Zetwerk - Name, Logo, and Tagline

The founders came up with the name 'Zetwerk', which is a Dutch word meaning strong foundation. The tagline of the company is 'Maximise Manufacturing'

Zetwerk - Startup Story

Zetwerk was started by four IITians with the object to create a B2 venture to help companies manage supply chains. The company was founded in May 2018, and within 30 thirty days, it showed some signs of maturity.

The company started to pivot from software as a service (SaaS) to a B2B marketplace for personalised manufacturing solutions to suppliers. However, in the initial days, Zetwerk did not have many investors because were not aware of the potential Zetwerk, and also because the business model of Zetwerk was transformed from software to a B2B marketplace.

The founders of the company were worried because they were living in the fear of the unknown and taking risks. Later on, they managed to impress the investors, and soon the company took off to newer heights.

The company started to become popular and raised funding of $1.33 billion in 2021 in a Series E investment round. The company became profitable in July 2021 just within three years.

Zetwerk is among the top unicorns in India. It is also one of the largest B2B global manufacturing networks for custom manufacturing.

Zetwerk - Business Model

The company's business model is mainly about manufacturing OS that results in maximum efficiency, transparency, and productivity.

The company operates by offering customers complete control of their projects with easy accessibility and tracking.

Zetwerk works in manufacturing every kind of product from apparel to aircraft engines, it delivers a wide range of manufacturing solutions that ensures the right match for specifications at industrial costs.

The company operates to ensure that customers have maximum precision, maximum quality, and maximum clarity.

It has its operations placed globally and partners with 10,000+ suppliers and facilities spread across various regions and capabilities. Zetwerk has its manufacturing plants in 15+ countries with over 2000+ projects.

Zetwerk - Revenue

With a turnover of Rs 835.5 crore in the fiscal year March 2021, Zetwerk mainly gets 85% of its revenue from industrial manufacturing, and the rest comes from consumer products manufacturing.

Zetwerk - Funding and Investors

Date Series Name Funding Amount Investors
18th October, 2023 Series F $120M Avenir Growth Capital
5th March, 2023 Debt Financing $12M Edelweiss Financial Services
28th Dec 2021 other $210M IIFL, D1 Capital Partners, ICONIQ Capital
23rd Aug 2021 series E $150M Avenir Growth Capital, IIFL Asset Management Limited, D1 Capital Partners
3rd Feb 2021 series D $120M Greenoaks Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital India
7th Feb 2020 series C $21M Greenoaks Capital, Accel, Kae Capital
29th Jan 2020 Debt financing $2.2M Innoven capital
11th Dec 2019 series B $32M Lightspeed Venture Partners, Greenoaks Capital, Sequoia Capital
27th Mar 2019 series A $9M Accel, Sequoia Capital India, Kae Capital

Zetwerk - Mergers and Acquisition

The company has acquired three industrial sectors intending to boost its vertical business in oil and gas, aerospace, defense, and infrastructure component segments.

The four companies acquired by Zetwerk are:

  • Unimacts global Industrial manufacturing services company
  • Pinaka Aerospace deals in making solutions for aerospace and defense
  • SharpTanks, Zetwerk has a majority stake in this company
  • Wardha Fabrication unit of Wheels India. This company manufactures fabricated parts for power, roads, and railways.
Company Name Date Amount
Unimacts November 30, 2022 $39 million
Pinaka Aerospace Solutions July 4, 2022 -
Sharp Tanks June 30, 2022 -
Wardha fabrication June 30, 2022 -

Zetwerk - Growth and Revenue

Some of the growth highlights of Zetwerk are:

  • It has manufactured 9 million plus parts.
  • Zetwerk has  1800+ active customers.
  • It has delivered to 20+ countries till date.
  • The company has 1000 - 5000 employees as per Linkedin


Zetwerk Operating revenue has increased from Rs 835 crore in FY21 to Rs 4,961 crore in FY22. The profit or loss the company was in loss of 41 crore in FY21 and Rs 60 crore in FY22.

Zetwerk - Financials
Zetwerk - Financials

Expenses Breakdown

Zetwerk total expenses risses from Rs 900 crore in FY21 to Rs 5,145 crore in FY22.

Below is the expenses Breakdown:

Expenses breakdown FY21-FY22 FY21 FY22
Cost of materials Rs 760 crore Rs 4,542 crore
Employee benefits Rs 58 crore Rs 217 crore
Transportation distribution expenses Rs 12 crore Rs 47 crore
Subcontracting expenses Rs 39 crore Rs 48 crore
Legal professional charges Rs 0.2 crore Rs 41 crore
Finance Cost Rs 28 crore Rs 132 crore
Others Rs 11.8 crore Rs 118 crore


There was a noticeable financial improvement from FY21 to FY22. While costs as a percentage of revenue dropped from Rs 1.09 in FY21 to Rs 1.04 in FY22, the EBITDA margin grew from -1.15%  in FY21 to 1.64% in FY22. The Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) increased from -1.0% in FY21 to 1.89% in FY22 during this time, demonstrating a favorable financial trend.

FY21 - FY22 FY21 FY22
EBITDA Margin -1.15% 1.64%
Expense/Rs of Op Revenue Rs1.09 Rs 1.04
ROCE -1.0% 1.89%

Zetwerk - Service

Zetwerk provides various services:

  • Manufacturing Services
  • Zetwerk Managed Inventory
  • Quality Control
  • Managed supply Chain

Zetwerk - Partnership

Zetwerk has partnershiped with  LONGi (the worldwide leader in solar technology,) in July, 2023 and also partnershiped with other companies like:

  • Tata Steel
  • Sterling and Wilson
  • Flipkart

Zetwerk - Competitors

The company has some competitors, they are as follows:

  • Arconic Lafayette
  • Bloom Procurement Services
  • wherEX
  • Teegara
  • Indiamart
  • Moglix
  • Udaan
  • Industrybuying
  • Chizel
  • Infra.Market

Zetwerk - Awards and Achievements

The company has bagged an order of Rs 126 crore from L&T for the bullet train project in April, 2022.

In the starting year 2022, the company won the prestigious Mint StartupIcon Award in the infrastructure and logistics category.

Zetwerk won the 2022 Startup Leader of the Year Award.

Zetwerk - Advertisements

In 2021, the brand indulged in a brand campaign when it unveiled its new look and logo to mark the organisation's another chapter in the global manufacturing world.

Zetwerk - Future Plans

The company has demonstrated enormous growth with its revenue growing three times in 2020-21. With this success rate, the company was planning to grow its revenue by four times by the end of the year 2022 and was planning to expanding the business in a capital-efficient manner.


Who is the founder of Zetwerk?

Vishal Chaudhary, Amrit Acharya, Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Rahul Sharma are the founders of Zetwerk.

Is Zetwerk a unicorn?

Yes, Zetwerk entered the unicorn club in 2021.

What does Zetwerk do?

Zetwerk provides end-to-end supply chain solutions to companies.

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