Amdocs: Enabling Digital Transformation for Businesses

Amdocs: Enabling Digital Transformation for Businesses
Amdocs Success Story

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With a technologically advanced and competitive corporate sector, almost every company looks forward to transforming its business communication and IT structure. Cloud-migrated, digitized, and automated companies leveraging innovative technologies tend to have better operational efficiency and productivity.

Enterprises can find several platforms to access innovative solutions, including 5G, communication tools, digitization, cloud migration, and automation solutions. One such platform is Amdocs. It is a software and services provider that enables customers' digital and network transformation via innovative solutions, expertise, and intelligent operations.

Let's dig in for more details about Amdocs, from its founders, mission, and startup story to investments, products, competitors, and more.

Amdocs – Company Highlights

Company Name Amdocs
Headquarters Chesterfield, Missouri, United States
Sector Software Development
Founders Avinoam Naor, Boaz Dotan, Morris Kahn
Founded In 1982
Revenue $9.4B (2022)

Amdocs - About
Amdocs - Founders and Team
Amdocs - Startup Story
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Amdocs - About

Amdocs is a multinational corporation specializing in innovative software and services for media, communication, financial service providers, and digital enterprises. The company unlocks customers' innovative potential and empowers them to transform their boldest ideas into reality by accelerating their migration to the cloud, digitalizing and automating their operations, differentiating in the 5G era, and providing end users with the next-generation communication and media experiences.

Amdocs has a global presence with 53 offices located in the United States, Israel, India, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other areas. It serves billions of consumers worldwide through its relationships with 600+ content creators and 350+ communications & media providers across 85+ countries.

Amdocs - Founders and Team

Avinoam Naor, Boaz Dotan, and Morris Kahn are the founders of Amdocs.

Avinoam Naor

Avinoam Naor earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Technion. He was one of the Amdocs founders and was its President and CEO from 1995 to 2002.

Avinoam Naor - Co-founder, Amdocs
Avinoam Naor - Co-founder, Amdocs

Boaz Dotan

Boaz Dotan graduated from Tel Aviv University. He is the co-founder of Amdocs, and in 1982, he was appointed the company's first President and CEO. Currently, he is a board member at Retalix Ltd and a partner at AfterDox.

Boaz Dotan - Co-founder, Amdocs
Boaz Dotan - Co-founder, Amdocs

Morris Kahn

Morris Kahn is an Israeli entrepreneur. In addition to Amdocs, he founded Golden Pages Israel, the Aurec Group, Coral World, and a few more companies.

Morris Kahn - Co-founder, Amdocs
Morris Kahn - Co-founder, Amdocs

Shuky Sheffer is the CEO, and Tamar Rapaport-Dagin is the CFO & COO of Amdocs. Presently, it works with a global team of over 31,000 employees.

Amdocs - Startup Story

In 1982, Amdocs was founded in Israel as an offshoot of Golden Pages- the phone directory company owned by the Aurec Group, which Morris Kahn headed. Boaz Dotan was appointed as the company's first President and CEO. Morris, along with others at Golden Pages, developed a billing software program for phone directory companies. He and Boaz incorporated Aurec Information & Directory Systems for marketing the product.

50 percent ownership of Aurec Information & Directory Systems was acquired by Southwestern Bell Corporation in 1985, and its name was changed to Amdocs. Within two years, the Aurec Group sold Amdocs' remaining holdings for approximately $1 billion.

Amdocs diversify for the first time between 1990 and 1995 by expanding first into the wireline telephony arena and then the mobile space. In June 1988, it went public on the New York Stock Exchange and moved to the NASDAQ Global Select Market in 2014.

In 1999, Amdocs entered the managed services space and entered many different markets by acquiring multiple companies.

Amdocs - Mission and Vision

Amdocs aims to enrich lives and progress society with creativity and technology.

Amdocs - Business Model

5G, Automation, B2B Portfolio, Cloud, Digital, Media, and Financial Services form Amdocs's core business, which has been expanded through several acquisitions and partnerships. The company's technology, design-led approach, and expertise help service providers accelerate their journey to the cloud, deploy and manage existing and next-generation networks, improve their entertainment offerings, and service customers across multiple channels.

Moreover, Amdocs sometimes engages third-party vendors and system integrators to provide complimentary products and services, including hardware and software.

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Amdocs - Products and Services

Amdocs - Products and Services
Amdocs - Products and Services

Amdocs provides multiple products and services, and these are:

  • Amdocs Customer Experience Suite
  • Amdocs Digital Brands Suite
  • Catalog Management
  • Amdocs Subscription Marketplace
  • Commerce & Care
  • IoT
  • Monetization
  • Amdocs Network
  • Network & Service Automation
  • Network Deployment & Optimization
  • OTT & Digital Subscription
  • Amdocs Microservices Management Platform
  • Amdocs Consulting Services
  • Amdocs Low-Code Experience Platform
  • Amdocs Content Mangement Services
  • Amdocs Operations Services
  • Amdocs Delivery Services
  • Amdocs Mobile Network Services
  • Amdocs Systems Integration Services
  • Amdocs Quality Engineering Services

Amdocs - Challenged Faced

In early 2000, a counterintelligence investigation was conducted by federal agencies to determine whether Israel was using Amdocs to eavesdrop on U.S. government communications. But no evidence was found in the inquiry.

Moreover, as per Spy Cables, in 2009, the South African State Security Agency suspected Amdocs of being used by Mossad to spy on South African citizens by tapping their mobile phones to collect information.

Amdocs - Funding and Investments

Amdocs has undertaken 1 funding round, i.e., Post-IP Equity Round, on January 1, 2023. Moreover, the company has made the following 10 investments:

Date Organization Name Funding Round Money Raised Lead Investor
August 3, 2022 Flow Security Seed Round $10 million -
December 13, 2021 Lynx MD Seed Round $12 million -
October 5, 2021 Neural Magic Series A $30 million -
August 24, 2021 Veego Series A $13 million -
March 3, 2021 Identiq Series A $47 million -
October 28, 2020 Juganu Series C $18 million -
April 16, 2020 Juganu Series B $18 million -
November 6, 2019 Neural Magic Seed Round $15 million -
September 4, 2019 Neural Magic Series B $16 million -
October 12, 2009 Amobee Venture Round - -

Amdocs - Mergers and Acquisitions

Amdocs has acquired 22 companies, and the most recent ones are:

Company Announced Date Price
MYCOM OSI May 24, 2022 $188 million
Sourced Group May 12, 2021 $75 million
Openet July 23, 2020 $180 million
Telecom Technology Services August 7, 2019 $50 million
Vubiquity January 30, 2018 $224 million
Brite: Bill September 14, 2016 -
Pontis September 14, 2016 -
Vindicia September 14, 2016 -
cVidya January 15, 2016 $30 million
Actix September 3, 2013 -

Amdocs - Subsidiary

Amdocs created a subsidiary named 'Vector Creations Limited' in 2016.

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Amdocs - Patents and Trademarks

Amdocs' intellectual property includes 3 registered patents, primarily categorized into the 'Computing; Calculating' class.

Amdocs - Growth

Amdocs' estimated annual revenue in 2022 is $4.3 billion ($101,736 per employee). In January 2022, its valuation stood at $9.4 billion. Moreover, the monthly website visit grew by -4.8%, with 548,432 visits.

Amdocs - Partners

Amdocs has 175 partners, of which 159 are technology partners, and 16 are channel partners. Some of them are:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Creatio
  • Amdocs eSIM
  • CommBox
  • Perx
  • PayFast
  • TechSee
  • Continual
  • vHive
  • NCTC
  • Zixi

Amdocs - Awards and Achievements

Amdocs received many prestigious awards:

  • TWO Coveted Leading Lights 2021 awards for Outstanding Digital Enablement Vendor and Innovative Hybrid Networking Strategy.
  • Amdocs + Airtel won TM Forum's Excellence Award in the 'Customer Experience and Trust' category.
  • The Carbon Disclosure Project recognized Amdocs as a sustainable leader.
  • Amdocs Media's MarketONE platform won Media Excellent Award in the 'Payment/Crypto/Commerce category.'

Amdocs - Competitors

Some of Amdocs' main competitors are:


What is Amdocs and what does it do?

Amdocs is a multinational corporation specializing in innovative software and services for media, communication, financial service providers, and digital enterprises.

Who are the founders of Amdocs?

Avinoam Naor, Boaz Dotan, and Morris Kahn founded Amdocs in 1982.

Who are the main competitors of Amdocs?

Some of Amdocs' main competitors are:

  • IBM
  • Ericsson
  • Inseegi
  • TCS
  • Huawei
  • HP Enterprise Services
  • NetCracker
  • Nokia

Who is the CEO of Amdocs?

Shuky Sheffer is the CEO of Amdocs.

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