Master the Art of How to Do Amazon’s SEO With Its New A10 Algorithm

Master the Art of How to Do Amazon’s SEO With Its New A10 Algorithm

As a customer, whenever you land on the Amazon platform, your motive is to buy a particular product. Ever since Amazon launched its marketplace in the year 2000, it has successfully turned many people into robust e-commerce entrepreneurs.

The product that is required by the customer must be available to that person. Now the whole question revolves around who he/she will buy the product from. If you want your Amazon store to sell that particular commodity to that customer, then it is vital to anticipate the usefulness of Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With over 2.5 million sellers, Amazon SEO has proven to be a successful advertising search engine to locate buyers.

Amazon SEO strategies are needed at this hour as the level of competition is now off the charts. Although Amazon has generated a handsome profit for digital entrepreneurs, the service may be withdrawn if the essential products are not available to potential buyers.

Search Algorithm- An Overview
Amazon’s A10 Search Algorithm
Factors Affecting Amazon’s A10 Algorithm
Amazon SEO Strategy - Product Listing Optimization

Leading online sources where consumers search for products worldwide (as of April 2021)
Leading online sources where consumers search for products worldwide (as of April 2021)

Search Algorithm- An Overview

Let us first understand the meaning of the search algorithm to understand better how it works in Amazon. Search algorithm refers to the process of locating a particular data amidst a collection of data. It is a fundamental procedural algorithm that involves the usage of computer science to derive the goal state. Artificial intelligence has tightened its roots and laid an impact on the working of these algorithms.

Amazon, like Google, assesses search results using an algorithm that takes into account a variety of parameters. Currently, A10 is the name of the underlying search engine. Unlike Google, Amazon is laser-focused on the shopping experience of the shoppers. The sole priority of Amazon is conversion and growing sales metrics. The algorithm searches for relevant data using the keywords, historic data also matters a lot. The A10 algorithm determines the pertinence of millions of products stored in the Amazon database to search queries entered by customers.

You have to serve a double purpose – maintain your customer loyalty as well as optimize your respective product listing under Amazon’s search algorithm for ranking higher on the search results page.

Amazon’s A10 Search Algorithm

The main change that Amazon bought was an update in the Amazon A9 algorithm. The A9 focused on getting a better ranking by using pay-per-click (PPC), keyword consistency, and paid advertisements on Amazon. But A10 algorithm has shifted Amazon's focus to revenue-per-click from PPC. Now, more focus is laid on consumer behavior in the current phase to fight competition.

The Amazon SEO process is based on Amazon's A10 search engine. A10, an Amazon subsidiary situated in Palo Alto, California, developed its search engine technology to help buyers find the most relevant products on the Amazon platform. A10 algorithm lays a strong emphasis on searches of buyers and gives them more accurate results to their findings. Amazon A9 dragged the profitable products to the users, whereas A10 delivers the most relevant data to the shoppers even if it is not profitable.

A10 does not pay much heed to sponsored links due to which PPC has lost its importance. But it still holds certain great value and is not declared completely irrelevant. You just have to add a more polished and strategic approach while using PPC.

The Authority of the seller plays a vital role as it involves hustling after positive feedback is received from the customer. It also highlights the fact that A10 supports vendors with a longer tenure on Amazon in comparison with the newer ones along with better returns handling capacity.

Amazon A10 Algorithm
Amazon A10 Algorithm
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Factors Affecting Amazon’s A10 Algorithm

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the prime concern of the sellers as they want their products to rank higher on the Amazon platform. Here are some factors that the A10 Amazon algorithm suggests, will improve the SEO of the products:

  • Seller Authority- Amazon and seller's activity run simultaneously to each other. Amazon gives great weightage to seller's activity in the market platform, enclosing performance metrics, inventory levels, feedback on the customer's rating, and method of fulfillment. All these concerns are related to consumer experience and Amazon's A10 algorithm works after that thoroughly. The seller has to maintain the quality and quantity of products in its catalog, good enough for the buyers to be attracted to the seller's products. The refund rate, cancellation of orders, and efficient order tracking must be handled with care. All these endeavors will result in the creation of excellent value for customers. This will enhance your chances of appearing on Amazon organically.
  • Handle Your Keyword Game- Buyer persona is a very crucial aspect of selling on Amazon. The A10 algorithm proposes that the customer intended keywords that engage the customer's attention are important. The customer should be able to relate to the product they are looking for. Overstuffing the product titles and descriptions with long-tail keywords is not necessary but the customer must find relevance while reading them both.
  • Maintain Your Impression Rate- Your product must be visible on the Amazon website. Sellers must ensure that their products have the highest views on Amazon, affiliate sites, and partner sites. The higher the views on your products, the higher will be the rank.
  • Conversion Rate to be Monitored- There is no point in having views on your products or having a substantial amount of leads if you can’t convert them into potential sales. Conversion rate involves a huge contribution to the ranking of products.
  • Obtain Positive Reviews- The most decisive ranking factor after Amazon's A10 algorithm is obtaining a good review for your product. Whenever you buy a product, you always land on the reviews section to gather information about the likeliness of the products. You look for other people's reviews as they have already bought that particular product and are familiar with its exact features and benefits of it. Social proof is a must to convince the buyers about the usability of the product. Positive reviews make the A10 algorithm place your product inventory higher in the search results. For attaining a higher review rate, you have to inculcate a feeling of belongingness among the customers and build a continuous healthy relationship.

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Amazon SEO Strategy - Product Listing Optimization

The product listing optimization can be done with the following:

Conducting A Keyword Research

You must realize that without keywords your products will be portrayed as meaningless and they won’t be able to reach the desired customers. One most efficient way to conduct keyword research is the amazon search bar. Whenever you type a product name, many related product categories show up. That is where you should initiate your keyword research. The Amazon search bar will automatically complete your search and also provide you with the necessary keywords for your products.

Many tools will guide you through the process of keyword research, like Semrush, Keyword planner, and Ahrefs. These tools will yield a list of keywords that will help you to understand the search volumes and rating of the particular keywords. With these keywords, you can now optimize your product listings.

Optimizing The Product Content

Amazon - Product content optimization
Amazon - Product content optimization

In the Amazon marketplace, shoppers understand the language of a well-written sales copy, so, for product optimization, you need to take the following into consideration:

  • Plan an engaging product title- The product title is the first text that customers will see on your product listing. It should be simple and provide the most important information about your item. Amazon SEO is greatly influenced by the product-title ranking factor.
  1. Include a brand name that becomes a household name for people easily.
  2. Specify all the product details and their usability.
  3. Mention the key features of the product.
  4. Give information about the quantity and dimensions of the product.
  5. Mention the product size and color.

You can rapidly attract your customers' attention and increase your company's sales potential by optimizing your product title. But don’t stuff your product title with a lot of keywords, as the Amazon A10 algorithm might not read it naturally which will send it to the spam folder automatically.

  • Write a good product description- A detailed product description is the most useful in pitching to customers for effective sales as Amazon is a pure online marketplace. Make maximum use of this avenue for sales maximization. This section is usually located at the bottom of the page and a shopper who is contemplating buying will search for information in this area. Writing a good product description is very important as it emphasizes conversion rate. It will assist the shopper to understand the benefits and uses of the products. A shopper might get the necessary product feature that he or she is searching for in the product description.
  • Optimize the bullet points- The target audience can be persuaded when your sales copy is written in bullet points. Because bullet points are readable and understandable, so your buyers will pay special attention to this section. Tell your buyers about the benefits of your product (rather than just the characteristics), and provide important details like features and dimensions.

Concentrate on Creating High-Quality Photos

If you want your sales volume to be high, then incur the greatest expenditure by buying a high-resolution camera for the best image quality. The best possible light must fall on each product. This is the most important purpose of product photography.

High-resolution images improve the click-through and conversion rates. This will automatically persuade the buyers as they will be able to see the exact product they are searching for.  It becomes more convenient for the shoppers to search when the main image is engaging. This will contribute to a great click-through rate. Good images will leave a positive impact on the minds of users and will assist them in their buying decision. Sales are highly affected by this.

Construct a Convenient Pricing Strategy

Everything you do on Amazon related to the product lays a direct impact on the Amazon conversion rate. Product pricing on Amazon significantly affects the conversion rates if you put up a competitive pricing strategy. The product you sell must be priced at par with your competitors, and if your product price is optimized effectively, then your conversion rate will be positively impacted. But remember, if your pricing is above others on the search page then your product is likely to be overlooked. Make sure there is a proper price comparison done before you launch your products as you don't want to be overlooked. Sellers Automatic Pricing Rule is a tool that will assist you in matching the prices quickly and will tell you whether your product is priced at a higher-end or a lower-end.

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Pricing strategies are used to finalize a cost of a product by considering market conditions, demand, etc. Amazon also has many strategies in use


An ideal Amazon SEO plan cannot be built with a magic formula. Instead, it requires constant toil and research, along with constant monitoring. Learning the fundamentals of the SEO process is already a huge step toward your e-commerce success. To stay at the top of the search results, you must keep up with the latest trends, algorithm updates, and ongoing optimization. You must track your performance metrics on Amazon Seller Central using the given parameters.


What is Amazon Product SEO?

Amazon Product SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of ranking your products higher in the search results by optimizing your product listing as per the related keywords.

How is Amazon's A10 algorithm different from A9?

Amazon's A9 algorithm focused on leading the customers towards more profitable products whereas its A10 algorithm focuses more on providing the customers with more accurate results for their searches.

What is Amazon Best Seller?

Amazon Best Seller is a badge that appears on certain products listed on Amazon. It means that the product has the highest number of sales in a particular category. Amazon's algorithm updates this status hourly, however, it may take 24-48 hours to appear.

How to do SEO for Amazon products?

SEO for Amazon products can be done with product listing optimization. This includes:

  • Conducting keyword research
  • Optimizing product content
  • Construct a convenient price strategy
  • Concentrate on high-quality pictures
  • Utilize backend search terms

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