How to Avoid Bankruptcy While Running a Startup

Parnas Ghosh Parnas Ghosh
Feb 17, 2022 4 min read
How to Avoid Bankruptcy While Running a Startup

Millions of people these days are trying to establish their own startup despite having a simultaneous regular job only to make sure that their total gross income is enhanced. A startup of any magnitude is a great independent source, of increasing your income, and if you are able to establish the business well, you can also take it up as full-time work and ensure that your source of income through the startup is stabilized.

According to a survey, 90% of startups fail. The basis of any startup is the capital investment, and if you are trying to establish a business, there would be a certain amount of loan that you would have to get. The startup usually has a higher risk of falling victim to bankruptcy. There are different types of loan policies, and then there is a chance of loss at the startup, and hence the chance of bankruptcy also increases. In this article, we will talk about the steps that can be taken to avoid bankruptcy of a startup. So, let's take a look at it.

Managing the Expenses
Careful Planning of the Month
Secondary Income Source Till the Business Is Stabilized
Cutting Out the Optional Expenses
Debt Settlement Lawyer

Managing the Expenses

You may wonder what you can possibly do to make sure that the profit is high while all kinds of expenditures are well managed. There are different types of expenses associated, and when you have a thorough understanding of these, you can easily plan your expenses well. Here, we are going to guide you regarding budget management for any kind of startup as well as how to ensure that you are able to avoid bankruptcy no matter how many loans you have to worry about. There are many aspects of the expenses associated with the startup and when you have a clear conception of them planning the budget for your company becomes easier and the chances of failure of your startup lessen. You would also be able to take the help of the finance department for better planning too.

Expense Management Software is another option that helps businesses, big or small, keep track of their expenses. Expense Management Software like Zoho Expense lets businesses manage their spending, prepare budgets, manage various expense-related reports and do much more seamlessly which helps save much time.

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Careful Planning of the Month

You may have different requirements every month, but when you have a proper plan about the expenses you would incur and stick to it, it becomes easier to understand how much you save as well as control the expenses as well. Plan the next month's schedules and the possible expenses ahead of time and then try and follow the schedule to ensure that you are getting the best possible output from your company at the minimum expense. This way, you would be able to keep track of every expenditure within the startup as well as have proper control over them. This is essential to make sure that your business is able to maximize the profit and hence paying off the loans would become much easier.

Secondary Income Source Till the Business Is Stabilized

If you have a regular job or any other source of income apart from the startup, then do not let them go unless your startup is stabilized and is fetching home a good turnover. This would ensure that you have some other option to manage the debts when your start up fails and you are suffering loss. If you do not have a secondary income source, you can as well look for it so that there is an alternative to handle your finance when there is any loss at the startup. Any of the family members too can join a regular job and together, you can pull the income and ensure that you have enough money to ensure complete security on the financial front despite paying for the debts.

Cutting Out the Optional Expenses

When you are trying to find out the different types of expenses that your startup has, you will discover a number of expenses that can be avoided or can be substituted with a cheaper alternative. Make sure that you are cutting them out and saving the money. It may seem less, but over time the amount that you have saved from such minor sources would be the reason why you can pay off your debt easily, and this is elemental to make sure the startup does not go bankrupt. This is a significant risk that people in business are afraid of and this is why many are apprehensive about establishing a business of any kind at all. The risk factors are often considered too high and simply not worth it.

Debt Settlement Lawyer

Every startup and seasoned business needs a debt settlement lawyer for any kind of relevant legal advice. You can hire a lawyer on a permanent basis, and he or she would be able to handle all your debt troubles for you.

If you are looking for quick and easy loans without much paperwork, then Liberty Lending is the right choice for you. They can provide you with easy loans at a lower rate of interest, and there are no penalty charges for prepayment.


The abovementioned factors need to be kept in mind while beginning with a startup. You can work out solutions to managing your debt very well. There might be lots of reasons for failure but if you went wrong with your budget then the entire workflow will hamper and will lead to destruction.


How can You Avoid Bankruptcy?

You can avoid bankruptcy of your company by:

  • Cutting excessive spending.
  • Earning more profits.
  • Settling debts.
  • Using professional help.

Why 90% startups fail?

90% startups failed because of different reason. The most common are running out of funds, wrong market and lack of research.

How to keep business going during Covid?

Some steps needs to be followed so that you can run your business properly, even during Covid and they are:

  • Health and safety measures must be taken.
  • Adaptibility is the key for the survival.
  • Be aware of your financial condition.

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