Amalgamation of AI/ML in India's food Tech Domain

The question of the day seems to be is– if you are a startup, what would you do to capitalize on the new AI opportunity. Companies backed by artificial intelligence can develop a significant advantage over other companies in their industry that would not have been possible without AI. With the ability of this technology to beat a human in doing the repeated task is what makes the AI-powered company more appealing to the investors.
Every new startup wants to dominate the industry by leveraging artificial intelligence in one way or another.

The Indian food industry also has evolved and adopted the new age technologies for operating seamlessly. While big players like Zomato, Swiggy and Foodpanda have embraced the AI, there a few lesser known startups trying to bring about far-reaching changes with this technology.

List of Food-tech startup using AI/ML


TheRecipeBook is an artificial intelligence recipe app, where it scans the food item using image recognition. Also, it suggests recipes that can be made out of the available ingredients. With at least six lakh recipes available in the app, it can also recognize more than 1,200 food materials.


Food brain company "Dishq' company predicts individual food preferences. Launched in December 2015, it helps consumers make better food choices by bringing personalization technology to the food and beverages industry.

Euphotic Labs

After a long day in the office, it’s not easy to motivate oneself to go to the kitchen and cook. And Euphotic Labs strives to revolutionize the concept of preparing food. They are developing a fully automated kitchen to relieve humans especially the working professionals from the arduous task of cooking.


With the help of powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gulpie works and personal assistant to rate and picks a restaurant that suits a consumer’s diet, taste and health preferences. It is also enabled to take various other things into consideration like preferences, allergies etc. With a feature called HungerChat it allows the users to invite friends and get personalized recommendations as a group.


Nymble Labs ais developing appliances which are fully automatic and easy to operate. The user just needs to choose a recipe from the menu option the necessary ingredients and wait for the delicious meal cooked by the AI and ML powered appliance. It is incorporated with advanced machine vision, a built-in HD camera which lets the user view the food. It also has Precise Thermal Control system so that the food doesn’t get burnt. With a diverse menu for food, Nymble can make everyday cooking less cumbersome.


Get food served by robots in this restaurant in Chennai. Clad in red armour a robot sits on an iron throne while three saree clad robots carrying trays of food. Founded by Venkatesh Rajendran, a restaurateur, and Karthik Kannan, an architect in the year 2015, they do not actually replace waiters with robots. In fact, it is the waiters who control and regulate the movements of the robots using an app.

SP Robotics’

SP Robotics is an ed-tech startup that provides robotic education to students from age 12-17 under the brand name Kidobotikz. Four robotic enthusiasts, who are members of this community, has developed India’s first food serving robot called BOB (Butler ‘O’ Bistro), equipped with ultrasonic sensors. The customer needs to order the food which is then placed on the robot as it makes its way back to the customer.

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