Best Ways To Attract Visitors To A New Site

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Mar 03, 2020 3 min read
Best Ways To Attract Visitors To A New Site

Traffic is vital in whatever online venture out there. With the ever-accessible help of the internet, driving traffic to new and existing sites have become much more convenient. The internet has successfully created a medium for business-to-business and customer-to-business interactions resulting in mutually beneficial transactions.

Several website owners and online business owners fervently seek a veritable way of attracting leads to their websites. In addition, they also seek to turn those leads to frequent visitors, and ultimately, customers who pay money for services. This paramount search for leads has been a question of strategy and organization, focusing on proven valuable methods. For instance, a long-existing approach in attracting the right customers to your business is understanding who your target audience are.

Businesses that understand their target audience first strive to provide much-needed value to their audience, thereby making profits. Several ways of attracting visitors to a new site abound, but in this article, we bring you the best-established methods.

Give out bonuses

There's a propelling force in consumer behavior that makes consumers want to patronize companies that have offered them free products and services. This has entirely brought out the highest purchasing will in customers over the years. A classic instance of the wonders underlying bonuses is in the online casino industry. In the casino sphere, a bonus is a great way to attract new visitors to a casino, with improved patronage.

Online casinos strategically and successfully give out casino bonuses in cash to attract new players. A fascinating majority of such new players end up becoming regular customers on these online casinos, with tendencies of referring friends. These bonuses contribute in no small measure in retaining existing players on a site, considering the winning chances they provide.


From the beginning of time, providing value has championed broad customer reach and sales generation. To drive new visitors to your site and retain them as regular visitors, you have to create a blog. An essential part of creating and running a blog is finding what really interests you and blogging on it. When you post articles that flow from your innermost interests, your visitors flow and connect with you more.

Some website owners have simply failed to understand the impact of blogging on readers' sub-consciousness. As expected, poor site navigation and incoherent blog post have resulted in less-than-expected visits to their site. Thus, providing blogposts that add meaning and value to your visitors will lead to heightened visits to your blog. Consequent upon reading valuable posts on your blog, your visitors will likely share your posts and refer others as well.

Video Marketing

It is often said that the human brain processes visuals faster than any other medium of knowledge acquisition. Well, this is true in driving visitors to your website. You can convert to a video all the important points in your blog posts and attach it to your blog.

When you have attached to your blog, you should create accounts on video-centric platforms such as YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo, etc. After creating an account or channel, begin to post your educational and instructive videos on such platforms. In addition, try to post some interaction-evoking content on your channels so that viewers can interact with you. Also, imbed a link in each video that leads viewers to your site when they click on it.

Try Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising module that leads website users to your site when they click on your digital adverts. It is called Pay Per Click because you are charged for every click that directs a user to your site. You set a daily maximum budget of your spending on the PPC advert, which could be as low as $1. So, when any user clicks on your PPC advert, it leads them to your site, increasing visitors thereon.

PPC works with search engines that provide PPC adverts once website users search for words related to your content. Leading PPC companies include Google Adwords, Microsoft Ad Center, Yahoo Search Marketing. Β In recent times, PPC has been a leading source of site visits from website users.

PPC is especially useful for E-commerce businesses that sell hard-to-find products. Imagine you sell product that you can’t easily find on Amazon. Then you PPC is your best friend.

Master SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an impactful system that drives significant traffic to websites using different mechanics. SEO entails such mechanics as keywords, site navigation, content readability, social media presence, content shares, guess posting, among others. SEO is quite broad and has since led to the top ranking of websites that can optimize it efficiently.

Mastering the usefulness of SEO and utilizing it will launch your website in a top-placed position in your chosen industry. For instance, having a considerable social media presence has been an efficient SEO tool in the hands of many websites. You should learn the ropes of SEO and utilize it.

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