Non-Obvious Advantages of Video Chats with Foreigners

Non-Obvious Advantages of Video Chats with Foreigners

The Internet has opened up colossal opportunities for communication before modern person. At almost any time, we can text loved ones, talk in the messenger, leave a voice message, and even chat via video. It is convenient, fast and cheap - Internet access is available to everyone today. But have you ever wondered what Internet communication gives us besides convenient communication? We want to talk about some of the unobvious benefits of video chatting and web communication. Trust us, it will be interesting!

What do psychologists say?

Online communication is a very interesting topic from a psychological point of view. Even 20-30 years ago, it was impossible even to assume that at the beginning of the 21st century we will be able to speak from a smartphone via video communication with a person from another part of the globe. Now it has become commonplace.

For many years, psychologists have been interested in this topic. And for their part, they name several key advantages of virtual communication, including chat roulette:

  1. Voluntary nature of contacts and relations. On the Internet, only you decide whether you want to chat with someone or not. This is especially true with video chats. Nobody forces you to communicate. In case you don’t like the interlocutor - switch to the next one in one click. Now, remember how in real life you have to communicate with a person that is unpleasant for you. And you are forced to do this only because he is your colleague.
  2. Wider communication circle. Previously, the range of friends and acquaintances was limited to school, university, work, and their own company. Random video chats and the Internet as a whole erased any boundaries. You can contact a stranger from another continent and make friends in one click.
  3. Implementation of personal qualities. In real life, you probably often feel constrained. It is difficult to start something new, go against the foundations and even develop. All this is due to self-doubt and fear of being misunderstood. Communicating on the Web, you get more freedom. And what’s most amazing, here it is easier to get support for your endeavors from complete strangers.
  4. Self-perception and honesty. When communicating with friends and family, we often avoid many topics. They accumulate and often pressure us psychologically. To discuss some things with a stranger is sometimes much easier. After all, you do not know each other and can talk openly. In a sense, such a conversation can be compared with the services of a psychologist. Only you get them in this case for free.
  5. Development of communication skills. Conversations in random video chats teach you to communicate with people and interact verbally with them. As a result, real communication becomes easier, and you are more confident about yourself. Although it also happens that it is more difficult for a person to communicate on the Internet than live. But such cases are very rare.

Particular attention is attracted to video chat with strangers. Researchers J. Teutsch and C. Teutsch, studying styles of behavior and communication, call nonverbal language the most truthful source of information. These are gestures, intonations, and generally behavioral characteristics of a person. Communicating in a text chat or by phone, you exclude this factor. Therefore, the perception of the interlocutor you may form incorrect. Accordingly, a live dialogue, or at least video communication, helps to get to know a person best. The effect is not 100% the same, but pretty close.

Other non-obvious advantages of cam chat for foreigners

It is logical that most of us use chat roulettes to communicate with strangers, to find new friends, a soulmate or just brighten up our leisure time. As you already understood from the above, this cannot be limited. But what other advantages are there if you do not delve into psychology? We are ready to name a few additional

  1. Pleasant pastime and stress relief. Sitting at home can be very difficult to entertain. And chat roulettes can become a real find. Here you will surely find interlocutors on any topic and can be a little distracted from their own worries. This is a good way to deal with daily stress and just switch.
  2. Improvement of language skills. Who said that in video chats you can only communicate with residents of your country or city? Many random chat roulettes allow you to choose a country of search. This means that this is a great opportunity to talk with native speakers and hone your knowledge. Believe it or not, you have to pay significant amounts at various language schools for such an opportunity.
  3. Growth of confidence and self-esteem. The lack of communication often makes a person closed and completely insecure. And this affects all spheres of their life - from career to love relationships. When chatting with strangers in web chats, you can overcome embarrassment and better find common topics for conversation. This is very important in the modern world! In particular, when dealing with the opposite gender.
  4. Opportunity to act naturally. Let's be honest! Most likely, you will never see a person on the other side of the screen again. So does it make sense to play a role and pretend? For many, casual web chats are almost the only chance to relax, become yourself, discuss interesting topics and not be afraid of misunderstanding.

Random chats open up completely new communication boundaries. Almost always do it for free. Thanks to them, millions of people around the world make new friends and even the love of their lives. Moreover, studies of recent years show that every third acquaintance today begins on the Internet. And some researchers even argue that the marriage of couples who met online is much stronger. And this trend is likely to become even more apparent in the near future.

Each person finds something different in a cam chat. For some, this is an opportunity to talk with like-minded people on interesting topics, for others it’s a chance to leave the real world for a short while. For some people this is an opportunity to get an inexhaustible stream of new knowledge and experience. Surely you will also find something of your own in such a random webcam chat. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and try new ways of communication. Believe us, it's worth it!

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