Everything about Anand Lulia's India Quotient

Everything about Anand Lulia's India Quotient

The environment of the startup circuit is highly competitive, especially in a country like India. Now, one of the most important factors that define the fortunes of a company is venture capital. These companies act as the backbone of a particular venture and help it to grow and face the obstacles that most of the startups faced in the past decade.

Now, as we move ahead in the series of venture capitals, let us have a look at the venture capital firm India Quotient, a name that is popular for being an early backer of the startups. Some of the names who have made it big in the grandest stage with the help of India Quotient are ShareChat and the digital lender Lendingkart. The company had closed its third fund of $60 million recently last year. Let's take a tour to know everything about Anand Lulia's India Quotient.

Quick Facts - India Quotient

Company Name India Quotient
Headquarter Mumbai, India
Sector Finance
Founder Anand Lulia
Founded 2012
Net Worth Rs. 165 Crore

An Insight into India Quotient

The team of India Quotient believes that magic happens when concepts like Big Data, AI, and Blockchain are used to create consumer-facing solutions that disrupt large markets or create entirely a new set of markets. The team takes 2 days off every 6 months with the entire portfolio and select LP's. The team of India Quotient has an active peer group on social media sites where every team member exchanges knowledge and insights.

Everything about Anand Lulia's India Quotient
India Quotient Logo

India Quotient Funding

Announced Date Fund Name Money Raised
Nov 20, 2019 India Quotient 3 $60M
Nov 20, 2019 India Quotient opportunities fund $40M
Jan 8, 2015 India Quotient 2 $16M
Oct 19, 2013 India Quotient Maiden Fund $4.9M
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What does the Team of India Quotient Evaluate?

The team of India Quotient has been funding companies that not many people would like to see as a future giant. The team does not consider the type of work a company does, rather, it emphasizes its growth. The process of selection is rather subjective at India Quotient. Sometimes, the team feels that the network effect is much more important than the tech, or tech is more important than the design.

Which Section of the Startup Sector is liked by the Team of India Quotient?

Well, it is safe to say that the intersection of smartphones, big data, and design is changing and revolutionizing lives. The team observes people, customers, around them and they consider that for a country as big as India, choosing a market is all about the relative size.

The team likes people who are underdogs, i.e. the people who like the struggle which, most people avoid. Apart from that, the team likes the personalities who like to hustle and have only one focus in life. Adding on, the team of India Quotient likes personalities who are very frugal and they have sacrificed their lifestyle for the development of the startup sector.

Everything about Anand Lulia's India Quotient
India Quotient Team

The team of India Quotient will back your company if:

  • You have an ideology that the present social networks will fade away, and you wish to create the new sector all by yourself.
  • Also, if you were denied a loan from the bank and you wish to raze down all those big and humongous buildings and shrink them into an app, then the team of India Quotient will help you out.
  • Well, if you wish to eliminate the hustle of student life and create something for the betterment of the students, then you will be welcomed by India!
  • Else, if you wish to make consumer hardware in India, even though your batch-mates think that you have gone mad to stay back there, then team India Quotient is here for you!
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Investment made by India Quotient in 2020

Announced Date Organization Name Funding Round Money Raised
Aug 18, 2020 Masai School Seed Round - Masai School $2.5M
Jun 19, 2020 FabAlley Series C - FabAlley ₹206M
Jun 8, 2020 Yolobus Series A - Yolobus $3.3M
May 19, 2020 Lendingkart Series D - Lendingkart ₹3.2B
Feb 6, 2020 Kuku FM Series A - Kuku FM $5.5M
Feb 5, 2020 NEETprep Venture Round - NEETprep N/A
Feb 3, 2020 fleetx.io Series A - fleetx.io $2.8M
Jan 10, 2020 WebEngage Series A - WebEngage $4M

How to Reach Out to India Quotient?

If you find this insight about India Quotient interesting, then you might wish to reach out to the team of India Quotient. If you wonder how do you reach out to them, well you can use the help of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or simply, by writing an e-mail. As per the team, it is never late to reach out to them, hence, if you think your work has the capability of making it to the big stage, then you should reach out to them on Sunday evenings!

Importance of Companies like India Quotient

A company like India Quotient has been helping many entrepreneurs to get a chance to showcase their skills and make a name for the country and the startup ecosystem. Now, with the lock-down affecting multiple companies, the role of companies like India Quotient has been increased. This is mainly because the entrepreneurs are likely to face difficulties and these companies can help them out to make it through the obstacles!

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