What Is Amazon Vine, and How Can You Get Free Products From It?

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Dec 14, 2022 9 min read
What Is Amazon Vine, and How Can You Get Free Products From It?

Have you ever thought of writing a review on Amazon? Or do you think that you will not gain anything from a simple Amazon review? You are on the right page if your mind is filled with such queries. Since 2007, Amazon has had a program set for you that will make you think twice.

It is known mainly as Amazon's Vine Program comprising a group of intricately screened reviewers who can earn products for free in return for leaving honest reviews!

Although Amazon does not reveal much about the reviewers' screening process, there are a few salient guidelines you can follow to try becoming one of those lucky ones who can earn a free prize or an incentive.

Overview of Amazon Vine
What should you understand before enrolling in Amazon Vine
Enrolling Process on Amazon Vine Program
The cost involved in enrolling into Amazon Vine
Tips to become a top Amazon Vine Reviewer

Overview of Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is a program based on product review structures specifically to encourage shoppers to leave unbiased, honest reviews and get rewarded with free Amazon products. But Amazon is highly scrupulous, and they pick as their elite reviewer.

The reviewers on Amazon Vine or the alias Vine Voices get selected upon invites and act as highly trusted Amazon reviewers. The Vine Voices are picked exclusively based on how their reviews are ranked, which measures the usefulness and quality of their reviews gauged by Amazon customers. Sellers can use this program to attain reviews for their products, and as a buyer, you can earn free merchandise from Amazon.

Earlier, the Vine members used to earn monthly newsletters that featured books and other products they selected to offer the review on. These products are valued at a range from a couple of dollars to as much as $1000. Now, these reviewers have access to the rolling item lists they are privileged to order.

As noted by NPR, Vine members can never sell or give away items they receive from this program, and Amazon can also ask for a return, although they refrain from doing so.

How Amazon Vine Helps Sellers- StartupTalky
How Amazon Vine Helps Sellers- StartupTalky

What should you understand before enrolling in Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is the most potential mode of soliciting reviews for new products; however, there is a greater risk associated, which you should consider before enrolling in this program.

Vine Voices must stay insightful and unbiased, implying that their reviews are highly intricate and filled with details than a normal review left by an Amazon-verified customer.

As an Amazon Vine Voice, you might even add videos and photos to your reviews; staying positioned is great. However, there are instances where Vine Voices leaves negative reviews, and a Vine reviewer will surely notice and write regarding anything bad or a defect in the product.

It is more likely to get various detailed, negative reviews for any new product since the reviews on Vine cannot be changed or removed unless they violate the terms and conditions of Amazon.

It is bad news for a seller since it would affect the conversion rate and place their ASIN at a major disadvantage. Nothing is better than any bad reviews on Amazon.

Enroll only the best ASINs in the program to mitigate the risk of the negative reviews left by Vine Voices. Refrain from products subjective to qualities like flavors or aromas.

Only because you consider that your handcrafted candle will smell exotic does not mean that the reviewer from the Vine Program will agree to it.

Before selecting any product for Vine, ensure conducting your own research for product analysis to fetch an idea of how the customers might respond. Then make use of your best intentions. If any buyer on Amazon complains about the same product, there are more chances that Vine Voices will leave a negative review.

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Enrolling Process on Amazon Vine Program

Tips for getting selected for Amazon Voice Program- StartupTalky
Tips for getting selected for Amazon Voice Program- StartupTalky

Getting An Invite

So, do you wonder about the process or the steps involved in becoming a highly trusted reviewer on Amazon? Amazon will contact you if they consider you the best fit for this program; however, the company offers guidance on what it searches for in a Vine Voice.

Amazon's primary focus was the quality instead of the review quantity left. You will not benefit by leaving a single line or a one-word review. Even if you are creative in your reviews, Amazon does not guarantee to pick you into their Vine program.

The following are the main guidelines for Amazon Vine Program:

  • The reviewer's ranking is solely based on the comprehensive assistance of the reviews while reckoning the number of reviews left.
  • Demonstrating one's expertise in a single, distinctive category of products.
  • Reviews left recently gain weight while rankings get updated every couple of days.
  • A likeness in products identical to the ones you are enrolling for in this Vine program.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know which products you will enroll in enough, although a fondness towards a product is the main thing to get enrolled, and the main route is through invites.

All we could infer is that the vendors are paying to get their products listed, a reality that Amazon initially refrains from disclosing. It was the main reason this program attained adverse coverage in the past.

Enrolling Through Votes

Ensure you are refraining from leaving short and simple reviews if you wish to get noticed by Amazon and enroll under Vine Voices. Do not complain about products or anything mentioned under the product description. Rethink the questions you would have asked yourself before placing orders for $200 worth of gadgets you knew you never required.

Amazon is most likely to scrub through thousands of reviews left on the available product on their site and check how these reviews are being taken by their valuable customers. Reviewers with consistent feedback are marked as helpful and have higher chances of getting invited to this program.

Following a Single Category

It is the other criteria that Amazon searches for as they scrub through your expertise and interest in a specific category of products.

A few unreliable proofs showcase that getting stuck under a single category and becoming a helpful and recognized professional in this niche offers you better chances of becoming a member of the Vine program.

No clear instructions from Amazon

Amazon refrains from disclosing valuable information on how you can make informed decisions.

For instance, we discovered that there are Vine Voices who received more than 4,000 helpful votes for their reviews. A couple of Hall of Famers earned over 88,000 votes; however, they did not get a chance to become a part of this program.

There is no computation into action to get enrolled in the Amazon Vine Program. One of the Vine Voices posted on Quora that they received the invite through over 300 helpful votes and left over 30 reviews. Along with these numbers, the Vine Voice even mentioned that it relies mainly on the categories Amazon plans to add under the new Vine Voices. In short, Amazon does not guarantee you anything!

One massive piece of information involves that Amazon does not disclose how often they invite users to join the Vine Voice Program. Therefore, Amazon is never clear regarding its recruitment process. So, if you aim to get considered, you just have to keep working towards it.

The cost involved in enrolling into Amazon Vine

Each parent ASIN needs to pay $200 to join Amazon Vine Program. Earlier, this program was free of cost; however, they started charging for their services on 12th October 2021. However, you should know that you will not receive an Amazon Vine invoice until your first review is published.

There is good news here, if you are underage or a child, then the ASINs need not pay anything!

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Tips to become a top Amazon Vine Reviewer

Becoming an Amazon Vine Voice is never easy, as you should stay consistent in leaving thorough and complete reviews across varied product categories. The minimum number of reviews you should publish to become eligible for this program is 100, as we deduced from the list of the top reviewers on Amazon.

You will also get access to the rolling list of products you can order for free at your feasible time as a Vine Voice. The catchy part here is that you are not obligated to leave reviews; if you decide to leave a negative review, you stay protected from Amazon's retaliation.

Sadly, there is no strict method or formula to follow to get an invite into this program. But, you have a higher chance to enroll in this program if you leave an insightful and detailed review of the products you purchase on Amazon.

What Amazon cares about is the quality and not the quantity, and the following are a few guidelines for the kind of reviews you should leave to enroll in this program:

  • Refrain from leaving a single-liner or a one-word review, as it never matters the number of reviews you leave as long they prove helpful.
  • Always leave detailed reviews on the specific categories of products. You have a higher chance of getting picked as a Vine Voice when aiming at a specific category and demonstrating your expertise in this distinctive domain.
  • Make sure to leave a review daily, as Amazon gives more attention to consistent and regular reviews.
  • Make sure you are not complaining about any product features mentioned clearly under the product description. For instance, do not complain even regarding the size of the product if the dimensions are mentioned clearly.
  • Although the real algorithm to enroll in the Vine Program is still unknown, the reviewers with consistent reviews have greater chances of getting upvoted and earning invites to this program.

You should know the implications of taxes for the free merchandise you will earn as an Amazon Vine Voice. If you earn a free product worth more than $600, you might have to pay some tax based on the product value.

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After you get enrolled and accepted under the Vine Voice Program, you must follow the guidelines Amazon sets. You get restricted to two products at a time and should write and post reviews of the products you received before requesting more items. Ensure to leave a review within a month from the day the product is delivered.

You have to pick products that you know about or are interested in. Never feel pressurized to pick something just for leaving a review. You can skip a few months if you do not need a product.

Remember that Amazon closely watches the active participation of the Vine Voices reviews. The best reviewers associate with Amazon under this program and can enroll in it easily.


How does the Amazon Vine program work?

Amazon offers free merchandise for vine members' reviews.

Does Amazon still have vine?

Yes, the Amazon vine program is still live and amazon does invite people from time to time.

How many items can I order from Amazon Vine?

Once you got selected for Amazon Vine, you can order 2 items at a time.

Does the Amazon Vine Program available in India?

Yes, Amazon's Vine Program is available in India and it is an invite-only program.

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